Maths & English Raising Achievement Parents Evening

Maths & English Raising Achievement Parents Evening

Raising Achievement Parents Evening 6pm on Thursday 1st October Miss K Tonkin Deputy Headteacher Student Achievement Mr Moloney Head of Year 11 Mr Gosden on behalf of Maths Mrs Bell/Miss McCann Head/2i/c of English Mr Ayres Head of Science Representatives of the tutor team, intervention & support staff

Aims of this Evening To pass on good practice Revision techniques and study skills Students be more confident Bolster self-esteem Advice to reduce stress Improve exam success Assist post 16 transition Empower parents and students FEEL CONFIDENT? BEING CHARMING?

Key Dates The Short Haul t n a t r o p m i e r o

m Yesterday: iGCSE S&L recordings made Today: iGCSE English extended/core PPE (in sportshall, with pep talk, exam concessions, moderators a real dry-run of the real exam) Continuing coursework improvements being made (aim for all = min 1 grade above target) 19 school days until Weds 4th Nov iGCSE English extended/core exam s i

g n i h t o N Its complicated! s k e

e w ) w ! e d f e r E a p V

I e r S p S e A b ( M 1 1 a

r s i a e s i Y t Th s o m r

fo Upcoming Exams C r e Aft s a tm s i r

h Friday 8 January 2016 at 9.00 am BTEC Health & Social Care Wednesday 13 January 2016 9.00 am BTEC Creative Digital Media Production. Also BTEC Sport and BTEC Business to do their online tests during this week too (dates and times to be confirmed) PPE Fortnight Monday 23rd November Friday 4th December

Important to be prepared Diagnosis Therapy Test Only 7 weeks away ill w e l b

a met ti m a x Ee Your PP ted today, ula be circ fe sa Keep it PS 1:1s

.Impressive .Really up for the fight! But, Homework systems and clear routines Organisation of time Confidence in own revision skills & techniques Planned Revision The worst kind of revision you can do is where you sit down and simply read through your notes. You may feel like you are revising; youll probably convince those around you

that youre revising. but at the end of the day youll waste a lot of time! ACTIVE Planned Revision is best 1. Decide what you are going to revise. BE SPECIFIC 2. KEY IDEAS; Use your notes to write down the key ideas you need to know and identify the things you dont quite get YET! 3. Set yourself some QUESTIONS to answer about the things you dont quite get YET! (Possibly taken from a past paper) 4. ACTIVELY REVISE the KEY IDEAS (more about active revision later) 5. TAKE A BREAK get some fresh air. MOVE! 6. TEST YOURSELF with the questions you set (3 above)

7. Mark yourself - HONESTLY 8. Make a note of the things you need to COME BACK to 9. Congratulate yourself on having learned/ understood something 10. TAKE A BREAK Revision is vital for success Think about where its best for you to revise somewhere quiet where you wont be interrupted!! Avoid distractions Add dates to the timetable e.g. 1st October is a

Thursday Write in every PPE exam e.g. Biology is 1.30pm Mon 23rd November Also include any important events/commitments that you will have to work around Once the exams/events are in, organise the revision around them e.g. Biology in evening of 22nd Nov, afternoon of Sat 21st Nov, evening of 19th Nov, etc Prioritise your exam list maths/iGCSE post 16? Remember that you will have less time available during the week as youll be in school October half term starts Saturday 22nd October How much do you need to do? It does

depend on the exam content but approx. 5-8 hours per paper? Productive Chunks 20-25 mins chunks are ideal with a short 5 min break in between Know what you know, concentrate on what youre not so confident about DIAGNOSIS THERAPY TESTING Do maths regularly (use your covey chart to guide) Active Revision Techniques (lists,

mind-maps, flash cards, practise timed questions/mark schemes, reduce your notes, internet websites, PEE practice, develop case studies, mnemonics, flow charts, links, post-its, practice drawing diagrams, work with a friend test each other, mix it up..) WHATEVER WORKS! Motivate yourself with rewards & incentives Where do you find the information? Revision Techniques Visual learners

Use Mind Maps Stick post it notes around the room Create posters Use loads of colour Use diagrams and pictures in notes Revision Techniques Auditory learners

Talk about it Walk while you talk Record onto your phone, MP3 or ipod Mnemonics, raps, rhymes, chants, songs Work in pairs/groups Revision Techniques Kinesthetic/practical

Move around Create things Make cards Stick post-its in logical orders Make up actions Create key word posters

Use a computer Revision Techniques How else will you know if you know it? Flash cards, test yourself Practice past papers Get inside the examiners head FEEL CONFIDENT? BEING CHARMING? ENGLISHLANGUAGE

KEY DATES IGCSE All students have already completed 20% of their overall language grade. Speaking and listening exam. Also today, they have sat a PPE (mock exam). Friday October 16th COURSEWORK DEADLINE SUBMISSION 40% Wednesday November 4th REAL IGCSE LANGUAGE

EXAM 40% (approx. 12hrs of lessons) WHAT DO WE NEED FROM THE STUDENTS? Keep motivated and resilient Take opportunities offered 1:1 supportTUES, WED, THURS before and afterschool to catch up Ready to learn in classes- homework completed, equipped Revise during half term- revision booklet given Revision sessions- A-A* C-D (2 weeks

before) AQA 31 For AQA we prepare students in English Literature and English Language English Literature Controlled Assessments 25% English Literature Exams 75% of

GCSE Shakespeare and the Literary Heritage Poetry Anthology and unseen poetry 35% 02/10/2020 Of Mice and Men 20%

An Inspector Calls Template copyright 2005 32 English Language Written Controlled Assessments 40%: Extended Reading (Of Mice and Men)

Creative Writing (2 pieces) 02/10/2020 Exam: 40% Understanding and producing non fiction texts Template copyright 2005 33

Coming up Poetry study for Literature English Language and English Literature mock exam in mock week Modern Drama An Inspector calls Role Play speaking and Listening 02/10/2020

Revision of set texts Poetry Of Mice and Men An Inspector Calls Preparation for exams Template copyright 2005 34 MATHS Key Dates:

Week commencing Monday 23rd November PPE Both non calculator and calculator papers Extremely important! After November Possible resetting Continued exam preparations using thorough analysis of mocks. Diagnosis Therapy Test Maths Revision Tips The best way to revise for Maths

exams is to do maths questions Three main ways Practice papers Revision guides Recommended websites 37 Maths Revision Tips REVISION WEBSITES All logins/passwords can be checked with individual class teachers 38 Extra Support Offered Monday: C to B in S11

Tuesday: A/A* in S10 Some sessions have had invitations sent home but others are more than welcome to attend. Wednesday: Aim Higher in M1/M2/M3/S10/S11/T9 Drop in sessions for all (Higher/Foundation/Stats) Thursday: C to B in S11

(Repeat of Monday) Aiming for C in M1 GCSE Science The Learning Journey 2014-2016 GCSE Science - exams Core Biology B1 1 exam 17th May 2016 25%

Core Chemistry C1 1 exam 19th May 2016 25% Core Physics P1 1 exam 25th May 2016 25% Core ISA 2 exams

17th Nov 2015 25% Additional Biology B2 1 exam 10th June 2017 25% Additional Chemistry C2 1 exam 15th June 2017 25%

Additional Physics P2 1 exam 17th June 2017 25% Additional ISA 2 exams Dec 2015 25% Triple Biology B3

1 exam 10th June 2017 25% Triple Chemistry C3 1 exam 15th June 2017 25% Triple Physics P3 1 exam 17th June 2017

25% Triple ISA 2 exams Dec 2015 25% GCSE Science Controlled assessment Dates for diaries CA 1: 17th November CA 2: December PPE week 100% attendance

G.C.S.E Science Revision Sessions Subject Biology Chemistry Physics Tier When

Where Small group Wed 8.00am S4 - KKA Teacher led Wed 8.00am S7 SSB

General Wed 3.15pm S2 - EES Small group Thurs 8.00am S6 - RWA Teacher led

Thurs 8.00am S7 SSB General Thurs 3.15pm S7 - RWA Small group Fri 8.00am

S1 GSH Teacher led Fri 8.00am S6 RWA General Tues 3.15pm S5 - JIB

Double Science Revision Guides Revision guides are available from reception for Triple Science Revision Guides Revision guides are available from reception for and over to you! Any questions?

Come and have a chat with us Have a safe journey home

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