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Squares, Rectangles and Sticks Tandi Clausen-May Click the mouse to continue 1 Click the mouse only when you see Click the mouse If you click too soon you will miss the best bits. Click the mouse

2 Some Number properties Square numbers are square. Multiples are rectangular. Prime numbers can only make sticks! Click the mouse 3 Think about the numbers 1 to 10

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

10 Click the mouse 4 Now lets sort the numbers. Square Multiples Prime numbers are

square Square numbers are numbers rectangular are sticks! Rectangle numbers Prime numbers Click the mouse 5

Squares, Rectangles and Sticks Take a handful of square tiles. Can you make a square with all of your tiles? Can you make a rectangle? Can you make only a stick? Is your number of tiles A square number? A multiple? A prime? 6

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