MATLAB Array Operations

MATLAB Array Operations

Isometric Sketching From Different View Points ENGR 1182 Graphics 02 Todays Objectives Continue to use coded plans to draw isometric sketches of objects from different views Incorporate inclined planes and curved

features into isometric sketches GP02 In-Class Activity GP02 Out-of-Class Homework Assignment Coded Plans and Corner Views Each corner of a coded plan is labeled as if from above, or from a birds eye view. Objects can be drawn and viewed from different

corners to show details. z w z x y y

w x x z y

Isometric Corner Views Though your view point changes, the object remains unchanged. Birds eye view of the coded plan In-Class Assignment

(GP02) Inclined and Curved Surfaces in Isometric Sketching ENGR 1182 Graphics 02 Inclined Surfaces Inclined surfaces are angled with respect to vertical or horizontal planes (normal

planes). Inclined surfaces can occur in any orientation on an object. Drawing Inclined Surfaces Inclined surface First, draw the surfaces

that are not inclines. Then, draw the lines to connect the corners of the inclined plane. CLICK Curved Features Recall that in isometric sketches, squares and rectangles become

parallelograms. Similarly, circles appear as ellipses in isometric sketches. Drawing Curved Features in Isometric Start by drawing a bounding box Draw tic marks at the midpoints

of the box Sketch in the two long arcs, followed by the two short arcs of the ellipse Fig 2-5 Circle sketch.mp4 Holes in Isometric The most common curved feature in isometric sketches are holes.

Some holes go completely through an object Through hole Others only go partially through an object Blind hole Fig 2-31 Ellipse on cube.mp4 Through Blind hole

Drawing Circular Holes in Isometric For objects that are relatively thin, it is common to see the bottom of the hole in an isometric sketch To determine if the back of a hole is visible, lightly sketch the bounding box for the back circle If part of the box lies within the

front circle, darken that part of the arc. Fig 2-36 Hole thru cube.mp4 In-Class Assignment (GP02) Important Takeaways Changing the view point does not

change the object, just shows different details Inclined surfaces are angled with respect to normal planes Circles and circular holes are drawn as ellipses in isometric Whats Next? Due Next Class: GP02 Out-of-Class HW

Orthographic Projection Basics Representing isometric sketches with a set of related 2D sketches Hidden Lines Integrating details of hidden features in orthographic drawings Take Graphics 3 Quiz on readings

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