MCO 8023.3C mandates that all personnel whose ... - Camp Lejeune

MCO 8023.3C mandates that all personnel whose ... - Camp Lejeune

QUALIFICATION AND CERTIFICATION 1 QUALIFICATION AND CERTIFICATION MCO 8023.3C mandates that all personnel whose duties include the handling of A&E will participate in a personnel QUAL/CERT

program. This includes but is not limited to personnel assigned to the MOS fields 2300 and 6500 unless exempted. 2 QUALIFICATION AND CERTIFICATION Documentation and Personnel Screening Personnel that require screening: All personnel involved in the custody, maintenance, disposal, distribution, or

security of AA&E in the performance of their duties will be screened using the AA&E screening package in the MCO 5530. The qualification certification program (MCO 8032.3c) is a further requirement of the A&E program, this does not replace the AA&E screening requirement. 3 QUALIFICATION AND

CERTIFICATION AA&E screening must be completed prior to QUAL/CERT and consists of: AA&E screening form (NAVMC 11386) Statement of Understanding Local Records Check Medical screening annual Medical Examiners Certificate OPNAV 8020/6 Validate National Agency Check (NAC) or Entrance National Agency Check (ENTNAC) Unit Diary entry (upon completion of screening)

4 QUALIFICATION AND CERTIFICATION Records will be electronic and via EQual eQual is mandated for all ground activities to document QUAL/CERT.

Paper records are not authorized without written approval from HQMC 5 QUALIFICATION AND CERTIFICATION QUAL/CERT training and Documentation Training module eQual Formal/informal and OJT Training scheduled in eQual will cover you for ESSA requirement. Semi Annual Training Documentation eQual

Records latest training conducted by family group and work task code every 6 months Qualification/Certification Board Chairperson certifies via eQual Tells you what you are authorized to handle Form may be modified to allow for more family groups (only authorized family groups from MCO 8023.3C) 6 QUALIFICATION AND CERTIFICATION Qualification Categories

Team Member (TM) Must be supervised by a TL or SO at all times. Team Leader (TL) The Rank of Corporal or above. Rank requirement may be waived by commander. Individual (IND) Applies to supported units any ranks, does not require supervision by a TL or SO Quality Assurance (QA) Must be a Corporal or above who has held the position of a TL. Safety Observer (SO) - Must be a Corporal or above. Rank requirement may be waived by commander. 7

QUALIFICATION AND CERTIFICATION Work Task Codes and Family Groups Individuals will only be QUAL/CERTd for the Family Groups and the Work Task Codes listed in the MCO 8023.3C. No other Family Groups can be added to eQual. Board members and clerks can input training Duration of Certification Valid for the duration of assignment to the same command as long as it is reviewed annually. Certification is transferable at the discretion of the receiving command.

8 QUALIFICATION AND CERTIFICATION E-Qual Training Create the training event Enroll attendees Conduct the training Confirm attendees Verify Training 9


QUALIFICATION AND CERTIFICATION De-Certification/Suspension Temporary administrative measure to allow for retraining and subsequent re-certification Mandatory when an explosive mishap occurs and is caused due to negligence, carelessness, safety infractions or no longer meets AA&E screening. Revocation Action to permanently remove an individual from the QUAL/CERT program.

Administrative action must be taken to remove individual from MOS. 12 Questions? 13

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