Medical Update - Home - Chapter 9

Medical Update - Home - Chapter 9

BasicMed Medical Update . 16 March 2017 KOSU - Columbus, OH Dr. Michael F. Stretanski

Dr. Mike DABPM&R, DABPM, DABNEM, DABDEP, CIME, DABAARM, FIPP, Suboxone Cert#2 Full Professor of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation /Pain Management Much in common with a neurologists, orthopedics, psychiatrists

Senior Aviation Medical & ATC examiner, HIMS Independent MS No financial disclosure. No copyright claim. No commercial interest AGI, IGI, CFI, CFII Subject to some degree of interpretation. Theres a lot we dont know .

Theres a lot that might change. We will be switching between two different Power Point Presentations Today. We will cover some of the same material twice. They will be available through the FSDO. *** Email for guidance sent to aviation medical examiners ***

Colleagues: Many of you have called and asked about this new program, The new Alternative Pathway for Airmen Medicals ("3rd Class Med Reform") now called "BASICMED. I have attached useful references for you so you can answer your Airmans questions and decide if you want to participate or not. The Federal Air Surgeons Bulletin this month will be coming out with more information and a message will be sent via AMCS messaging. However, this is to get you pointed in the right direction. Some key points below:

The planned roll out date is Monday, 1 May 2017 They must have had a valid FAA Medical Exam that has not been Revoked, Denied or Suspended in the last 10 years (as of 15 July 2006). The 3rd Class Medical exam is NOT going away. If you as an AME decide to do these exams, they are done outside of the FAAs review and it becomes an ordinary Physician-Patient relationship. (Check your malpractice coverage) The intent of the law is, this is about you as the treating Physician who knows the Airmans History better than an

AME would. You and the Airman get to decide what kind of follow-up will be required. (No Standards provided) You could be held liable if the Airman fails to return for annual testing you may recommended and you knew he was a Pilot. Airman can be reported for suspected violations of FAR 61.53 which still applies to BASICMED to the FAA Hotline: [email protected]

SECOND HALF of GUIDANCE EMAIL There are only 3 medical conditions discussed under BASICMED: Cardiac, Neurologic and Psychiatric (the rest of the 15 Disqualifying conditions are not mentioned). The Airman does have to do an online training about aeromedical certification with an exam every 2 years at which time is Driver License is also checked for DUIs. Any restrictions on the Drivers License apply to piloting the aircraft. The Airman does NOT have to keep a copy of the paperwork on his person when he flies. He just has

to be able to produce a copy when requested. No SODAs or Letters of Eligibility are required under BASICMED Note that the Airman does not have a Medical Certificate to surrender-so he risks surrendering his Pilot Certificate if found in violation (which means starting over). If you have further questions: Airman and AMES can email questions on BASICMED to: [email protected] FAQs are online at and are updated as new questions come in:

Kindest Regards, Dave Schall David G. Schall, MD MPH FACS FAA Great Lakes Regional Flight Surgeon Aerospace Neurotologist If your most recent medical certificate was suspended by the FAA and then later reinstated you cannot go under BasicMed Your most recent medical certificate was suspended (even if it was later

reinstated) you must obtain a new FAA medical certificate of any class before operating under BasicMed DUI reporting is still mandatory and likely to result in HIMS referral Go to the other PPT Basic Med

When can I fly under BasicMed? Although the FAA has published the BasicMed rules, the regulations do not go into effect until May 1, 2017. What do I need to do to fly under

BasicMed? Comply with the general BasicMed requirements (possess a U.S. driver's license, have held a medical after July 14, 2006). Get a physical exam with a statelicensed physician, using the Comprehensive Medical Examination

Checklist Complete a BasicMed medical education course; Basic Aircraft Requirements: Any aircraft authorized under

federal law to carry not more than 6 occupants Has a maximum certificated takeoff weight of not more than Basic Operating Requirements: Carries not more than five passengers 5+1

Operates under VFR or IFR, within the United States, at less than 18,000 feet MSL, not exceeding 250 knots. Flight not operated for compensation or hire BasicMed privileges are not intended to be exercised by sport pilots, who can exercise Sport

Pilot privileges with only a drivers license There is no change to the Sport Pilot Lic restrictions no night, sight of ground, no IFR, 10000MSL etc. If you are a sport pilot you dont need to be here BasicMed does not affect any pilot requirement other than the holding an FAA medical certificate. Still need

BFR, IPC. Endorsements/Ratings not changed Designated Pilot Examiner. Can NOT give check rides while using BasicMeda medical certificate when performing the duties as an Examiner in an aircraft when administering a practical test or proficiency check

Unknowns and Complicated Issues Hospital Policies Contracts / Competition Concierge Programs Medical Malpractice carriers AMEs come from many different specialties of Origin Pilots like checklists

Forensic Exam AME now becomes a treating physician Doctor-Patient relationship now must exist Nurse Practicioners Physicians Assistants

The New Legal Standard may have unforeseen consequences Average PCP may have no idea what they are getting into. Loose the protection of having a medical There is no medical to pull the

only thing to pull is the certificate! Comprehensive Medical Examination Any physician who is familiar with your complete health history would be a good choice. Some AMEs may elect to provide medical examinations under BasicMed. If a physician who conducted my medical examination refuses to sign the CMEC. Ask what medical reasons were behind his or her decision not to sign the CMEC.

You may not operate under BasicMed without a completed CMEC, and the FAA strongly recommends addressing those medical issues before flying under any circumstances. Common sense still applies. Pregnancy no changes So what is this Medical Form? There are 2 pages you fill out as the airman and sign

There are 2 pages the doctor fills out and signs No. You still do NOT need a digital rectal exam. That means you dont need the doctors finger

inside your bum. You are supposed to have the outside of your exhaust port checked for lesions, hemorrhoids, fistulas after 50 men get this anyway.

Women usually have this done when they get their annual Pap smear/test. First: Questions & Comments _________________________ Completed

Questions Discussion [email protected] Office: 419 - 522 - 1100 Cell: 614 975 - 1003

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