Membership Survey -

Membership Survey -

RCOTSS-Housing Membership Survey Summary 2019 Aim To identify how members engage with services/events provided by RCOTSS-Housing To receive feedback on how RCOTSS-Housing communicates with its members To identify which member benefits are most valued by the membership To shape and improve services better for members going forward Sent to all current members as at end of May 2019 57 completed questionnaires received which equates to 19% of membership Who Are Our Members? Do You Have Clinical Interests In 44.4% said yes Other Areas?

Areas include: Older people (x4), Adult Social Care/Community (x5) Moving & Handling (x2) Orthopaedics (x2) Hand injuries (x1) Personalised care social prescribing (x1) Preventative (x2) Postural seating (x1) Independent practice (x3) Medico-legal (x1) Pain management (x1) Telecare (x1)

Paediatrics (x4) Progressive neurological conditions (x3) Ergonomics (x1) Work (x1) Rehabilitation Networks (x1) Hoarding (x1) Third sector networks (x1) Independent Living networks (x1) Brain Injury (x1) Learning Disability (x1) Education (x2)

Which Region Do You Belong To? Age Demographic Of Respondents Have You Attended Any RCOTSSHousing Events In The Last 2 Years? Attendance At RCOTSS-Housing Events 40 out of 57 respondents have attended an RCOTSS-Housing event 70% of total respondents 45.6% have attended a regional study day in the last two years 30.9%have attended conference in the last two years Reason for not attending: Location 40%

Unable to get leave 17.8% Other time, housing conference more relevant, retired, illness, date not suitable Cost 20% Is RCOTSS-Housing Helping To Meet Your CPD Needs? What Events Would Members Like RCOTSS-Housing To Organize/Run 33 Responses from 7 of 8 regions London & SE Region Southern Region

Opportunity to consider specific adaptations in relation to clients Housing design courses Basic research in work place Workshop to evidence practice Legal challenges and complaints

resolution case discussion Outcome measures Ramping Promoting OT & Housing adaptation needs More time for case discussion Webinars or similar More regional meetings Local study days Examples of sustainable housing initiatives Wales Events in South Wales Local Home adaptations

training What Events Would Members Like RCOTSS-Housing To Organize/Run North West Region Midlands Region More Regional study days Paediatric focused study days

Scotland More adaptation specific training (ramps/showers) Online CPD More locations NHS related study days More Local events More local events with regional meeting or university More across full area of region Northern Ireland

Home environmental controls What Events Would Members Like RCOTSS-Housing To Organise/Run? Positive responses London & SE Region What is on offer for London and South East is great and we are lucky to have a large active and enthusiastic group Happy with current study days & Conference I think all your events are great & newsletters very informative I think current activity is balanced and meets needs of members Positive responses North West Region

Continue with great study days I like conference when I can get there Would You Be Able To Help? Elma Shearer Award Do You Think This Should Continue? Who Should Judge The Elma Shearer Award? Network Bulletin

100% read the bulletin 80.7% feel it is well presented 98.2% feel it is relevant and informative 89.3% feel it enables them to keep in touch with new developments nationally and locally 85.9% feel it enables them to share good practice and advice from other professionals RCOTSS-Housing Pages On RCOT Website 60.7% had accessed these pages Of those who had, 37.8% found them easy to locate and navigate around 67.6% found them relevant and informative Would You Access Or Contribute To An RCOTSS- Housing Clinical

Forum? 64.8% would access or contribute to a clinical forum Reasons include: To post questions, topic discussion, To share knowledge Seeking expert knowledge, For practice queries Peer advice & information To research, To develop area of practice and service Communication How Do You Find Out About RCOTSS-Housing Events? Communication 55.4% said they would be interested in using social media such as Facebook or Twitter

53.8% said they would contribute via Social media 42.1% have contacted their regional rep in the last year with 96% satisfied with the response 65.5% receive regular contact from their regional rep with information 90% about right 44.6% have accessed the handbook 54.5% were satisfied with the handbook 52.6% know they can contribute to consultations Which Member Benefits Do You Find Valuable? How Should RCOTSS-Housing Promote The Profession? London & SE Region London & SE Region

Joint working with Foundations Impact of housing outside of statutory provision New house development & purchase of accessible homes Articles in OT News

Research & Evidence of Housing adaptations & cost savings for NHS/ASC & positive benefit to client Evidence value of OT using formal evaluation & case studies Broader public profile Lobbying policy makers Speaking at Housing Conferences Better promotion of DFG & value of OT Encouraging self funders to seek assessment Consulting at Govt & National Level

Examples of good practice for councils Interacting with other professionals Midlands Region More on Social Media How Should RCOTSS-Housing Promote The Profession? North West Region Northern Ireland

Attendance at Non OT Housing Conferences Networking with Housing, Independent Sector, Equipment services and Universities North East Region Constructive links with leader in local councils at strategic and service level Southern Region National level via RCOT

OTs in housing undervalued and not fully understood as to what they can contribute Joint events with Housing/Social Services/Disabled people Scotland Written Information to use with housing colleagues Relevant for retired members National publicity making adaptations more attractive Social networking

Wales Promoting value of OTs in Housing Membership Which Method Of Payment Would You Prefer For Membership Subscription? 96.4% would be interested in renewing membership on line Cost Of Membership How Else Can We Improve RCOTSS-Housing For Members London & SE Region North East Region

More accessible information for non statutory provision Smaller sub groups that could meet informally on a regular basis A few webinars Training OT students on the role & skills required Southern Region

More opportunities for online activities, ability to leave comments/share ideas ?Facebook or similar Havent had any local study days for years, have previously arranged and participated in them Havent had any study days for years, networking & communication in our region not well established or effective North West Region

Alternate days of week for study days in North West Midlands Region More in-depth feature about housing aspects Keep information easily accessible Include info for researchers in housing How Else Can We Improve RCOTSS-Housing For Members Northern Ireland

Higher RCOT fee with complimentary specialist section membership Scotland Keep up good work Ensure all content is labelled with the region(s) it applies to or is relevant to. England is one region and should not be regarded as the default just because it is largest. Things are better than they used to be but there is still room for improvement. I can still read things and sometimes not be clear

whether it applies to me in Scotland or not.How many retired members are there? More advertisement for new members and the benefits this brings. Wider study days for all member across the UK/ Larger region areas. More links with accessible design networks such as architectural design, to influence sustainable housing Wales Publicise regional meetings Regular Network Edition emails

Next Steps Detailed analysis of survey responses to inform action plan Regional rep role crucial consider how to recruit where we presently have no rep Look at alternatives for providing local study days for areas struggling to arrange these or with no rep Keep up the good work! The work of the team is above their day job and much appreciated to put on 2 study days and support the annual conference. Celebrate those who put this work in. Thanks so much (London & SE Member)

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