Mental Health - Who Are We Becoming?

Mental Health - Who Are We Becoming?

Psychosocial Health Being Mentally, Emotionally, Socially, and Spiritually Well Lisa Michalek Psychosocial Health The mental, emotional, social, and spiritual dimensions of health. Psychosocially Healthy People

They feel good about themselves They feel comfortable with other people They control tension and anxiety They are able to meet the demands of life

They curb hate and guilt They maintain a positive outlook They enrich the lives of others They cherish the things that make them smile They value diversity They appreciate and respect nature Mental Health The thinking part of health Includes Values Attitudes Beliefs

Mentally Healthy A mentally healthy person is able to respond in a positive way even when things do not go as expected. Emotional Health The feeling part of health Includes your emotional reactions to life

Emotions result from Harm, Loss, and Threats Benefits Hope and Compassion Grief, Disappointment Bewilderment and Curiosity Emotionally Healthy Emotionally healthy people are able to respond to upsetting events or when they feel threatened. They are not likely to react in an extreme fashion, behave inconsistently, or act in an

offensive attack mode. Social Health Interactions with others The ability to adapt to social situations Presence of strong social bonds Presence of relationships that bring positive benefits to the individual

Socially Healthy Have a wide range of interactions with Family Friends Acquaintances Able to listen, express themselves, form healthy relationships, act in socially acceptable and responsible ways, and find a fit for themselves in society Spiritual Health

A belief in some unifying force that gives purpose or meaning to life A sense of belonging to a scheme of being that is greater than the physical or personal dimensions of existence. Nature Other people A God or other spiritual symbol Improving Psychosocial Health Develop and Maintain Self-Esteem Find a support group Complete required tasks

Form realistic expectations Make time for you Maintain physical health Examine problems and seek help Improving Psychosocial Health Sleep Establish a consistent sleep schedule Evaluate your sleeping environment Exercise regularly Limit caffeine and alcohol Avoid heavy meals Establish a relaxing

nighttime ritual Psychosocial Health Disorders Depression Persistent sadness, despair and hopelessness Anxiety & Panic attacks Feelings of threat and anxiousness in coping with everyday problems Phobias Fear of a specific object, activity, or situation

Schizophrenia Irrational behavior, severe alterations of the senses (hallucinations) and sometimes inability to function in society. Warning signs of Suicide

Recent loss and inability to let go of grief Change in personality Change in behavior Diminished sexual interest Self-hatred Change in sleep patterns Change in eating habits

Direct Statement about committing suicide Indirect Statement about committing suicide Preoccupation with death Changes in personal appearance Excessive risk taking Actions to prevent Suicide

Monitor warning signs Take any threats seriously Let the person know how much you care about them Listen Ask are you thinking of hurting or killing yourself? Do not belittle the persons feelings Help the person think about alternatives Take the person to someone to help

Tell a teacher, parent, brother, sister, or counselor Professionals Psychiatrist is a Medical doctor Psychologist is a Ph.D. in counseling or clinical psychology Psychoanalyst is a specialized Psychologist Social Worker has a degree in social work Counselor has a degree in counseling, psychology, or educational psychology Nurse Specialist a registered nurse who has continued their education

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