METAMORPHOSE LIKE A BUTTERFLY INTRODUCTION Education is the seed of a nations destiny. And it determines the extent to which a society will progress. In the coming years we look forward to undergo an educational revolution that will become the launching pad for national resurgence, and a transformed society. Talking about the speed at which times are changing, by the year 2020 creativity, technology and critical thinking will be the most crucial skills. We aim at making schooling an intellectual adventure where we create thinkers, innovators and questioners out of every learner. It is to embark each learner on a journey of SelfDiscovery and SelfLearning a shift from

making children study to letting children learn with support of technology and new learning methods. We ensure best of every opportunity to our learners and educators to upgrade their technological skills constantly to match up with the essential 21st Century skills. The prime aim is to create a Thinking School thereby creating a Learning Society Gone are the days of the Chalk and Talk teaching methodology with the aid of which I have spent memorable days in the school. We talk about technology day in day out but then leave the task on the ICT teachers only to look into the matter of how it can enable the better understanding of the concepts. Its high time that we as Non-IT teachers brace ourselves and embrace technology, walk the path ahead hand in hand by using tools which enhance the learning of the students. Even till few years Using Technology in the Classroom

meant having a whiteboard / smartboard in the classroom and all the little eyes glued to it with the teacher only playing the lead role. But times have changed a lot and if you do not want to be left behind along with your students gear up, fasten your seatbelts and believe in the change. OBJECTIVE / GOAL To facilitate a self-learning process in which the onus is on the child. To shift the childs focus from teacher centric learning to self motivated, self paced enquiry based learning.

To develop an inclusive classroom with individualized interaction. To make the learners environmentally aware and to help them value the importance of non-renewable resources. To make teacher interaction with the students more innovative. To facilitate learners to use all the available tools and resources to solve new problems.

To cater to the needs of Learners with Special Needs WHY THIS PROJECT? I have chosen this project so that my students : Are Globally aware. Understand how local changes can have broaden global environmental effects.

Are Environmental Friendly. Get a Digital Platform for Collaboration. Helps them in Inculcating / Nurturing Leadership Qualities in them. Teaches them Team Spirit.

Respect for each others views. TOOLS USED Class One Notebook PowerPoint Sway Forms Excel YouTube Skype One Drive

Kahoot EXPECTED LEARNING OUTCOMES Students will be able to Be Globally aware of living organism found. Define the terms habitat, metamorphism, life cycle, migration, conservation.

Identify the habitat of Monarch Butterfly. Label the body parts of the Monarch Butterfly. Explain the functions of the different body parts of Monarch Butterfly Outline the basic facts of Monarch Butterfly

Identify, Observe and Explain the different stages in the life cycle of butterfly. Infer the effects of changing Climate on the life cycle of living beings. Understand and Describe How Monarch Butterfly is different from others. Understand and Outline that Monarch Butterfly are self-defenders. Justify why Monarch Butterflies migrate Justify the need to protect the environment. Identify the Pattern of migration Analyze and determine the Population of Monarch Butterfly. Infer the threats to the existence of Monarch Butterfly Justify and Explain the need for Conservation of

Monarch Butterfly Evaluate the learning outcomes. 21st LEARNING SKILLS Creativity Communication Team Work/Collaboration

Critical thinking Problem Solving Interpersonal, Societal thinking Life Skills Organizational, observational, literal thinking, acquisitive, research, explore

Digital Literacy Cyber safety PROCESS Grade V Students A HAPPY CLASSROOM Consent of the parents was taken for uploading the students work on various social medias keeping in mind the Ethical Issues. The topic was chosen aligned to the curriculum.

Lesson plans were made. Students were made aware of the project through a group discussion and their view points taken. Students were divided into groups for collaborative working using Class notebook having one as a group leader. For different subtopics pre researched Links were given keeping in mind that they do not go off track. Group discussions were held after the research work was done by the students Inputs were given at different stages. Videos were recorded by the students on the topic and inserted in the Class notebook. Presentations were made using Sway. Students did Peer assessment by giving inputs during the group discussions and presentations. Skype sessions were organized for the topic.

Assessment was conducted using Microsoft Forms. Feedback of the parents, students, colleagues, coordinator was taken using Forms and Video recordings. Feedback of the school councilor was taken up as to how the project has helped to cater to the needs of the special learners. PROJECT DETAILS Before the project was started the consent of the parents was taken through the use of Form sent home. Consent was also taken by the Principal, Executive Director and Academic Dean of the school.

The project was taken up as per the curriculum. Lesson plans were made. The class was divided into five groups with 6 students per group. Each group had a group leader.

Topics were given per group. Guidelines were shared with the groups through Class Notebook. The students made Class notes, for what all was shared among the group members. Research work was done by the students as per the given pre researched links so that they do not go here and there as home assignment and shared via Class notebook. The topics were discussed in the class through group discussions. The daily suggestions were incorporated in the Class notebook. Students were told to acknowledge the Websites referred to for the information and related images used. Presentations made on Sway were done by the students group wise in the class. In the end the students were assessed for their

knowledge gained with the help of a worksheet made on forms. Feedback was taken by the parents using Forms. Feedback was taken by the colleagues, students in the form of Video recording. IMPACT The lesson plan was taken up as a project. During the pre-discussion with the students it seemed as if it is going to be a lot of work, but once the project started the glow on the faces, shine in the eyes of the students started giving a satisfaction that all the effort is worth taking. As there were group leaders it built a sense of responsibility in them and a sense of belongingness among the group members as well as all the students to work collaboratively. The impact has been immense so as to share a little: One of the group leaders Pratham Kumar Mishra told that Maam we have in our group of 6, 3 excellent orators but I want to give

the chance to Ishaan Rayoo to speak. This was a clear indication of giving an equal chance and an opportunity to all the members in the group to come in the front. I have a student with special needs Simarpreet. The group in which he was the group leader Neal Pandita was troubled to the core that what work as a group member he should be assigned. Then he came up with the idea that Simarpreet will be designing activities for the topic given. All the students also took initiative to record small videos in the Class notebook on the topics assigned for Simarpreet so that the concept is understood by him also. One of the aim of the project was to assess the knowledge gained but in the end it inculcated among the students leadership, collaborative working, sharing, showing respect to others views, life skills, being digital, caring for the environment, being global learners.

In the end the project has enabled the students to Link to the Consent form from parents for Ethical Issues. %3Dn7LzFt7zp0O3Bdtg97i4HoRVxB1FmW9Dg2becutVEhNUMFFHM0E2VFQzWk9 MSUsxVTFJQTRIRTNHVi4u%26Token%3D94da942cbd63483c8ab5645a537bb6a5 Link of YOUTUBE video of the Skype Session held with Barasa Emmanuel from Mitahato Education Development Fund Teaching Farm, Kenya Link of the post on

feedback_reaction_generic¬if_id=1487029456698278 Links to the Feedback of Colleagues Links of Students Videos Life Cycle Basic Facts Migration, Conservation

Habitat Body Parts Link to students work on Class Notebook mar_dlfschool01_onmicrosoft_com/_layouts/15/guestacce ss.aspx?guestaccesstoken=58v47h21fZYwGMchdHC9Bb 0d4gen3mryBWqwTyGzO2w%3d&folderid=2_01acb6b79 3457401e9856dcbefb454a9d&rev=1 Links of Students Views

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