Mexican Culture - Central Dauphin School District

Mexican Culture - Central Dauphin School District

Mexican Culture Three native civilizations and the Spanish influenced the culture of Mexico. The Olmecs

Earliest or first civilization in Mexico Counting system Calendar (floods) Farmed using seasonal flooding Religion tied to forces of nature (jaguar-rain); temples Picture writing Artwork, carving giant stone heads Many of the Olmecs were spread to other civilizations.

The Maya Lived in rainforests of the Yucatan Peninsula Cleared forests to farm (flooding) 365 day calendar Number system with zero to count crops

More than 100 cities; largest was Tikal Religious temples Borrowed many ideas from Olmecs The Aztecs Large empire, over 5 million people Writing system

Calendar and number system (farming) Tenochtitlan was their largest city (central Mexico, now Mexico City) Nahuatl was spoken language. Some place names are Nahuatl words (Mexico). Tlaxcalli, corn pancakes, now tortillas The Spanish

Led by Hernando Cortes, conquered the Aztec empire; Aztecs used as slaves Colony called New Spain, capital was Mexico City Official language was Spanish Roman Catholic became official religion Spanish and natives married. Their children were called Mestizos

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