Microprogrammed Controller - Ieee

Microprogrammed Controller - Ieee

MICROPROGRAMMED CONTROLLER Introduction Generalization of rom-based controller State-transition and output functions implemented using Table look-up Microinstruction a word in memory specifying 1. The values of the control signals; 2. The sequencing information that determines which microinstruction Is executed next Microprogram - a sequence of microinstructions

11/17/2007 DSD,USIT,GGSIPU 2 A Microprogrammed Controller 11/17/2007 DSD,USIT,GGSIPU 3 Structure

Control store (CS) - contains the microprogram Uses ROM,PROM or RAM Rom-based implementation is permanent; Prom or ram-based Implementations allow modifying the Microprogram) A ram-based implementation: writable control store Systems with writable control store called microprogrammable Control-store address register (CSAR)

Cs address generator (CSAGen) Decoder - generates control signals Microcontroller the control unit" of the Microprogrammed Controller 11/17/2007 DSD,USIT,GGSIPU 4

Advantages and disadvantages The structure of the controller is modular, regular and independent of the particular computation implemented by the system The implementation of the controller for a complex computation consists of writing the corresponding microprogram Simpler to write a microprogram than implement a fixed controller Easily modied Might be slower 11/17/2007 DSD,USIT,GGSIPU

5 Microinstruction format DIVIDED INTO FIELDS A CONTROL FIELD: contains the values of control signals - A SEQUENCING FIELD: species the address of the next microinstruction 11/17/2007 DSD,USIT,GGSIPU

6 Control field HORIZONTAL (unpacked, decoded) VERTICAL (packed, encoded) 11/17/2007 DSD,USIT,GGSIPU 7 VERTICAL FORMAT A decoder per subfield

Allocation to subfields Assigned to the same subfield only if The operations they control are not required at the same time in the Microprogram; Or The data subsystem does not allow the simultaneous use of such control Signals. 11/17/2007 DSD,USIT,GGSIPU 8 Microinstruction sequencing

Explicit sequencing Implicit sequencing 11/17/2007 DSD,USIT,GGSIPU 9 Implicit sequencing Two types of control store address calculations required: INCREMENT CSAR if not a branch, or if the condition not satised LOAD CSAR with the branch address if

the current microinstruction is a Branch and the condition satisfied. 11/17/2007 DSD,USIT,GGSIPU 10 Microinstruction timing 1. LOADING THE ADDRESS of the next microinstruction into CSAR. 2. FETCHING (reading) the corresponding microinstruction 3. DECODING the fields.

4. EXECUTING the microoperations. 5. CALCULATING THE ADDRESS of the next microinstruction; this calculation can be overlapped with the execution part of the cycle. 11/17/2007 DSD,USIT,GGSIPU 11 Microinstruction Cycle 11/17/2007


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