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MICROSCOPY Prepared by : Reem Aldossari APPLICATIONS OF COMPOUND MICROSCOPE It is used to study cells parts. The organization of tissues and the structure of developing embryos, among many other important applications And such more .

Parts of the Microscope: The parts of the microscope can be grouped in three systems: 1. The magnification system. 2. The mounting and movement system. 3. The illumination system. :The body tube carries the ocular lenses :The nose piece Carries the objective

lenses and move them accordingly above the stage :The stage Horizontal platform upon which the slide of interest rest :The base Supports the

microscope The arm: Supports and connects the upper part of the microscope The coarse focusing :knob for stage movement The fine focusing

:knob for image sharpness The mounting and movement system THE MAGNIFICATION SYSTEM :The ocular lenses 5X, 10X, and 15X :The objective lenses Scanning lens: 3.5X or 4X or 5X

Low power lens: 10X High power lens: 40X Oil immersion lens: 100X ?How to calculate the magnification power .Magnification power = ocular lens xobjective lens 10X x 40X = 400X hint: Dont forget the unit .) e.g( :The iris diaphragm controls the amount of light reaching the slide

:The condenser collects and concentrate the light THE ILLUMINATION SYSTEM :The illuminator light source THE CELL It is the functional and structural unit in organisms.

different cell structures depending on their location and function in the body. 3 major cell components: Genetic material. Cytoplasm. Cell membrane. CELL TYPES Two major cell types depending on the arrangement :of the genetic material inside the cell

Prokaryotic cells (pro = before; Karyone = nucleus): Nucleus is absent. The region where the DNA is located in the cytoplasm is called nucleoid Eukaryotic cells (True nucleated

cells): Nucleus is present. DNA is associated with protein making chromatin PROKARYOTES: BACTERIA Bacillus: Rod shape and occur in strands.

Coccus: Rounded and occur in colonies or strands. EUKARYOTES Plant cells: Have cell wall. example: onion cells. Rectangular with eccentric nucleus . Onion cells

:Animal cells .Does NOT have cell wall Animal cells Simple Squamous Epithelium ( Lining of mouth ) 1- Cell membrane 2- Cytoplasm 3- Nucleus Thank you for your attention

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