Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack: Microsoft Enterprise ...

Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack: Microsoft Enterprise ...

Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack: Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization Ran Oelgiesser Sr. Product Manager Microsoft Corporation VIR207 Agenda Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack and Desktop Virtualization Overview Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V) Overview MED-V Architecture and Demo MED-V v2 Roadmap

The Future of MED-V Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack What the Desktop Optimization Pack Provides Regular updates Faster upgrade cycle, separate from Windows Minimal deployment effort 1 Provide immediate ROI 2

Deliver end-to-end solutions Run out of the box Integrate with existing management solutions 3 Lower Desktop TCO >95% of MDOP customers are (very) satisfied *1 $70-$80 net cost savings per PC per year using MDOP *2 *1, Microsoft MDOP customer study. Base: Current MDOP customer n=108, non-MDOP customer n=367

Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization Available since April 1st 2009 What it Does Leverages Microsoft Virtual PC to create another instance of Windows Simplify deployment and management of virtual PCs Benefits Accelerate Windows upgrade: Enabling virtual Windows XP/2000 Reducing costs and time for migrating applications that are not

yet supported on Windows Vista (and Windows 7) Future: corporate-managed virtual environment on personal/3rd-party PCs Applications When considering compatibility issues when migrating from XP to Vista (and at some point in the future, to Windows 7), it provides a solution that is fast, simple, cost-effective and most importantly, non-disruptive to business users. Enterprise Management Associates, Inc Andi Mann

OS Applications Applications Virtual PC Operating Operating System System Hardware Hardware Desktop vs. Application Virtualization What it does

What it does Creates a package with a full OS What it is good for Resolve incompatibility between applications and a new OS Run two environments on a single PC Applications

Operating System Hardware Creates a package of an application Eliminates software install Isolates each application What it is good for

Resolve conflicts between applications Simplify application delivery and testing Introducing Windows Virtual PC Virtual PC 2007 Primary Audience: Developers / IT Pro Key Scenarios: Dev & test & Help-Desk Typical guest OS: Multiple Guest OS Cost: license required for each guest OS Windows Virtual PC @ Windows 7

New Audience: Business users Key Scenario: Windows XP Compatibility Typical guest OS: Windows XP Cost: None. Virtual Windows XP Included with Windows 7 Pro/Ultimate Windows Virtual PC Details Highlighted Key Features Win7 SKUs HB HP Pro

Ult Ent Windows XP Mode Windows XP VHD included in Windows 7 only for Professional, Ultimate & Enterprise Integrated with Windows 7 Shell Seamless Windows XP Application launching from Windows 7

Hardware Requirements Intel VT or AMD-V required, default-on recommended 1.25 GB Memory required; 2 GB of memory recommended (256MB memory for Windows XP VHD) Integrated install experience with Windows XP VHD USB 2.0 support Windows Virtual PC is MUI aware & will be localized in 26 languages demo

Windows Virtual PC MED-V - Managing Virtual PCs for IT Pros MED-V* Centrally Manages Virtual Windows Environments Deploy deliver virtual Windows images and customize per user and device settings Provision define which applications and websites are available to different users Control assign and expire usage permissions and Virtual PC settings Maintain and Support - update images, monitor users and remotely troubleshoot *Available post Windows 7 GA as part of Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) Windows Virtual PC Provides the Ease of Use for End Users Run Windows XP or other Windows environments on Windows 7 Install and launch Windows XP applications from Win7 Desktop

IT Pros: Use MED-V when deploying Windows Virtual PCs, to reduce complexity, maintain control and keep costs low MED-V Architecture Applications OS Applications Virtual PC Operating System MED-V v1 Management Capabilities Provision, centrally manage and monitor

Provisioning based on Microsoft Active-Directory users/groups Assign a virtual image and define which applications are available to the user Redirect predefined websites (e.g. corporate intranet) to the virtual environment Manage heterogeneous environments Automate first-time virtual PC setup (e.g. initial network setup, unique computer name, domain join) Adjust virtual PC memory allocation based on available RAM on host Centralized database for client monitoring, tracking and remote troubleshooting Control usage permissions and virtual PC settings User authentication (online over SSL or offline based on local cache) Per user/group usage policies (e.g. expiration, time limits for offline work) Host-guest data transfer control (e.g. copy-paste, file transfer, printing)

demo MED-V MED-V TrimTransfer Image Delivery (only when using MED-V IIS-based image repository) How to Update/Patch Virtual Images? Initial delivery Alt. I: update the Master image once and deliver image differences to endpoints Easy to manage

User data and settings must be saved on the network Alt. II: connect to Active Directory domain and use standard software delivery Standard! (use WSUS, SCCM, etc) MED-V v1 Server Requirements OS: Windows Server 2008 (Standard/Enterprise) Recommended HW: Dual Processor (2.8ghz), 4GB RAM Active-directory: Joined to domain for authentication Image repository: IIS web server Reporting database (optional): MS SQL Server (2005 SP2 Enterprise or 2008 Express/Standard/Enterprise)

Scale: Up to 5000 users for the management server Image delivery - use multiple IIS web servers or manually deliver images through System Center Config Mgr distribution points (no integration in v1) MED-V v1 Client Requirements Host Windows Vista SP1/2 32-bit (2GB RAM Recommended) Windows XP SP2/3 - 32bit (1GB RAM Recommended) No support for Windows 7 Guest Windows XP Pro SP2/3

Win2000 SP4 Browsers Host - Internet Explorer 7 or 8 Guest - Internet Explorer 7 or 6 SP2 Virtualization engine: VPC 2007 SP1 (+QFE) Languages: English UI (with support for Western-EU OS) announcing MED-V v2 Roadmap MED-V v2 Extend client platform support Windows 7 (host/guest) and Windows Virtual PC

64-bit (for Windows 7 and Vista hosts) Client support for additional localized OS Expand support for localized OS beyond European languages (Still English UI MED-V client is not localized) Strengthen virtual Windows XP integration: New host/guest folder sharing method System Center integration Leverage existing Configuration Manager infrastructure to: Deliver virtual images through ConfigMgr distribution points Provision MED-V policies through ConfigMgr and enforce them using MED-V client without additional server infrastructure v2 Beta is expected within 90 days of Windows 7 GA

V2 Leverage System Center Config Mgr MED-V MED-V Admin Admin Console Console System Center Configuration Manager Export Export MED-V

MED-V Admin Admin Console Console Package Package Wizard Wizard Virtual Image (optional) Policy Deploy Deploy Packages Packages Windows

Windows Client Client Workstation Workstation ConfigMgr Client MED-V Client Virtual PC The Future of MED-V Increase Desktop Computing Flexibility Mobile Contract/ Offshore

Home noncompany PC Increase Desktop Computing Flexibility Deliver corporate-managed desktops to unmanaged PCs Enable work-at-home and increased mobility without a corporate laptop Drive business continuity and recovery plans with virtual desktops anywhere Increase productivity for contractors, offshore, branch offices MED-V Customers Say Belgacom Group MED-V saves us time in standardizing our desktop across the multiple entities of the Belgacom groupWith thousands of

users in our environment, MED-V will significantly reduce the time required for testing and migrating the applications we have. Belfast Health and Social Care Trust (22,000 staffs)* - We found that MED-V really solved our application compatibility problems. It allowed us to deploy the applications, where third party vendors were not providing a supported version. Where we used to have hundreds of images, we were able to move to one [Windows] Vista image, and use MED-V to deploy [legacy] applications on top of that Large European teleco. (80,000 employees)* - We are really happy with MED-V. We can virtualize the applications that are made only for XP, and they work fine, with all the functionality intact * Excerpt from EMA Brief: Introduction to the Benefits of Local Desktop Virtualization, April 2009 Related Content Join us for interactive MED-V session today:

4:30pm VIR01-INT Orange Theater 2 MED-V deep dive interactive session MED-V Website MDOP website MDOP blog is at Download MDOP software from MVLS (MDOP customers) Evaluation for MSDN, TechNet subscribers* (*requires a subscription, no trial for AIS) Evaluate MED-V with MED-V Quick Start Guide Plan deployment with MED-V Solution Accelerator Resources Sessions On-Demand & Community Microsoft Certification & Training Resources Resources for IT Professionals Resources for Developers

Microsoft Certification and Training Resources Complete an evaluation on CommNet and enter to win! 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries. The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.

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