Microsoft Office Communications Server, A Salford City ...

Microsoft Office Communications Server, A Salford City ...

Unified Communications, A Salford City Council Perspective Jonathan Burt Network and Infrastructure Manager Agenda About Salford City Council

A History of UC at Salford City Council Office Communications Server Case Studies Future Direction of UC at Salford City Council About Salford City Council One of the ten Greater Manchester Authorities Diverse environment of waterfront, urban and countryside 37 Square miles and 220,000 citizens 9,500 Employees

Latest CPA Three out four stars improving well SCC ICT Services Varied portfolio of services delivered by 120 employees Award winning web site E-Government National Awards winner

Contact Centre Innovation of the Year Award 2007 SOCITM benchmarking 2008 Regional 23 participants in 26 KPIs 24 in top 1\3 (92%) 2 in middle 1\3 (8%) 0 in lower 1\3 (X%) Unified Communications at Salford

Cisco VoIP solution deployed in 2001 Cisco Unified Messaging system for voicemail Evaluated Microsoft and Cisco RTC systems Microsoft Exchange 2000 Microsoft Live Communications 2005 Cisco Unified Presence Server 1.0 and 6.0 Beta tested Microsoft Office Communications Server Currently deploying OCS 2007, Exchange 2007 and Cisco Call Manager 6.0 Case Study Social Care Office Problem - Burrows house is a Social Care office

which doubled the number of staff located there. They operate a traditional telephony environment without DDI numbers. The receptionist answers all calls and transfers to the appropriate member of staff using a wipe board to identify if they are available. Due to the increase in staff only 50% of calls were successfully handled Solution - Additional staff were used to answer calls, Microsoft Office Communications 2007 was implemented to allow call answerers to check availability of staff, wipe board was removed. Call handling was increased to over 85% success within a

week Case Study ICT Services Problem ICT Services are pioneering agile working within the organisation and required a communications system to ensure all staff are effortlessly contactable. The Unit is spread over a number of sites and floors. During busy periods email and telephony communications are impractical. Managers required answers to complex questions from customers during meetings Solution Initially MS OCS instant messaging and

presence management elements were installed allowing improved communications with all staff no matter where they were located. Mobile Communicator 2007 was deployed to Windows Smartphone's with private 3G network. Introduction of Livemeeting 2007 for collaboration. Future Plans for UC at SCC Key part of plans for Council wide Agile Working programme to improve productivity and realise savings Integration between Cisco VoIP solution and Microsoft OCS Further development of Voice and Video capabilities of

Communicator Utilisation of RTC within website as part of channel shift to deliver efficiency savings to meet CSR07 challenges Integration of faxing into Unified Communications solution Any Questions? [email protected]

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