Microsoft PowerPoint - DATA Act Briefing for IRC USSGL

Microsoft PowerPoint - DATA Act Briefing for IRC USSGL

DATA Act Implementation Update Briefing for the USSGLIRC May 14, 2015 1 DATA Act Goals Expand the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006 by disclosing direct federal agency expenditures and linking federal contract, loan, and grant spending information to programs of federal agencies to enable taxpayers and policy makers to track federal spending more effectively. Provide consistent, reliable, and searchable governmentwide spending data that is displayed accurately for taxpayers and policy makers on the website. Analyze federal spending data to proactively prevent waste, fraud, abuse, and improper payments. Simplify reporting for entities receiving federal funds by streamlining reporting requirements and reducing compliance costs while improving transparency. Improve the quality of data submitted to by holding federal agencies accountable for the completeness and accuracy of the data submitted.

PRE-DECISIONAL/FOR DISCUSSION PURPOSES ONLY 2 Vision & Agency Opportunity Vision Provide reliable, timely, secure, and consumable financial management data for the purpose of promoting transparency, facilitating better decision making, and improving operational efficiency. Better Data, Better Decision, Better Government GOALS Capture and make available financial management data to enable the data consumers to follow the complete life cycle of Federal spending from appropriations to the disbursements of grants, contracts, and administrative spending Standardized information exchanges definitions and format to enable timely access to discoverable and reusable detail transaction level data Design and refine processes and systems to streamline reporting requirements and reduce compliance costs while improving transparency 3

DATA Act in Context of Spending Life Cycle Receipts/ Financing Appropriation 360 Spending Life Cycle DATA Act FFATA ( Payment Apportionment Obligation Allotment (Allocation) Award Commitment 4

DATA Act FFATA Sec. 3 Full disclosure of federal Requirements funds Source: Agency financial systems Source: Agency management systems/FPDS 5 Implementation Approach We will work to both provide the necessary linkages between financial events

as well as enable users to query data across the government. Implementation is not about adding an additional field to a system to answer a particular question; it is about working towards being able to access information to answer any question. 6 1) Organize team Agency 8Step Steps for Agencies Plan Timeline By spring 2015 Create an agency DATA Act work group including impacted communities (e.g., CIO, Budget,

Accounting, etc.) and Identify Senior Accountability Officer (SAO) 2) Review elements By spring 2015 Review list of 83 DATA Act elements and participate in data definitions standardization 3) Inventory data Perform inventory of Agency data and associated business processes 4) Design & strategize a) Plan changes (e.g., adding Award IDs to financial systems) to systems and business processes to capture data that are complete multilevel (e.g., summary and award detail) fullylinked data b) Prepare cost estimates for FY 2017 budget projections 5) Execute broker Implement broker (includes mapping of data from agency schema to the DATA Act schema; and the validation) iteratively

6) Test broker implementation Test broker outputs to ensure data are valid iteratively 7) Update systems Implement other system changes iteratively (e.g., establish linkages between program and financial data, capture any new data) 8) Submit data Update and refine process (repeat 57 as needed) February 2015 August 2015 March 2015 August 2015 September 2015 February 2016 September 2015 February 2016 September 2015 February 2017

March 2016 May 9, 2017 7 High Level Data Flows Broker: Aggregates Agency data from internal/external systems (e.g SAM, FPDS, Oracle, etc). USAspending: Revalidates agency data Publishes/visualizes data Agency BI Tools: Assists Agency managers with analyzing, transforming, and reporting data

8 Activities May 8th Guidance Package OMB Policy guidance Data element definitions Data exchange standard (Schema) Agency Implementation Playbook Summary Next steps Finalize standards for all data elements Complete pilots Work with Agencies on implementation 9 Resources Primary Contact DATA Act Program Office Email: [email protected] Websites MAX page GitHub https:// 10 Appendix 11 Governance and Implementation Structure Executive Steering Committee OMB and Treasury InterAgency Advisory Committee OMB, Treasury, OSTP, GSA and Representatives from: CFOC, BOAC, ACE, COFAR, CAOC, CIOC, PIC Lead Design and Implement

Support Consult OMB Treasury Treasury Treasur y OMB OMB Senior Accountable Officials from Federal Agencies Treasury

12 Data Broker Broker: Exists inside Agencys firewall; Maps Agency Schema to the DATA Act Schema Validates the data in the DATA Act Schema Provides validation report for further processing by the Agency If validation is

successful, data is ready for Agency submission to Treasury Resources: Broker developer documentation and test plan is planned and will be available at a later time. 13

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