Microsoft PowerPoint - Final. DISBO Council Meeting (9 22 ...

Microsoft PowerPoint - Final. DISBO Council Meeting (9 22 ...

Agency Liaison Program Training Increasing SDB/SB Participation in Commonwealth Procurement October 31, 2017 Bureau of Diversity, Inclusion and Small Business Opportunities (BDISBO) MISSION: Support the growth and development of small businesses (SBs) and small diverse businesses (SDBs) VISION: To increase Commonwealth SB/SDB spend and create a more welcoming and conscientious SB/SDB procurement culture throughout all commonwealth agencies.

Agenda Welcome/Introductions BDISBO Organization Governors Priorities and Agenda The Problem We Need To Solve What We Are Asking You To Do Jaggaer System Update Increase Utilization of RFPs Small Business Programs & Reporting Questions and Answers BDISBO Organization Deputy Secretary for Diversity, Inclusion & Small Business Opportunities Kerry L. Kirkland Director of the Bureau of

Diversity, Inclusion & Small Business Opportunities DeShawn Lewis Procurement Liaison Audrey Smith Administrative Officer 3 Chi-Chi Owunwanne Construction Liaison Paula Murphy Administrative Officer 2 Tina Marks Certification Unit

Cassandra Nevel Procurement Compliance Unit Curtis Burwell Ferzana Irani Beth Nonemaker VACANT Kheea Anderson Construction Compliance Unit VACANT Business Enterprise Analyst

Vince Adigwu BDISBO Customers? Vendor Community Small Businesses Small Diverse Businesses Large Businesses Agency Staff Public Other Business Entities Legislature Governors Office BDISBO Services Scoring of SB/SDB Submittals, a portion of Request For Proposal (RFP) responses Procurement

Construction/Design Training/Technical Assistance Self-Certification & Verification for SBs/SDBs Locate SBs and SDBs in online database Assist with locating procurement opportunities Strategize utilization for SBs/SDBs Participate in Supplier Forums Provide appropriate SB/SDB language Compliance: Monitor percentage commitments made as contractual agreements by prime contractors for the utilization of SB/SDBs on commonwealth contracts. Collaborate with Agency for Resolution. Executive Order 2015-11 Promotes Diversity, Inclusion and Small Business Opportunities Issued September 23, 2015 Recognize the need for better Agency Coordination Place continuous focus on increasing SB/SDB spend

Established an Governors Advisory Council Led by four agency heads: DGS, L&I, DCED & Transportation Provide SB/SDB advise to Governors Office/Executive Agencies Developed SDB program improvement recommendations Created Bureau of Diversity, Inclusion and SB Opportunities Formally Bur. of Small Business Opportunities Singular focus on diversity and inclusion & SB Opportunities The Problem We Need to Solve Small and Small Diverse Business Participation 35.00% 30.00% 25.00% 20.00%

Goal by FY19 15.00% 10.00% 5.00% 0.00% 2011 2012 2013

2014 -5.00% Overall SB & SDB SDB 2015 The Problem We Need to Solve FY 15/16 Distribution of Payments SDB Prime Contractor Payments $40,490,369 0.87%

SDB Subcontractor SB Prime Payments Payments $108,679,236 $205,161,835 2.33% 4.40% Non-SB/SDB Contractor Payments $4,306,011,512 92.40% For comparison, Marylands SB/SDB expenditures exceed $2.5 Billion Pennsylvania has historically applied our

SB/SDB program to just one out of every four dollars we spend DGS recently awarded a contract to conduct a formal disparity study to support a more comprehensive program statewide Results available in 12 months Basis for applying DISBO universally In the meantime, we need your help The Solution We Are Proposing Governor to make more frequent public appearances addressing the need for greater diversity and inclusion Agency heads to be personally involved in communicating this priority within their agencies Change hearts and minds Appoint senior-level Liaisons in each agency

Require Liaison to be involved in planning for every new agency contract DGS to train Agency Liaisons and provide assistance with: Increased use of new RFP/Best Value procurement methods Agency-level SB/SDB goal setting Integrating SB/SDB goals with Agency Program and Procurement goals Re-invigorating the SB set-aside program Routine reporting requirements Agency SB/SDB Liaison Program

Senior-level Agency Liaisons appointed July 1. Key component of comprehensive strategy to increase commonwealth SB/SDB spend Provides a mechanism to develop and maintain consistent communication and collaboration between Commonwealth Agencies and BDISBO Create a reporting and goal setting structure that requires Agencies to report SB/SDB spend data September 11, Senior-level Agency Liaisons meeting introducing the liaison program Why Are You Here? Governors Advocates for Diversity and Inclusion Drive Agency Strategy to Increase SB/SDB Spend Establish Process to Insure Agency Liaison Involvement w/ all Agency Procurements Monitor Procurement Pipeline for SB/SDB Opportunities

What We Are Asking You To Do Utilize BDISBOs Agency Procurement Monitoring Tools/Staff Access Agency Procurement Forecast for SB/SDB Opportunities Diversify Agency RFP Evaluation Committee Insure Customer Friendly Agency Contracting Environment Develop Agency SDB Outreach Strategy (workshops/seminars) Integrate Diversity and Inclusion into the Agencys Strategic Plan Increase Volume of RFP Procurements (Jaggaer) Jaggaer Update What is Jaggaer? Derivative of the German word for hunter SOURCING DIRECTOR: STRATEGIC SOURCING SOFTWARE

TOTAL SUPPLIER MANAGER: VENDOR MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE Sourcing Director helps you create events, manage bids, and award contracts automatically. TSM automates supplier management from discovery and information gathering through registration, qualification, and selection. An intuitive wizard-driven interface

Web-based, centralized repository Configurable workflows, RFx templates, and content libraries New ITQ Portal and pre-qualification process We will use it for RFPs, RFQs, and RFIs Automated communications and supplier selfservice on-boarding

Self-service access for suppliers Jaggaer Update ITQ/RFQ training is in process 152 trained to date RFP Training will begin in November 79 scheduled to attend, but more are scheduling each day. Training dates are 11/8, 11/9, 11/14, 11/15, and 11/16 with more to be scheduled in December

RFQ and RFP templates in Jaggaer 5 RFPs and 12 RFQs published in Jaggaer to date Over 200 COPA users are set up in Jaggaer 5,860 COPA suppliers in Jaggaer 3,729 are small/small diverse businesses Note: We did not wait to pilot only in DGS before rolling out to agencies, so user feedback to

DGS team is important. The tool is configurable, so we can make changes as needed. BDISBO Small Business Programs Small Business Self-Certification Requirements For profit United States business Independently owned Not dominant in its field of operation No more than 100 Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) employees Earns no more than a maximum 3-year Average Gross Sales depending on Business Type $7 Million Building Design Services 2-year renewal $20 Million Procurement Goods

Procurement Services Construction Contractor & Supplier $25 Million Information Technology Goods & Services Small Diverse Business Requirements Verification of Minority (MBE), Woman (WBE), Veteran (VBE), Service Disable Veteran (SDVE), LGBT (LGBTBE), Disability-Owned (DOBE) Business Enterprise Self-certified Small Business with the Small Business Contracting Program At least 51% minority, women, veteran, service-disabled veteran, LGBT, or Disabled owned and controlled. Certification through at least one of the following approved third parties:

Womans Business Enterprise National Council National Minority Supplier Development Council Unified Certification Program U.S. Small Business Administration 8(a) Business Development U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Vets First Verification Program

U.S. Business Leaders Network DOBE/SDVE National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce 2-year renewal Small Business Programs Small Business Reserve Program Small Diverse Business Program Prime contracting program

Subcontracting program Participating agencies under Governors jurisdiction. Others encouraged to participate Goal: 10% FY17, 20% FY18, 30% FY 19 Race and gender neutral Must meet small business requirements Online self-certification process through PASupplierPortal Participating agencies under Governors jurisdictions. Others encouraged to

participate Race and gender specific Includes DGS, SBs and verified SDBs Certification required from DGS Approved Third Party Entity for SDBs Verified SDBs & Self-certified SBs can also perform as prime contractors Small Business Program Enhancements E-marketplace Advertising Auto populate Small Reserve Std. language SRM PO Small Business Indicator Comptroller Review/Approval Small Business Indicator

Small or Small Diverse Business Certificate Small Reserve Language included in PO Small Business Owner Communication Agencies forward to current small business partners DGS Small and Small Diverse status 2 year renewal Small Business Communication for DGS Self Certification / Verification Procurement Preferences Unique Source: Blind and Handicapped Correctional Industries Small Business Reserve Program: Search BDISBOs database for pool of vendors Finding Small Businesses > Businesses > Small Diverse Business Program > Locate Small and Small

Diverse Businesses > > Search By: UNSPSC Code Find Codes Enter Codes Finding Small Businesses BDISBO Tools/Report Small and Small Diverse Business Spend Report

Business Warehouse Report Captures Small Reserve Info. Captures SB and SDB prime spend Agency Award / Solicitation Report Captures Award Information Captures Solicitation Information Submit to BDISBO Agency Procurement Forecast Report Forecasts Agency Procurements 6 12 Months in Advance Submit to BDISBO

BDISBOs Intranet Site Agency Folder Specific Monitoring Tool Reports due the 5th of every month Small & Diverse Spend Report Business Warehouse Reports on procurement, IT, and construction payments made by agencies to Small Diverse Businesses and Small Businesses. The payments are associated with specific Commitment Items identified by BDISBO. Small & Diverse Spend Report Prerequisites

Know your 6-digit Employee ID Number. Obtain: * SAP logon account A BW login account with username and password SAP roles authorization (Procurement role) *This is generally done through your agency Human Resources. Small & Diverse Spend Report Go to Business Warehouse Roles > Procurement Reporting > Global Spend > Small Diverse Spend by Business Area 1. Enter the 2-digit month and 4-digit year 2. Enter the business area Small & Diverse Spend Report

With Identified Commitment Items (CI) Hierarchy summary sheet Summary of the Prime Small Diverse Business and Small Business spend for each business area. Spend will appear only for the business area on which the report was run (all other business areas will be $0). Provides a percentage for each designation of spend. Tool For Agency Prime Spend

Net Postings SDB Spend SB Spend Small Reserved Total payments associated with identified Commitment Items posted to the agency during the report period. Portion of the Net Postings paid to vendors with active Small Diverse Business (SDB) verifications at the time of payment Portion of the Net Postings paid to vendors with active Small Businesses (SB) certifications at the time of payment. SB Spend payments may overlap with Small Reserve if the payment is made on a contract reserved for Small Business. SB also includes SDB Spend. Portion of the Net Postings paid on contracts that were reserved for Small Businesses. Small Reserve payments may overlap with SB Spend if a vendor has an active SB certification at the time of payment. Small & Diverse Spend Report

Small & Small Diverse Business Spend sheet Feeds into the With CI Hierarchy summary table Swap out Business Area for Vendor to view payments to individual vendors Right click in any cell of the Business Area column > Swap Business Area With > Vendor Monthly Contract Award Report Reports on agency-specific solicitations and awards over the course of a fiscal year. Submitted to the BDISBO every month for Small Business and Small Diverse Business monitoring and compliance. Find the report at > Businesses > Small Diverse Business Program > Small and Small Diverse Business forms, Annual Reports, and other resources

Monthly Contract Award Report Data Entry Records solicitations and awards made by the agency each month over the course of a fiscal year. All solicitation data should be entered regardless of award status. Award information can be entered once an award is made. Solicitation Document # Solicitation Type Solicitation Description Award Document # Award Amount

Award Date Award Document Award Term (Years) Monthly Contract Award Report Agency Report Summarizes solicitation and award information by month, solicitation type, award type, and award amount. Solicitations will not be tabulated until the award information for the solicitations has been entered. Agency Procurement Forecast Report Forecasts agency procurements 6 12 months in advance to predict SB/SDB opportunities.

Agency: Enter the name of the agency Issuing Office: Enter name of the issuing office Solicitation Title: Enter the title of the solicitation Description: Enter a brief description of the solicitation Existing Contract #: Enter the existing contract number Proposed Solicitation Date: Enter the proposed date that the solicitation will be released Procurement Method: Enter the proposed method of procurement for the solicitation Contract Amount: Enter the estimated amount of the solicitation Agency Contact: Enter the name of the agency contact for the solicitation Agency Email: Enter the email for the agency contact

Future FY 2017-18 Meeting Dates Monday, December 11, 2017 10:00a.m. 12:00p.m. Monday, March 13, 2018 10:00a.m. 12:00p.m. Monday, June 11, 2018 10:00a.m. 12:00p.m. Q and A Questions?

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