Microsoft Update

Microsoft Update

.NET NET .NET NET .NET NET .NET NET Framework Visual Studio.NET NET WinForms WebForms Web Services

.NET NET .NET NET .NET NET Framework Visual Studio.NET NET WinForms WebForms Web Services Windows WinFX

Win32 COM / ActiveX Threading & synchronization Integrated networking Avalon Indigo WinFS

Web Services Web Application Smart Devices Common Language Runtime Longhorn TM 2005 .NET Framework 2.0 2006 WinFX Avalon

Indigo WinFS Presentation Data Communication Base Operating System Services Avalon & Indigo Windows XP & Windows 2003 Server Microsoft 64-bit Windows

Windows XP 64-bit Edition Version 2003 Windows Server 2003 Enterprise, Data Center IA-64 ; AMD x86-64 beta WoW64 Win32 Windows API (Win32) 64-bit word size (Pointer arithmetic) .NET Framework for 64-bit : .NET NET Framework v1.NET 1 WoW64 Windows Server 2003 SP1 .NET NET Framework v2.NET 0 64 Bit .NET NET 32 bit 64 bit .NET NET IL Code

x86 IA64 AMD64 64-bit Server SQL Server 2000, 64-bit Edition SQL Server 2005 Visual Studio 2005 Platform SDK .NET NET Framework v2.NET 0

API OS Windows API (Win32/Win64) Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 64-bit editions 2004 2005 Microsoft (warranty) )

Microsoft Visual Basic 6 Enterprise 27-Jan-1999 31-Mar-2005 31-Mar-2008 .NET NET .NET NET .NET NET Framework Visual Studio.NET NET

WinForms WebForms Web Services .NET ( ) Source: Microsoft internal survey) .NET 2004 ? Source: Forrester (May) 2004)

.NET .NET NET .NET NET MSDN - Visual Studio .NET NET IDE Visual Studio .NET NET RAD Server-based XML Web Services - Yes!Win .NET NET .NET NET

- .NET NET .NET NET .NET NET Framework Visual Studio.NET NET WinForms WebForms Web Services .NET? XML Web Services

.NET .Net Framework Visual Studio Framework Windows Web Smart Device XML Web Services

.NET Common Language Runtime (CLR) .NET NET Framework ADO.NET NET XML Windows Forms ASP.NET NET Web Froms Web Services .NET NET Framework for Smart Devices .NET VB C++

C# J# Python Web Services User Interface ASP.NET ADO.NET: Data XML Base Framework Common Language Runtime MSMQ (Message

Queuing) COM+ (Transactions, Partitions, Object Pooling) Win 32 API IIS WMI ADO.NET ASP.NET .NETLanguage

Common CLS ADO ISO Web Forms Runtime Web Services Common

Language (Dataset) Specification HTML XML CLR XML Microsoft :

Mono Project Linux Visual Basic, C++, C#, J# (state management) : ASP APL, COBOL, Pascal / Delphi , Eiffel, Haskell, ML, Perl, Python, Oberon,

HTML, DHTML, WML Scheme, Smalltalk, Objective CAML, CLR ( Memory) Leak ) COM XCOPY DLL Hell (Component) COM

GUIDs .NET IDL HRESULTs IUnknown AddRef/Release CoCreateInstance Visual Studio Windows Forms Win32 API

(Docking) (Anchoring) (Localization) (Visual inheritance) Visual Basic Pocket PC Smart Phone .NET NET Compact Framework SQL Server CE Web Web

Web Forms HTML XML Web Services ASP.NET NET Web (Caching) Web

- Scott Hanselman, Corillian Corporation - Andy Neilson, Technical Architect, Webplan Andrew K. Smith, Vice President, Credit Suisse First Boston Internet

Web Content B2C B2B, B2E Web

Internet : Web

Services Web Services Biz WebBiz Service Smart Smart Client Client Web Web

Smart Smart Device Device Tier TierLogic Logic OS Services

(HTTP, XML, SOAP, UDDI)HTTP, XML, SOAP, UDDI)) Web Services Web Services Web Services Web Services Internet HTTP

XML Web Services UDDI SOAP WSDL Extensible Markup Language XML W3C HTML HTML XML XML


XML XML Windows Server XML Mainframe XML ? ABC47-Z, 100, STL, C, 3, 28 XML

ABC47-Z 100 STL C 3 28 XML XSLT table.xsl bar.xsl XML art.xsl XML XSLT

ie5.xsl ie4.xsl nav3.xsl HTML nokia.xsl sony.xsl WML / xHTML XML edi_x.xsl sap_y.xsl flat_z.xsl SAP ERP

EDI Web Service? I)nternet Web Services Web ( HTTP)

Internet Web Services XML Web Services XML UDDI UDDI Universal Description,

Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration Discovery, and Integration WSDL WSDL Web Services Web Services Description Language Description Language SOAP SOAP XML & HTTP


WSDL (SOAP) XML/SOAP Web Service Web Services : Microsoft, IBM, BEA Sy) stems, SUN Microsy) stems, Oracle Web Services Application Frameworks

Steve Jamie A B C Dr. Walu D

Jamie Web Services Web Services .NET NET Framework XML WSDL

WSDL UDDI Proxy) Visual Basic .NET NET Web Services .NET NET .NET NET .NET NET Framework Visual Studio.NET NET

WinForms WebForms Web Services : .NET NET Gartner Gartner Group XML/SOAP Meta Group .NET NET Patricia Sey) bold Group

: .NET IT 2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

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