Microsoft Windows Vista Essentials Illustrated Unit A

Microsoft Windows Vista Essentials Illustrated Unit A

Microsoft Office 2010 Illustrated Fundamentals Unit N: Polishing and Running a Presentation Objectives Add a shape Add clip art Work with pictures Add sound and video

Microsoft Office 2010-Illustrated Fundamentals 2 Objectives (contd) Edit a video Set slide timing and transitions Animate slide objects Create speaker notes Microsoft Office 2010-Illustrated Fundamentals

3 Unit N Introduction You can enhance a PowerPoint presentation by adding media, such as shapes, clip art, photographs, sounds, and video Adding graphics, such as images and photographs, and video to your slides illustrates your slide content

You can embed sound effects and music clips to narrate or add excitement Microsoft Office 2010-Illustrated Fundamentals 4 Adding a Shape You can choose from a variety of built-in shapes to add visual interest or highlight information in a slide show Shapes have the same formatting properties as

other Office objects You can alter various attributes such as style, fill, and lines Microsoft Office 2010-Illustrated Fundamentals 5 Adding a Shape (cont.) Text can be added to a shape

There are many ways to align an object; one of the most popular is by using the ruler for exact measurements Microsoft Office 2010-Illustrated Fundamentals 6 Resizing graphics and images You can modify shapes, clip art, and other images and illustrations using the Picture Tools Format contextual tab opens whenever a graphic is selected

Microsoft Office 2010-Illustrated Fundamentals 7 Adding a Shape (cont.) Selecting a Shape Selecting a Shape Fill Style, texture, text added Microsoft Office 2010-Illustrated Fundamentals 8 Adding Clip Art

A clip art illustration, or other media, such as a photograph, videos, or audio files in a slide using the Clip Art task pane Clicking the Clip Art icon in a content placeholder or click the Clip Art button in the Images group on the Insert tab opens the Clip Art task pane Microsoft Office 2010-Illustrated Fundamentals 9 Adding Clip Art (cont.)

You can search for clip art using keywords in collections of clip art Effects can be applied to alter the appearance of clip artit is fun to experiment Microsoft Office 2010-Illustrated Fundamentals 10 Understanding adjustment effects

PowerPoint contains substantial graphicsediting features that give you more creative control of your photographs and graphics You can view a Live Preview of the effect on the image in a slide before you apply it Picture adjustment features Microsoft Office 2010-Illustrated Fundamentals 11 Adding Clip Art (cont.) Inserting media Inserted bird clip art

Live Preview effects Microsoft Office 2010-Illustrated Fundamentals 12 Working with Pictures In PowerPoint a picture can be an image created and saved in any number of file formatsnot just a photograph or clip art You can use features on the Picture Tool

format tab to: adjust color add effects and styles to photos crop portions of a picture work with opacity, or the transparency of an image Microsoft Office 2010-Illustrated Fundamentals 13 Understanding file types

Each file format supports images differently Bitmap graph displays a picture image in a matrix of pixels on a grid JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) format uses and compresses color Line art is GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) Microsoft Office 2010-Illustrated Fundamentals

14 Understanding file types (cont.) Line art is GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) You can insert video in common file formats such as AVI, Windows Media, MOV/QuickTime, etc. Animated clip art and video from is created in Windows Metafile Format (WMF)

format Microsoft Office 2010-Illustrated Fundamentals 15 Working with Pictures (cont.) Setting the marquee Washout effect Completed slide Microsoft Office 2010-Illustrated Fundamentals 16 Adding Sound and Video

Adding sound and video to a presentation can help your viewers remember the presented message You can insert video and sound from the Clip Art task pane or from any storage device, link on the Web, or a record of your own audio The features on the Playback tab for Audio Tools or Video Tools can adjust the length and behavior of a sound or video

Microsoft Office 2010-Illustrated Fundamentals 17 Adding Sound and Video (cont.) Inserted sound clip Inserting video Modified video Microsoft Office 2010-Illustrated Fundamentals 18 Editing a Video

You can edit a video from within PowerPoint to create the perfect visual event for your audience Features on the Playback tab edit the length and appearance of an inserted video such as: if the video fades in and out how and when it plays or rewinds Microsoft Office 2010-Illustrated Fundamentals 19 Editing a Video (cont.)

The Trim feature lets you determine the videos length and its start and end frames Features on the Format tab allow you to adjust the videos appearance such as: you can select a poster frame-an image on your computer or an image created from a video frame to use as the videos cover or preview image To have the video best match your theme, you can add styles, borders or effects to it

Microsoft Office 2010-Illustrated Fundamentals 20 Editing a Video (cont.) Trim Video dialog box Applying a video style Microsoft Office 2010-Illustrated Fundamentals Seeing a poster frame 21 Setting Slide Timing and Transitions

There are many times when you want to run a presentation automatically, not manually You may also want to customize how slides appear in a slide show Microsoft Office 2010-Illustrated Fundamentals 22 Setting Slide Timing and Transitions (cont.)

You can set slide timings and transitions a timing is the number of seconds a slide remains on the screen before advancing a transition is a special effect that determines how a slide appears as it enters and leaves the screen you can adjust settings for individual slide or apply one setting to multiple slides Microsoft Office 2010-Illustrated Fundamentals 23 Setting Slide Timing and Transitions (cont.) Selecting a slide transition

Inserting a transition sound Microsoft Office 2010-Illustrated Fundamentals 24 Compressing and optimizing media Including video and audio files in a presentation increases the size of your presentation A large file may be difficult to share with others

The Info tab in Backstage view contains features that optimize your presentation The Compress Media button lets you see how much space the media files in your presentation currently take up Microsoft Office 2010-Illustrated Fundamentals 25 Compressing and optimizing media (cont.)

PowerPoint automatically displays the Optimize Compatibility button when it detects that you have inserted media whose format might be incompatible when other users try to play it Optimize Compatibility and Compress Media options Microsoft Office 2010-Illustrated Fundamentals 26 Animating Slide Objects

Individual objects, such as text objects and images in a slide, such as clip art, photos, illustrations, and charts can be animated You select an animation from the Animations tab, and adjust how and when the animation effect plays Multiple animations can be applied to an object

The Animation Painter can be used to apply the same settings to other objects Microsoft Office 2010-Illustrated Fundamentals 27 Animating Slide Objects (cont.) Selecting an animation Previewing animation Using the Animation Painter Microsoft Office 2010-Illustrated Fundamentals 28

Creating Speaker Notes As a presenter, having speaker notes on hand that list key points can be very helpful For your audience, distributing speaker notes with handouts provides additional detail and background You enter speaker notes in the Notes area in Normal view or in Notes Page view

When you print speaker notes, each slide is printed on its own page with the additional notes, including graphics displaying below the slide on the page Microsoft Office 2010-Illustrated Fundamentals 29 Creating Speaker Notes (cont.) Resized Notes pane Slide and notes

Printing Notes Pages Microsoft Office 2010-Illustrated Fundamentals 30 Summary PowerPoint presentations can be greatly enhanced by adding shapes, clip art, photos, sounds, and movies/video clips PowerPoint presentations can be set up to run automatically

You can set slide timing and transitions, and add special effects You can create speaker notes Microsoft Office 2010-Illustrated Fundamentals 31

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