Mira Loma Seniors - San Juan Unified School District

Mira Loma Seniors - San Juan Unified School District

Mira Loma Seniors Countdown to Graduation Class of 2015 Nuts & Bolts of Graduation Lynne Tracy Vice Principal New Passwords Passwords have CHANGED! Now there is 1 password for Schoology, Zangle/Q and Naviance Parent Passwords- Remained the Same Student Pin Number have changed: Full last name First initial of 1st name

Last 4 digits of the students ID # Student Password- 8 digit Birthday Graduation Requirements SS Elective 5 credits (World Today or Psychology) English Math 20 credits (must pass Algebra 1) Economics V/P Art Health 5 credits Other

70 credits Elective credits are earned by taking additional courses in all subjects 40 credits 10 credits PE 20 credits Life Science 10 credits

Physical Science 10 credits American Gov US History World History 5 credits Total Credits required 220 5 credits 10 credits 10 credits

Students must pass the California High School exit Exam in both English and Math A-G Requirements for UC/CSU (check UC Doorways for more information) Entrance Requirements Grades must be Cs or Better Subject Requirements Years Required A History/Social Science 2 Years (including 1 year World History & 1 year US History/Gov ) B English 4 Years C Mathematics 3 Years (4 recommend) (Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2) D Laboratory Science 2 Years (3 recommend) ( 1 biological & 1 physical) E Language other than English 2 Years (3 recommend)

F Visual and Performing Arts 1 Year (art, drama, music) G Electives 1 Year (See the UC Doorways for list) (same course) College Match Establish Your College Criteria Consider: Major, Teaching Style/University Philosophy on learning, Price, Region, Size, Social Opportunities, Athletics, Housing, Study Abroad Reach, Target, Safety (Academic & Financial Financial Aid Night 11/6)) Visit Colleges!!! Come to College Visits (register on Naviance or in Counseling office), Research! Ask Questions! Apply Broadly UC Admissions Officer

How will I Pay for College? Federal Aid: Fill out your FAFSA starting January 1, 2015 Get your tax return completed as early as possible, but you can put in 2013 information as a guide Go to Fafsa4caster: will give you information & will estimate your federal aid Come to Mira Lomas Financial Aid Night October 29, 2014 Do NOT pay to fill out your FAFSA Cal Grants (for students attending college in California): By filling out your FAFSA you become eligible for Cal Grants. We will electronically upload the GPA Verification Form BOG (Board Of Govenors Grant): Community College Fee Waiver- Apply by filling out the FAFSA and/or on the CCC website College Scholarship Services Financial Aid Profile: Fill it out if your university asks. This will most likely be in the Fall and more detailed than the FAFSA Talk to your Universities/Community College Financial Aid Office FAQ about College Admissions What are the Applicaton Dates? CSU- October 1-November 30

UC-November 1-November 30 (Application opens 8/1) www.commonapp.org (Application opens 8/1) California Community CollegesEarly February-Late March www.universityofcalifornia.edu/apply Private- Vary Widely (Check their websites) www.csumentor.edu home.cccapply.org

What about Financial Aid? Naviance Use your NEW Zangle passwords Career Surveys College Match College Search & More, More, More ACT or SAT? 4-year University: YES take it!!! Community College: Not Required ACT: 9/13, 10/25,12/13 choose the earliest date for your application dates ie. if you are early action take the test in time for scores to come back for application

review actstudent.org 4 Sections: English, Math, Reading, Science plus optional writing Score: 1-36 (4 scores of 36 that are averaged) Writing: Make sure to find out if a Writing test is required by university Waivers- Come to counseling SAT: 10/11, 11/8, 12/6 choose the earliest date for your application dates ie. if you are early action take the test in time for scores to come back for application review collegeboard.com

10 Sections: 3 Reading, 3 Math, 3 Writing Score: 600-2400 (3 scores are added together) Writing: This is included SAT II (SAT Subject Tests): Not Required by most schoolscheck your university & major. SAT II is another good piece of information to give Waivers- Come to counseling Admissions Test Preparation Naviance: There is an SAT test prep on Naviance (free) Prep Me collegeboard.com & actstudent.org have preparation materials (free and purchased) Private Courses- $$$ See outside counseling office for fliers and the Testing Board

Recommendation Letter Process Who Needs a Letter of Rec. from a counselor? All Universities on the Common Application Process (500+ universities) & Others UC, CSU & Community Colleges do not need letters of recommendation Do not send extra letters unless asked for The Counselors letter is 1 piece of the puzzle- we put the student in context The Process Do your research Create an account on your University application website if necessary.

Sign-up for your College Counseling appointment with your counselor starting- September 9, Come Prepared to your appt with 2 forms filled out, brag letter, photograph & resume Appointments will be throughout the day Transcripts will be sent through Common App by your counselor; UC and CSU transcripts are sent after graduation (unless asked for) Early Decision/Action will get an appointments 1 st When you sign up for appt, you will receive your envelope with forms you must fill out and bring to appt.

College Counseling appointments will begin September 23, Assign your counselor and teacher. Make sure staff emails are correct!!! Emails: Create a college email for yourself that has a respectable name- not: [email protected] You will go to the registrar and request an official transcript for $2.00 Lets us do our job. We always get our letters done. This form is on your envelope. You will receive it when you make your appointment This form is inside your envelope. You will fill it out completely. You will put it back in your envelope with: Brag Letter from parent

Photograph (current) Resume Early Decision, Early Action & Regular Decision Early Decision (binding) You have researched colleges You have visited your colleges You have talked with a financial aid

officer about college costs You have all your ducks in a row You want this college over all others and will not consider others if accepted Only apply to 1 college Early Decision Withdraw all other applications if accepted Know if you can reapply in Regular Decision Dont do it because your friends are. Early Action or Regular Decision (not binding) Your are not sure where you want to go to college (your list is long) You are not sure how much money you have. You are still in the process of visiting many schools or have not visited any school

You will Survive Plan Ahead- Start Early Start a spreadsheet or file with dates for each college, information etc. Talk as a family about expectations and realities Shut out the background noise Breathe

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