Mobile Processors

Mobile Processors

Mobile Processors Intel StrongArm & Transmeta Crusoe Presentation for CPS210, Spring '01 Jaidev Patwardhan & Vijay Abhijit Jan 18th, 2001 Outline History Intel StrongArm Features Architecture Transmeta Crusoe Features

Architecture Comparison Conclusions Future History Started off with Intel's SL technology (1989) Allowed embedded code within CPU to slow down, suspend or shut down Allowed shut downs during only certain periods of

inactivity Advanced Power Management (1991) Intel and Microsoft Integrate OS into power management loop History (contd) Voltage Reduction Technology (1995) Operated at lower voltage than motherboard First implementation on a 90MHz Pentium processor Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (1997)

Intel, Toshiba and Microsoft Enables demand-based power consumption 0.18 & 0.25 Micron Technology Processors interface to other components at 2.5 volts Themselves run at 1.8V Intel StrongArm Processor Features High performance, Low-Power

System-On-A-Chip RISC Architecture. StrongArm Architecture Processing Core -Intel SA-1 core 16-Kbyte instruction and 8-Kbyte data cache Memory and PCMCIA Control Module System Control Module - 28 GP I/O ports, RTC, timers, power management controller, interrupt controller, and on-chip oscillators.

Peripheral Control Module - Six channel DMAC, LCD controller, SDLC controller, UART, IrDA serial port, Sync. serial port, USB Transmeta Crusoe Features Transmeta's premier product High Performance (Speeds upto 700MHz) Compatible with x86 applications Low power consumption

Crusoe Architecture VLIW engine Two integer Units Floating point Unit One Memory Unit Branch Unit Crusoe processor long instruction word "Molecule" 64 bits /128 bits long Four RISC like instructions - "Atoms" Atoms within molecule executed in parallel

StrongArm vs Crusoe Strongarm Crusoe 100MHz to 233 Mhz Compatibility problems Less flexible power management

Higher average power consumption Targeted at PC world 333 MHz to 700 Mhz Code morphing eliminates problems Flexible frequency scaling Low average power consumption Targeted at Internet devices Conclusion & Future

New technology (Code Morphing) Tending towards very low power consumption Advanced power management features incorporated into modern processors New low power Pentium III processor True "Pocket" PC Peak power < 1W ??

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