Modern Drama

Modern Drama

Modern Drama A Doll House Henrik Ibsen Warm Up Read the letter from a Princeton mom to the women of Princeton University (yes, this is real and was published in the Princeton newspaper). When you are done, write a letter back to the

mother addressing the issues that she raises and whether you think she is giving good Modern Drama Modern drama began in the second half of the 19th century and continues today. Modern playwrights include T.S. Eliot, Samuel Beckett, Arthur Miller, Tennessee Williams, Anton Chekov, Henrik Ibsen, and many more.

Realism Literary technique that attempts to create the appearance of life as it is actually experienced Common Language, NOT Highly poetic language formal declarations, asides, or soliloquies Everyday people and events, NO heroes or the saving a kingdom. Opening of the eyes and the minds of an audience, NOT melodrama with happy endings.

Problem Play A drama that represents a social issue in order to awaken the audience to the problem. Typically reject romantic plots and focus on the way the world actually is (according to the writer) instead of the way that the audience wants the world to be. Naturalism An extreme form of Realism Takes the attitude that humans are a part of

nature, and are no different than any other form of life Naturalistic plays often portray humans as victims overwhelmed by internal and external forces beyond their control Conventions of Modern Drama Picture Frame Staging Lifelike Set Design Accurate Props

Realistic dialogue between characters Actors address each other, rather than using soliloquys or monologues to give the audience information Actors use the realistic set as if it were the actual world Feminism the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of men and women Believes that women should have all of the same rights,

advantages and opportunities as men, in all aspects of life Keep this idea in mind as we read the play! Henrik Ibsen 1828 - 1906 Born in Skien, a tiny coastal town in the south of Norway Merchant father went bankrupt raised in poverty Mother was a painter and loved theatre Age 18 fathered and supported his illegitimate child through journalism Failed his entrance exam to the university where he had hoped to become

a physician Ibsens best-known works were structured as social commentary Peer Gynt (1867) was a satiric fantasy about a boastful egoist, irresponsible young man, an Ulyssean figure from Norwegian folklore. The Emperor and the Galilean (1873) Ibsen believed this to be his most important play - heavy drama about Christianity and paganism. Pillars of Society (1877) dealt with a wealthy and hypocritical businessman, whose perilous course almost results in the death of his son. A Doll House (1879) was a social drama, which caused a sensation toured Europe and America.

and A Doll House Character List Nora Helmer - The protagonist of the play and the wife of Torvald Helmer. Torvald Helmer - Noras husband. Torvald delights in his new position at the bank, just as he delights in his position of authority as a husband. Krogstad - A lawyer who went to school with Torvald and holds a subordinate position at Torvalds bank. Mrs. Linde - Noras childhood friend. Kristine Linde is a

practical, down-to-earth woman, and her sensible worldview highlights Noras somewhat childlike outlook on life. Dr. Rank - Torvalds best friend. Bob, Emmy, and Ivar - Nora and Torvalds three small children. Anne-Marie - The Helmers nanny. Noras father - Noras father is dead before the action of the Can women (or anyone) have it all? 1. What does it mean to have it all?

2. What are some of the obstacles that men and women face in their pursuit to have it all? 3. Who is it harder for and why (as far as having it all): men or women? Why?

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