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Momentum and Impulse Momentum Momentum can be defined as "mass in motion." All objects have mass; so if an object is moving, then it has momentum Momentum depends upon the variables mass and velocity Momentum = mass * velocity p=m*v where m = mass and v=velocity Momentum is a vector quantity

To fully describe the momentum of a 5-kg bowling ball moving westward at 2 m/s, you must include information about both the magnitude and the direction of the bowling ball p=m*v p = 5 kg * 2 m/s west p = 10 kg * m / s west Elastic and inelastic Collisions When a Ball hits the ground and sticks, the collision would be totally inelastic

When a Ball hits the ground and bounces to the same height, the collision is elastic All other collisions are partially elastic collision Check Your Understanding Determine the momentum of a ... 60-kg halfback moving eastward at 9 m/s. p = mv = 60 kg ( 9 m/s ) 540 kg *m /s east Given: m = 60Kg

v= 9 m/s 1000-kg car moving northward at 20 m/s. p = mv = 1000 kg ( 20 m/s ) 20,000 kg *m /s north Find : momentum (p) Given: m = 1000Kg v= 20 m/s Momentum and Impulse Connection

To stop such an object, it is necessary to apply a force against its motion for a given period of time J = Ft = m v e g n a h C = e

s l u Imp m u t n e in mom

Check Your Understanding If the halfback experienced a force of 800 N for 0.9 seconds to the north, determine the impulse Given: F = 800 N J = F t = m v t = 0.9 s Find : 800N ( 0.9s ) = 720 N*s Impulse (J) the impulse was 720 N*s or a momentum change of 720 kg*m/s

Impulse Question #2 A 0.10 Kg model rockets engine is designed to deliver an impulse of 6.0 N*s. If the rocket engine burns for 0.75 s, what is the average force the engine produces? Given: t = .75 s J = F t = m v J = 6.0 N*s 6.0 N*s = F ( 0.75s ) Find : 6.0 N*s/ 0.75s = F

Average 8.0 N = F Force Impulse Question # 3 A Bullet traveling at 500 m/s is brought to rest by an impulse of 50 N*s. What is the mass of the bullet? Given: v = 500 m/s J = F t = m v J = 50 N*s 50 N*s = m ( 500 m/s 0 m/s Find

) : 50 kg-m/s 2 *s / 500 m/s = m m = ? .1 kg = m Summary the impulse experienced by an object is the force*time the momentum change of an object is the mass*velocity change the impulse equals the momentum change

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