Monitoring and Automation of PMO Governance

Monitoring and Automation of PMO Governance

Anaheim, CA | February 2-5, 2014 PC276 Monitoring the PMO Michael Wharton, MVP Project/SharePoint Architect Wharton Computer Consulting

Speaker: Michael Wharton

Awarded Project MVP (Microsoft Valuable Professional) Ten Years Experience with Project Pro and Project Server Over 25 Project Server Deployments into PMO Over seven Project Server Migrations Passed over 42 Microsoft Certification Exams Trained over thousand Project Managers with Project Professional Technical Reviewer for Missing Manual: Project Professional 2013 by Biafore Contributor to: Project Management Using MS Project 2013 by Cicala Web Site: www.WhartonComputer.Com

Blog: Twitter: MyProjectExpert MONITOR PMO Agenda PMO Monitoring Overview Monitoring Road Map Identifying Key PMO Governance Metrics Monitoring Tools and Methods Using Dashboard to Monitor PMO Trends

Deep Dive into Monitoring Project and Resource Conformance Index Putting It All Together Who Are You? PMO Monitoring Overview My History of PMO Monitoring PMO Sheriff Communicating the PMO Message

Getting People Involve and Engaged Verifying that PMO Cycles are happening Synchronizing User Roles and Processes One-on-one coaching with PM, RM and Team PMBOK Definition of Monitoring Regular measures and monitors progress to identify variances from the project management plan so that corrective action can be taken when necessary to meet project objectives. Planning Processes

Initiating Processes Closing Processes Executing Processes Monitoring and Controlling Processes Definition of PMO Monitoring

Regular measures and monitors PMO standards, process cycles and meta data so that corrective action can be taken when necessary to meet PMO governance objectives. Resource Profiles & Capacity Initiating Processes Security Roles

Gate 2 Gate 3 Planning Processes Monitoring & Controlling Processes Executing Processes PMO Governance

PMO Monitoring, Notifying and Trends Closing Processes New Sheriff is in PMO

Execution of all PMO cycles Ensuring Accurate and Timely Data Ensure Standards and Governance are Meet Prompting Others TO DO Creating good habits Monitoring Road Map Steps to Build Monitoring and

Automation Identify Key PMO Governance Metrics Implement Basic Manual Monitoring Build Automated Processes for Notification Build Dashboards for Trending

Back to Top Identify Key PMO Governance Metrics Key PMO Standards Project Standards Project Schedule Standards and Metadata Project Work Space and Documents

Historical Snapshot of Project Status Project Schedule Conformance Index Resource Standards Resource Profile Data Vacation Summary Historical Snapshot of Resource Profile Security Roles

PMO Project and Resource TimesheetsCycles and Task sheets Approval of Status Updates Approvals of Timesheets Updating Project Status Date Regular Publishing of Schedules Resource Workflows Basic Manual Monitoring

Example Simple and Manual Monitoring Tools Weekly Check List Out-of-box PWA Views and Custom Views

Resource Center Project Center Server Setting / Manage Users Delegation Timesheet Examination as Resource Approval History as Timesheet Manager

Project Schedule Review of Project Manager Excel Spreadsheet Reports Excel Spread Sheets BI and Dashboards First Step for PMO Monitoring

Any View can be Created using SQL Spreadsheet with many Monitoring tabs A few other monitor tabs Mismatch of Project Managers and Status

Managers Tasked with Missed Deadlines Status Date not current in project schedule Tasks starting in the past Resources assigned to Milestones or Summaries Resources Defined as Self Approving

Automated Tools and Methods Automation and Notifications Friday broadcast to submit time and status Monday Morning Reminders email or text Embarrassing Reminders send to all Stressful Reminders -- send to manager Monday Afternoon Reminders with CC: PMO staff

Tuesday Morning Reminders with CC: Managers Tools to Automate Monitoring Windows Scheduler

SQL Server Agent SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) Dashboard Trends Dashboard PMO Trends

PMO Growth Trends Cycle Processing Trends Projects Trends Resource Trends PMO Growth Dashboard

PMO Cycles Dashboard PMO Projects Dashboard PMO Resource Dashboard Deep Dive Ideas for PMO Monitoring Basic Project Update Cycle

Email Reminders Wednesday noon Monday noon Tuesday noon Monitoring Approval Cycle Monitoring Project Metadata Missing Data

Baselines Not Set Deadlines Missed Project Manager and Status Manager mismatch Missing Documents in Workspace Email Summary Reports to PMO and Exec

Create Views to Show Missing Data Historical Snapshot of Project Data Project Project Project

Project Summary of Hours and Cost Summary By Gate by Week Summary By Resource By Week Details by Week Monitoring Resource MetaData Missing data in Resource Profile Resource Profile not properly defined

Employees setup as Self Approve RBS incorrect

Timesheet manager Resource Flags not set Resources in correct Security Groups New Employees not Logged in Terminated Employees not set inactive Email Upcoming Resource Vacations Resource Profile Missing Data

Historical Snapshot of Resource Data Resource Summary of Hours and Cost Resource Resource Resource

Resource Summary By Project By Week Summary By Week For Day-2-Day Task Details by Week Vacation Actual Hours YTD Project Schedule and Resource Conformance Index Project Schedule Conformance Index

(PSCI) Provides Index for Project Schedules Conformance Index based on your Governance PSCI Example

Missing Phases and Milestones Milestones Missing Deadlines Dates Unassigned Resources Unassigned Task Too Few Task vs Too Detail Tasks Missing Task Attributes (Capital / Expense) Missing Baseline

Designing a PSCI Made up of scheduling best practices Minus point for bad practices Plus points for good practices Score between 0 to 100 for each project

PM receives audit report with explanation Sample Metrics for PSCI Project Schedule Conformance Index Project Meeting PSCI Standard Meets Standard 34

33 Needs Improvement Below Standard 30 20 15

45 32 40 50 46 49

56 56 43 31 36 39

Ma r c h A pr il 24 Ja n Fe b Ma y

Jun e Resource Conformance Index Degree of compliance of a resource load

within PMO Made up of resource management best practices Plus points for good practices Minus point for bad practices Score created between 0 to 100 for each Resource Resource Manager receives audit report Resource Conformance Index

Resource Conformance Index Resource Conformance Index 90 80 77 70 72 69 65

60 62 56 50 40 30

24 20 18 19 10 12

8 0 4 Jan Feb March Meets Standard

April Needs Improvement May June Putting it All Together Putting it All Together

Identify Big Monitoring Hits Start with Manual Monitoring Build Automated Processes for Notification Build Dashboard for Trends Back To Top

When to Start PMO Monitoring? Questions and Comments For More Information on PMO Monitoring (Blog) [email protected]

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prizes! Evaluation prizes daily! Claim your prize at the Registration Desk on Level 1. After the event, over 100 hours of resources; including all of the PPT decks and session videos will be

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SharePoint Growth Content Database Growth Project Server Database SharePoint Monitoring SQL Database Maintenance Disk Space Reindexing Backups

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