The A to C of Transition an overview Resilience is not a New Idea. Totnes in the 1930s Totnes Image Bank

George Heath. A Powerdown Pioneer. Totnes Image Bank 1981 Totnes Image Bank 2007

The 4 Recognitions of the Transition Movement. 1. 2. 3. 4.

Life with less energy is inevitable and it is better to plan for it than be taken by surprise We have lost the resilience to be able to cope with energy shocks We have to act for ourselves and we have to act now By unleashing the collective genius of the community we can design ways of living that are more enriching, satisfying and connected

than the present. The Early Stages of Transition Form initiating group Awareness raising Form working groups Initiator

Initiating group Unleash! Central group deepening Working groups Networking, partnerships Awareness raising events, gather emails, widen participation Reskilling events and workshops

Open space / form working groups Projects Core group Form an Initiating Group and Design Its Evolution from the Outset Awareness Raising

Visiting Speakers Totnes Sept Dec 06 Chris Johnstone Helena Norberg-Hodge Guy Watson Paul Mobbs Bob Flowerdew David Fleming Peter Russell

Aubrey Meyer Tony Juniper Molly Scott Cato Jerry Mander Richard Heinberg Penny Livingstone-Stark Chris Skrebowski Jeremy Leggett Patrick Holden

Vandana Shiva Wolfgang Sachs Herbert Girardet Peter Lipman Bill Dunster Bob Tomlinson Andrew Simms Lay the Foundations Collaborate

where possible Co-operation, not competition. Working with Local Landowners Estates in Transition conference. June 11th 2007.

The Official Unleashing Maybe they will tell stories about what happened in Totnes. Maybe this evening will be something that is the beginning of one of those stories. Dr Chris Johnstone TTT Unleashing Sept 06. Form Working Groups Up and Running Arts / Food / Energy / Economics /

Liaison with Local Government / Heart and Soul the psychology of change / Medicine and Health / Housing /Education / Transport In formation; Youth, Use Open Space Technology

Develop Visible Manifestations of the Project Totnes, the Nut Tree Capital of Britain. Tree Planting, January 2007. Example: Local Food Directory Example: The Totnes

Pound Example: Transition Tales Facilitate the Great Reskilling Skilling Up for Powerdown. Peak Oil / Climate Change,

Permaculture Principles, Food, Energy, Building and Housing, Woodlands, Water, Waste, Economics, The Psychology of Change, Energy Descent Planning Great Reskilling courses Wild Foods, natural building, seed saving,

hand made paints, stove building, forest gardening, food growing, bread making... Build a Bridge to Local Government World Cafe on Peak Oil and

Climate Change with Local Councillors Endorsed by Totnes Town Council Contributions to Local Development Framework. Honour the Elders Energy Descent


Engage the community!! Start with a vision and then backcast Use scenario planning to work with uncertainty Incorporate creative activities Transition Tales Integrate with LA planning? Let It Go Where It

Wants to Go

Solar Water Heater Challenge. The Totnes Renewable Energy Supply Company (TRESCO) Lending Library Earth widsom council

Greenhouse Britain Arts project Nut tree planting Car Share Club TTT International Youth Music Festival

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