Mr. David Borg

Mr. David Borg

Revision: Backups Are backups important? If the Hard Disk stops working you can lose all your information! Backups are used to make sure that NO DATA IS LOST! Backups = Saving our data & information on separate disks and locations!! Very Important Off-Site Backups Backups should be saved in another location. If there is a fire / someone steals your computer, your backups will be safe!!

Revision: Devices to Store Files / Folders (and backups) 1. Hard Disk 2. USB Flash Drive (pendrive) 3. CD/DVD 4. Network Drive Online File Storage Another way to store files / folders is ONLINE. What does this mean? What are the

advantages and disadvantages? Online file storage means, saving your files on the internet. On special websites used to store the files (also known as FTP sites) Many people upload their files on these websites (from anywhere in the world!) Advantages of Online Files Storage Available from anywhere in the world! Available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week Can be accessed from any computer

Can be shared with other people (downloaded by others!) Disadvantages of Online Files Storage Website can be hacked and lose all files and data Risk of viruses Data can be stolen by others File Management

Creating Folders & Sub Folders Selecting Files / Folders Copying Files / Folders Moving Files / Folders Deleting Files / Folders Recycling Bin Restoring Files / Folders from the Recycling Bin Emptying the Recycling Bin Class Work 1.

Create a new folder on the desktop and give it your Name + Class Number (for example SarahBorg 3.1) 2. Go to the folder: My Computer Labs (L:) Lab 2 Teacher Mr. Borg Form 3 Module 2 Resources 3. Select the 3 files Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Databases (they

are not next to each other) 4. Copy these 3 files and Paste them in your new folder on the desktop (with your name and class number) 5. Move your file to the folder: My Computer Labs (L:) Lab 2 Public Form 3 Classwork 6.

Delete the file Databases from your folder (which you have just moved!) 7. Empty the Recycling Bin Revision of Module 2 Help Functions Shortcuts How a computer stores files and folders

(Hierarchical Tree Structure) Files Sizes Backups Devices to Store Files & Folders + Online File Storage File Management

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