Mr. Michael MooreDirector of Staff 75 ABW

Mr. Michael MooreDirector of Staff 75 ABW

From the Air Force To You Mr. Michael Moore Director of Staff 75 ABW Our Air Force Dr. Heather Wilson General David L. Goldfein CMSAF Kaleth O. Wright 2 Air Force Materiel Command

Nuclear Technology Life Cycle Management Test & Evaluation Sustainment Installation & Mission Support Nuclear Systems management And Life Cycle Management Pending Discover and Develop Acquire and Support War-Winning Capabilities Cradle-to-Grave Perform World-Class Test and

Evaluation Sustain Air Force Capabilities through World-Class Depot Maintenance & Supply Responsive Installation and Mission Support to Commanders, Airmen & Families Air Force Sustainment Center Support Command for Readiness Geographically Distributed Command One Center Three Air Logistics Complexes Three Air Base Wings Two Supply Chain Wings

Lt Gen Gene Kirkland with a diverse mission set AFSC Mission Set Depot and Modification Global Supply Chain Management and Execution War Reserve Materiel Standard Air Munitions Packages Software Sustainment, Modification, and Enhancement Combat Enablers: POL, AMMO, Vehicles and Support Equipment Power Projection Platforms: Critical Enablers for USAF and Key Mission Partners Log C2: AOC for Logistics Execution Questions?

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    Revenue Integrity/Utilization Management. Manager. Chargemaster Coordination. Claims Audit Coordination - Medicare. Denials Management Coordination. Reimbursement Coordination. Claims Audit Coordination-All Other Payers. Physician Coding. UM Clinical Documentation. UM Review Nurses. Employee Plan Health