Mrs. Stotz' Second Grade Class - Santee School District

Mrs. Stotz' Second Grade Class - Santee School District

Mrs. Stotz Third Grade Class Welcome Parents! Welcome to 3rd Grade! This is an important year for you and your child! I will give you an introduction to 3rd grade and to our classroom. If you have any questions

please call me during nonschool hours or email me. 258-3424 [email protected] 1:1 iPads Superintendents Message

1. Complete A Parent E-mail Request Form. 2. Create your child's Apple I.D. 3. Complete an Apple Student I.D. Creation Form 4. Review the 1:1 Digital Learning Program Policies and Procedures Handbook 5. Review and sign A Technology AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) 6. Review and sign A Student/Parent 1:1 Digital Learning Participation Agreement 7. Review and sign An iPad Optional Insurance Form

Schedule School Hours: 7:45 am-1:35pm 7:45 8:00- 9:00 9:00- 9:30 9:30-9:45 9:45- 10:45 10:45- 11:25 11:25- 12:15 12:15-12:45 12:45- 1:15 1:15- 1:30

1:35 Pledge/ Song/ Jog (on playground) Math Language Arts- content lessons Recess Handwriting/ Reading Workshop/SSR Lunch Read Aloud and Writing PE Writing Social Studies/ Science/ Art

Dismissal Language Arts Reading Workshop: extended silent reading with teacher counseling (goal setting) Guided Reading Groups Accelerated Reader: STAR test AR TOPS reports Home Connect Partner Reading

At-Home Reading: minimum 30 min./night (practice tests) Flat Stanley Flat Stanley project: http:// www.flatstanleypr

Start planning and warning recipients! Math

3rd grade- pilot Dreambox TenMarks MobyMax Kahn Academy Access these from my website: Scholastic Book Orders Online orders: each order gives our class a coupon for a free $3.00 book

September offer: get up to 5000 bonus points!! Activation Code: GRXQV Butterfly Garden Plants needed: Milkweed for Monarchs Passion Vine for Gulf Fritillaries Cilantro and Red Lettuce plants for classroom pets Stotz Website Homework Kids Page Parents Page Blogs, podcasting, videos, etc.

Links to AR, Xtra Math, TenMarks, Spelling City, etc. No Excuses University NEU Every child has the right to be prepared to attend college. It is the responsibility of adults in the school to develop exceptional systems that make that dream a reality. University of Louisville:

Colors: red and black (Wednesdays) Discipline ClassDojo: Back to School Night Dojo PTA Please join!! Envelope in folder Homework

Weekly bookmark: Reading every night One Gold Coin lesson on Dreambox Studying math facts on MobyMax or Math Magician Studying Spelling (

Book Response on Thursday Parents signature! Consequences: missed Primary Movie Event and Friday free play Volunteers In the classroom: 1.reading with individuals or small math groups 2. helping with teacher paperwork- grading, copying, monthly homework check-in

Field Trips At Home Guest teaching and/or sharing I need a Room Parent and an Arts Attack volunteer tonight! Lets Have a Great Year!

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