The Mexica By Zoie Strickling, Luke Beyer, Lauren Young, Kendall Robinson The Mexica The Mexicas -The most prominent peoples contesting for power in Mesoamerica. They were the architects of the Aztec empire. Can also be called the Aztecs

Political Influences Itzcatl (Reign: 1428-1440)- Also known as the Obsidian Serpent, he started the expansion of the Aztec empire Montezuma I (Reign: 1440-1469)- He also helped launched the expansion of the Aztec Empire by taking over Oaxaca. He is also known as the father of the Aztec Empire Capital: Tenochtitlan on Lake Texcoco Single emperor was chosen by council of nobles and priest (officials) Warriors gained land and tribute for conquered towns Economic Influences

Chinampas- An artificial farm that was built for agriculture on the base of the shallow lake beds Majority farmers Grew maize, beans, peppers, tomatoes , and chiles Cotton was a big source of money, because it was weaved into textiles Converted swampland in farmland (Chinampas). Agriculturally based Religious Influences Polytheistic

Two of their main gods were: Tezcatlipoca : The Smoking Mirror, the giver and taker of life, patron of warriors Quetzalcoatl: Feathered Serpent , patron of arts, crafts, and agriculture Huitzilopochtli: sacrificial killings of human victims which they believed to be vital to the worlds existence. Ritual Bloodletting: The Mexica honored their gods with bloodletting to show thanks and sacrifice. Priests held power in the government Social Influences

Social system was a rigid hierarchy Military Elite Warriors wore many feathers, and capes. Honored throughout society and ate the best of the food. Priests Ranked among the Mexica elite. Received special education in calendrical studies, and ritual lore. Artisans & Merchants Merchants specialized in long-distance trade, they supplied gems, animal skins,etc. Artisans worked with gold, silver, and cotton textiles.

Social Influences Slaves & Farmers: commoners who worked in fields Calpullis were in charge of farming Calpullis- A community group that farmed the land slaves were sometimes sold by family members, and some were criminals, others worked to support their families. Women: stayed home and raised the families. Believed to be subordinate

Were also honored if they were the mother of a warrior Intellectual-Arts Influences Chinampas (floating gardens) 365 day Mayan calendar mathematicians and astronomers Use of herbs and medicine to cure Made aqueducts and canals Huge pyramid temples

Chapultepec aqueduct Area Influences Located in the Valley of Mexico Capital on Lake Texcoco Swampy Biome QUIZ Quiz

The Mexica people were located in A. High Central Valley of Mexico B. Isthmus of Panama C. Sierra Madre Mountains D. Andes Mountains What was the lake that improved agriculture for the Mexica: E. Lake Texcoco F. Lake Chad G. Lake Tenochtitlan H. Lake Mexic A chinamapas is:

I. A trade network in Mesoamerica J. An artificial farm that was built for agriculture K. Used to transport water L. A temple used for bloodletting Quiz Who was Moctezuma I? A. Spanish conquistador who conquered the Mexica B. The Father of the Aztec Empire C. A priest that became a supreme ruler

D. A general in the flower wars Warriors were: E. Peasants who fought with little reward F. Citizens elected to fight based off of age G. Sacrificed to the gods for their achievements H. Praised for their efforts and achievements Men were: I. Greater than women J. Equal to women K. Less than women

L. Forced to marry Darth Vader Quiz A Calpulli is: A. Farmland B. A cape worn by the successful warriors C. A community group that farms land D. The merchant class In Sacrificial killings: E. The priests removed the still-beating heart F. The priest sacrificed the elites, the best among them, to the gods

G. People viewed them as gruesome entertainment H. Animals were mainly sacrificed Another name for the Mexica is: I. The Chimu J. The Ottoman Empire K. The Aztec Empire L. The Inca Empire Key

A A B B D A C A C Works Cited duct-for-hi.html e-1 Works Cited

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