Ms. Johnson's Language Class

Ms. Johnson's Language Class

MS. JOHNSONS LANGUAGE CLASS [email protected] August 13 (A) August 14 (B) Opener: Hello!, Hola, Bonjour!, hujambo!, ,

, Welcome to our class! I want to introduce ( , introducirintroducir) myself in a letter. Read with me, and circle words you do not

understand. VOCABULARY VOCABULARIO In your notebook, make a list of the words you circled from my letter: Label (etiqueta, ) the page as follows: VOCABULARY Excited

Nervous Routine Profession Write the word in your native language next to the English word. August 13 Vocabulary

Excited Emocionado : ) Lets talk about some of the words and create small pictures to help us remember. Daily Procedures (Procedimientos) Every day 1. You will get your folders and notebook from the class

bin, caja, . 2. You will open your notebook and put the date at the top. 3. you will write the daily target(s) at the top of the page: Example, ejemplo, August introducir13 Target: introducir introducirI introducircan introducirread introducirand introducirwrite introducirto introducirproduce introducira introducirletter. introducir introducir introducir introducir introducir introducirI introducircan introducirask introducirand introducirrespond introducirto introducirquestions.

Procedures 4. You will skip (saltarse, introducir ) a line and complete the opener activity (comenzar introducirla introduciractividad, introducir ) or wait for directions from me. 5. We will complete our work in our notebooks and folders. We will save all ESL work and put folders and notebooks in the bins each day.

6. Folders will be for Writing and Tests Label the folder writing on one side and tests on the other side. 7. I will check your work/progress for the day and give you a mark on your targets to show if you are mastering the target of the day. Voy a revisar su trabajo / progreso para el da y dar una marca que demuestre que sus metas est dominando el gol de la jornada.

/ Example of marks: Example, ejemplo, August 13 Target: I can read and write to produce a letter.

I can ask and respond to questions. = Mastery

= Non mastery Common Rules Entering introducirand introducirExiting: Please enter quietly and calmly, get your notebooks and folders, find your seat and

start the opening work. If you are late, please have your tardy note in hand and find your seat quietly. I will get you caught up when I can. Please wait for me to dismiss the class by sitting in your seats quietly. During introducirClass: Please listen to instruction and work during work times. Do not disrupt or prevent

others from learning and achieving. I will provide many opportunities for different activities and for students to show their personality. We will foster mutual respect here. Absent introducirWork: I have folders in class that house the instructions for the day and the reading you may have missed along with other handouts. Check my teacher website as well to find important documents from class.

It is also wise to check with me (at an appropriate time) to make sure you have everything that you missed. Four Square Speaking Activity I want to know more about you! Speak about yourself in English in each of the four categories: I am from ___________

My favorite food is______ I like to do___________ My family is like_______ Lets Label ELD II

Help me label all of the nouns in my classroom. Example: Chair Table Help me Label procedures in my classroom. Example: Place folders and notebooks in bins. Raise your hand to ask a question.

Lastly Write me a letter that introduces you and your family! Tell me a lot about your own culture. This is a good way for me to see how well you can write in English. Culture Target: W.10.4: I can write clearly and correctly.

Bell Ringer: Rewrite these sentences in the correctly. 1. Give the iPod to she 2. Save some desert for dad and I. 3. Its too early for there brother to return from Japan. Culture We will start to get to know each other through sharing

our cultures and what we like. Here is mine. Teacher Mother Dramatic

Flag Under Pressure Under Pressure Pressure pushing down in you Pressing down on me No man asked for

Pressure that burns a building down Splits a family in two Puts people on the streets Vocabulary Vocabulario Pressure presin shinikizo the exertion of force upon a surface by an object, fluid, etc., in contact with it.

What does is the pressure? What is the pressure that the song talks about? America is called a melting pot of all cultures, and this song connects everyone because everyone feels pressure on them.

Write about your culture Write about your culture in a sentence or two. What would you say to someone who doesnt know your culture? August 15 Target: I can summarize a text.

I can describe my culture in words and with pictures. Vocabulary: Summarize Tell what the main idea and topic and plot details of the story. Plot- Events Synonym A word that has the same meaning as another word. Bell Ringer: 1. Beautiful

2. Hateful 3. cold Culture Project You will have a project to tell me about your culture in 4 ways. August 19

Target: I can summarize a text. I can describe my culture using words and pictures. Vocabulary: Summary- Restate the main points of the story. Paraphrase- restate the main idea of the sentence in a new way. Topic- The subject of the sentence or story. Main idea- The point or opinion of the sentence or story. Example:

1. Toshi is not very tall and not very short. He is average height. A. Toshis height is normal. B. Toshis height is not normal. Bell Ringer: 1. Toshi is not very tall and not very short. He is average height. What is the topic of the sentence? What is the main introduciridea introducirof the sentence?

How could you paraphrase the sentence? SSR for 20 min. Finish chapter 1 As you read, remember to write down new vocabulary words that you do not understand. Watch the clip. Watch the clip to help you understand the book and

characters. August 21 Target: I can write a summary of a text. Agenda: 1. Bell Ringer (Paraphrase Practice) 2. Read 20 min.

3. Write a summary for practice. 4. Finish describing your culture and present to the class. Paraphrase Practice 1. My boots are ten years old. A. My boots are new. B. My boots are old. 2. John is a serious person. He almost never laughs. A. John is a happy person.

B. John is a quiet person who doesnt laugh. 3. Mary is shy and quiet. A. Mary is doesnt like to be loud. B. Mary likes to be loud. Read for 20 minutes. Summary Restate the main points of the chapter. Use 3 sentences.

In chapter 2 of the book_______________ happens. Another things that happens in chapter 2 is____________. The last thing that happens in chapter 2 is ___________________. Finish Cultural Project Finish your projects to present We will have a

Today! quiz on Tuesday over Summary, paraphrasing, topic, main idea, synonym, tracking plot events. August 26

I can Identify Character and setting in a text. I can write the steps of a recipe accurately. Agenda: 1. Review quiz 2. Bell Ringer character and setting 3. Practice with character and setting. 4. Character and setting in novel 5. Recipe model 6. write your own recipe.

August 28 I can write the steps and in detail accurately. I can identify parts of speech. Agenda: 1. Parts of speech notes and activity 2. Finish Recipe 3. Present

4. Exit Slipparts of speech 5. Homework: read to page 41 and answer the questions. Noun person, place, thing, idea NOUN Sustantivo persona, lugar, cosa, idea

VERB Verbo A word for _________________. una palabra para la accin Adjective Adjectivo

A word to _____________ a ____________. una palabra para describir un sustantivo. Exit Slip: I __Verb________ to the _______noun______ every day.

Words to choose: Run Store School Walk September 5 Target: I can identify main idea and details.

I can identify verbs and types of verbs. I can identify tone in a text. Bell Ringer: Identify the parts of speech in the sentence: My name is Ms. Johnson. Noun Verbs

Past, present, future Past: She raced yesterday. Present: We race today. Future:

We will race tomorrow. Verb form of being I ----- am You ---- are We ---- are They---- are He --- is She ---- is

It ---- is Practice: My name______________ Isabel. I _________ from Canada. I _____________ tall and my hair _________ Very long. Right now, I ______________ a student in Japan. I ___________ interested in science. My school ________________ for international students. The

students __________from all over the world. I ________ Shy, but it ____________ easy to make friends at my school. September 9 Target: I can identify main idea and supporting details. Agenda: Finish paragraph work from last class.

Main idea and supporting details Practice and model together. We will track our reading progress weekly with this type of informational reading. September 11 Target: I can analyze the tone of a text. Agenda:

SSR 12 minutes Grammar Practice Tone words Poem analysis Tone Activity Take some words and look up the definition for each. Write the word and definition on a piece notecard.

September 15 Target: I can analyze the tone of a text. Agenda: Finish Tone analysis Grammar practice Read books to find tone Read Poems and identify tone.

Analyze how the author creates the tone of A Man. Answer, Cite, Explain The tone of the poem A Man is____________. I know that the tone is _______________ because __________________. The evidence from the story proves that the tone is ___________ because _____________________.

As you read. You will answer these questions on the paper: What introduciris introducirthe introducirtone introducirof introducirthe introducirpoem? What introducirevidence introducirproves introducirthe introducirtone? How introducirexactly introducirdoes introducirthe introducirevidence introducirprove introducirthe introducir

tone? introducir introducir Exit Slip: How many different tones did you find? List the tone words you found today.

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