MS - Registered Managers Forum - 2019 - SRS Business ...

MS - Registered Managers Forum - 2019 - SRS Business ...

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NOTE: Right click on the image and select Arrange and Send to [email protected] or visit Back Safety Regulation System (SRS) Business Intelligence update

New SRS functionality Exemptions A company may seek an exemption from a specific requirement of the Mines Safety and Inspection Regulations 1995, where: there is substantial compliance with the requirement (r. 1.4), or compliance with the requirement would be unnecessary or impracticable (r. 1.5).

From October 2019 applications will be via SRS New SRS functionality Agreements Agreement to operate without a quarry manager Under certain conditions the principal employer can apply for approval to operate a quarry without a quarry manager.

Agreement to operate without an underground manager A small syndicate can apply for an agreement to operate an underground operation without appointing an underground manager. From October 2019 applications will be via SRS

Context Towards 2020 Smarter systems Data driven decisions Well-informed industry Intent

To help you see information related to your mine(s) and trends over time Its the same information that inspectors see Can be across an organisation (if you have access) To see comparative safety information Initially with operations mining the same commodity Other comparisons planned (e.g. type of operation) Help you stay on top of things

Complete actions in a timely manner Available reports d n a

rts a h C D

a s l i eta n

s d n tre ts

s i l d Navigation and selection Report period

12 or 24 months Principal Employer Based on SRS security access Combined operations (mines) Can select one or multiple mines (based on SRS security access)

Site operations (areas of a mine) Can select one or multiple areas e.g. Open pit, Underground, Processing, Port Real time information

Information is updated daily (overnight) Whatever was issued / completed yesterday is visible today For 3 reports, industry submit information after the end of the month, so the information is 1 to 2 months old. (Clarified in Report Help) Missing monthly status report Workforce summary Comparative information

Sample chart: Workforce summary Workforce and Safety and health representatives Sample detail report: Open defects Information is easily exported

Charts To Word, PowerPoint, PDF, etc. Details To Excel, etc. Outcomes: Issued notices

Outcomes: Other matters for action Timeliness: Other matters for action Timeliness: Defects Timeliness: Improvement notices

Open tasks Open exceedance actions Comparative performance: Context

Comparative performance: Incidence rate Comparative performance: Duration rate Comparative performance: Frequency rate Thats just a sample

Early feedback from industry users Some industry users reviewed this functionality in July. Their feedback was extremely positive This is really good stuff It is so user friendly This will save us hours of work

Really like it Its easy to use, simple and gives us access to real time data When is this available? From today (23 August 2019) access has been granted to:

Registered Managers Alternative Registered Managers Company Administrators (for Compliance) There is a short video (3.5 min) on Business Intelligence Reports Access videos via SRS Help

Moving forward We understand it may take some sites / organisations a little while to get on top of things Inspectors will be able to assist you and will discuss your reports with you when they visit Additional reports and functionality will be

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