MSEM Outstanding Students

MSEM Outstanding Students

Celebrating our Students MSEM Dept. May 22, 2012 College Headcount Enrollment College Headcount Enrollment Fall 04 Fall 05

Fall 06 Fall 07 Fall 08 Fall 09 Fall 10 Fall 11 04/20/12 CECS Highlights - April 2012

2071 2123 2040 2085 2412 2564 2813 3158 3

CECS receives 5.5M HSI-Stem Grant September 2011 from Department of Education collaborative proposal - AIMS2 Project CECS, College of Education, & 2 Community Colleges CO & GCC support 120 students from all programs in college student academic success and collaborative curriculum development using technology continuation funding for year 2 $1.1 million (April)

College FTES Enrollment College FTES 1600 1400 1200 FTES 1000 800 600

400 200 0 04/20/12 S04 F04 S05

F05 S06 F06 S07 F07

S08 F08 S09 CECS Highlights - April 2012 F09 S10

F10 S11 F11 5 MSEM Department Programs BS MSE

BS EM Minor in: MSE, Automation CAD/CAM, EM MS EM - residential MS EM - online (Fall13) MS Quality Eng. (SP13) MS MSE MS Mat. Eng. Quality Eng. Certificate

Masters in Engineering Management 04/20/12 CECS Highlights - April 2012 7 MSEM Department Labs: JD115 (Robots), JD1126 (CAD), JD1128 (CNC & RP) & CAD/CAM Software: AutoCAD, SolidWorks, CATIA,

MasterCAM, CACI SimProcess CNC Machines (MSE488A&B Senior Design, MSE409/509 CAM, MSE609) & RP (MSE488 & MSE508/L) Robots (MSE101/L VEX robot), MSE511 and MSE611 (Robotics), 488 (First Robotics) WESTEC/SMEConference of choice Competitions: CSUN Project Showcase/CECS; Manufacturing Challenge/WESTEC, VEX and First Robotics ACCESS 101/L Prof. Tarek Shraibati - High Schools Automated Storage Unit

1st Prize at CSUN Project Showcase April 20, 2012 Students: Joseph Calderon, Hitesh Daggubati, Tigran Galstian, Josue Garcia, Jonathan Hopwood, David Pavell (Project Manager), Curtis Pedersen, Jasbir Sehmbey Automated Storage Unit Student Collaboration: MSE488 Design/Manf. & MSE415 Project

Mang. Tarek Shraibati Faculty Advisor Mark Rajai Faculty Mentor Dierctor MSEM Professor Mark Rajai Ernie Schaeffer Center of Innovation and

Entrepreneurship Director MSEM Professor Mark Rajai 2012-13 CSUN Competition for Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity Awards 2 MSEM Professors Expansion Planning of Pressurized Closed-Cell Road Networks via Metallic Foams Agent-Based Optimization Reviewed 115 proposals, 53 selected, 4 in CECS

Prof. Behzad Bavarian received the National Association of Corrosion Engineers International 2012 Technical Achievement Award (January 2012) Guides undergraduate & graduate students in advanced materials engineering research

All projects involve students as integral members of the research team to test polymers to determine their suitability as coatings to protect the under-the-skin implantable sensors measuring blood fluids and their compatibility with the human body B ehzad Bavarian 1 of 5 CECS faculty to receive one year grant from Medtronic Minimed

November 2011. Sensors attached to a pump simplify insulin regulation in diabetic patients Pump last 5 to 8 years but the sensors exposed to body fluids degrade and have to be replaced every few months Amir Latifian Rabeeh

Sahranavard; Anmar Hiassat Rijul Dhruv ; Andres Mata Engineering Management

Student Association promote culture of academic excellence in the EM program of the MSEM department bridge between students-industriesfaculty Mazyar Aram : MSE Graduate Student Research Assistant at Institute

for Sustainability Researched: energy consumption trend, energy efficiency ; alternative green energy solutions cooperation of Physical Plant Management (PPM) Won 2nd best research award of CSUNs 16th Annual Student Research and Creative Works Symposium, April 2012 Max Aram: MSE Grad Student Director of Environmental Affairs Committee (EAC) Survey at Earth Fair 2012, April 18th

15 questions assessment of educational campaign students input for environmental issues at CSUN Plastic Bags Commuting Water Bottles Distributed 900 Chico Bags Professor Ahmad Sarfaraz

Published 14 papers in Scientific Journals Presented 6 papers at Intl. Conferences Promoted to full professor starting Fall 2012 Some important Questions, and our MSEM Programs Engineering Management Program Where to?

Steve Jobs success! Innovative Managing of technology and beyond in fast changing economy MSE Program Art is beautiful! True?

Heavenly Hands Sculpture by Patriciu Mateescu 2005 on Plummer Donated by Ileana Costea & Ion Baroi Manufacturing is beautiful too! MSEM Outstanding Students MS Eng. MGMT: Amirmasoud Latifian MS MSE: Mazyar Aram MS Mat. Eng.: Mark R. Micklich

BS MSE: Jonathan Hopwood Acknowledging Graduating Students BS MSE MS MSE MS Mat. Eng. MS EM Celebrating our Students MSEM Department

May 22, 2012

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