Multiple Meaning Words -

Multiple Meaning Words -

Multiple Meaning Words racket The young children made a loud racket when they were playing with the water balloons.

The man hit the tennis ball with his tennis racket. cold It was so cold at recess today that I had to wear my heavy coat.

Katie had an awful cold and could not stop sneezing and coughing. hood The hood of the car was up so the mechanic could add oil.

Little Red Riding Hood put her hood on before walking out into the cool forest. May Beautiful flowers grow in May.

Jerry asked, Mr. Winkler, may I go to the restroom? line There was a long line outside the toy store. Toy Store My teacher taught me

that a line keeps going and going. bed When the gardener planted his new trees, he first added fertilizer to the garden bed. Franklin was so tired

that he slept like a log in his bed. speaker We hooked the new speakers up to the stereo system. For Red Ribbon Week, we had a

speaker come talk to us about the importance of being drug-free. club The caveman came running out of the cave waving his club.

Hal and his friends joined an Art Club at school. cab In New York, we caught a cab to go back to our hotel after the movie.

The driver was sitting in the cab of the truck.

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