MUSE: Middle-Upper Secondary Special Education Program

MUSE: Middle-Upper Secondary Special Education Program

PROJECT MUSE: MIDDLE-UPPER SPECIAL EDUCATION 325T Preservice Improvement Grant A Bank Street College and Bridges for Learning Collaborative 325T: Special Education Preservice Improvement Grant

Develop a highly-effective model for 7-12 special education teacher preparation Align special education instructional strategies with general curriculum course content Intensify field experiences to prepare teachers for challenging multicultural settings Contact: Bonnie D. Jones, Ed.D. Office of Special Education Programs US Department of Education MUSE Design Team Collaborators

Andrea Spencer Shana Zaslow Karina Otoya-Knapp Jessica Millstone Curriculum Team Members

Sanda Balaban Tammy Vu Design Team Members Advisory Board ADVISORY PERSPECTIVES

College faculty LEA Administrators Special Education Literacy Career & Technical Education Multiple Pathways Teacher Development Community-based Organizations Working Teachers Bank Street graduate students Independent schools MAKINGS OF MUSE

Close collaboration with public schools; Strong foundations grounded in research and evidencebased practices; Culturally-responsive teaching; and, On-going evaluation and quality improvement. NATIONAL POLICY PUSH

Revolutionary change not evolutionary tinkering New teachers must master content Well-supported, embedded fieldwork experiences Teaching excellence through the lens of student achievement THE DESIGN CHALLENGE

An innovative special education 7-12 program, including course content & clinical experiences integrating theory and practice; A dynamic approach consistent with NYSED requirements and professional standards; Powerful clinical teaching experiences in urban schools through Collaborative Team Teaching (CTT) and other service delivery models. SUCCESS MEANS Fully prepared special education middle and high

school teachers in shortage areas; and, Access and achievement for students with disabilities from diverse cultural, ethnic, linguistic and socio-economic backgrounds. DESIGN ELEMENTS Multi-media on-line case studies as focal points (Design Team)

Case development linked to field experiences (graduate students) Integrative seminars bridged by collaborative on-line study (Curriculum Team) A 21ST CENTURY APPROACH

Online collaborative planning through Google Docs Moderated Social Networking and Blog Development through Bank Street LMS Surveys and Evaluation Year I: BUILDING BLOCKS

Assessing needs through the eyes of practitioners and policy-makers Articulating and aligning program goals with SED requirements Building multimedia, on-line case studies Defining and integrating

curriculum elements Preparation for internal and external program approval DESIGN TEAM INSIGHTS THE DESIGN TEAM

Who: Public school teachers and administrators (14) What: Flip cameras and learning artifacts as components of multimedia, web-based cases When: Academic year Where: Public middle and high school classrooms Why: Strong research support for case study approaches linking theory and practice Introducing Casebuilder The Curriculum Team

Who: Team of (5) general and special education faculty What: Reviewed existing syllabi, state and professional (CEC) standards, generated program goals, created framework for delivery When: Academic year (spring semester) Why: Consistency with progressive Bank Street philosophy and realities of time and personnel resources

SHARING PERSPECTIVES Year 2: Looking ahead Continued development and refinement of sequential case studies complementing the course of study Pilot testing case studies with master teachers and novices (graduate students) Development and coordination of course sequence and on-line components Funding initiatives for tuition, outreach and recruitment YEARS 3-5: REFINING THE

MODEL Definition and implementation of program pilot (24 graduate students with content-area certification) Evaluation of all program components related to teacher performance and student outcomes

Continued adjustment and case development Collaborative induction support with school districts Establish ongoing feedback group with program graduates PROJECT MUSE: A WORK IN PROGRESS A Bank Street College and Bridges to Learning Collaborative Andrea (Penny) Spencer Shana Zaslow

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