My Wedding - PC\|MAC

My Wedding - PC\|MAC

MY WEDDING Breanna Rosales DESCRIPTION My wedding will be an outdoor wedding at Blacklake Golf resort. The ceremony will be held outside. It will be a medium GUEST LIST

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Rosales Sr. Mr. Andrew Madrigal & Guest Mrs. Margie Rosales & Guest Mr. Roy Ramirez & Guest Ms. Nicole Del Rio & Guest Mrs. Monique Hoorbery & Guest Mr. Brandon Rosales & Guest Mrs. Kayla Velasco & Guest

Mr. Michael Rosales Jr. & Guest Mrs. Letty Hoobery & Guest Mr. Seth Rosales & Family Mrs. Krista Cano & Guest Mr. & Mrs. Steve Chaney & Family Mrs. Angelica Perez & Guest Mr. & Mrs. Javier Martinez & Family Mrs. Myriah Garcia & Guest

Mr. & Mrs. Terry Mohr Mrs. Nina Garcia & Guest Mr. & Mrs. Joey Orozco & Family Mrs. Cassie Perez & Guest Mrs. Cindy Zaragoza & Guest Mrs. Mikayla Perez & Guest Mr. & Mrs. Adrian Suepolvada Mrs. Maxine Lopez & Guest

Ms. Isabel Furnaro Mrs. Myranda Morales & Guest Ms. Rose Robles & Guest Mrs. Natalie Zaragoza & Guest Ms. Randee Garcia & Guest Mrs. Jackie Lopez & Guest THE CEREMONY The Ceremony will be civil. It will be held at at two

o'clock pm. There will be music be processional while the bride is walking down the isle. They will be playing Here Comes the Bride. The vows will a mix of traditional and original. WEDDING PARTY Maid of Honor Best Man Vanessa Chaney Steven Orozco Bridesmaids

Groomsmen Nicole Del Rio Brandon Rosales Citlaly Martinez Michael Rosales Jr. WEDDING RINGS Neil Lane Bridal Set $9,299.00

Kays Cash, credit card, layway and store credit card Mens Wedding band Tungsten Carbide $249.00 Kays Cash, credit card, layway and store credit card WEDDING AT TIRE Bridesmaid Dress Short

Crinkle Chiffon $119.00 David's Bridal Maid of honor Long Chiffon Dress $129.00 Davids Bridal Best Man &

Groomsmen Vera Wang grey suit $799.00 WEDDING AT TIRE Mother of thebride $299.00 David'sBridal Mother of theGroom $179.00 David'sBridal WEDDING AT TIRE

Sw eetheart BeadedLaceTrum pet Gow n $750.00 David'sBridal Groom Vera Wang grey suit $799.00 FLOWERS Dahlia & hydrangea

bouquet 1 bouquet: $14.99 Afloral flowers Total:$59.96 Orchid center pieces 1 center piece: $39.99 Avas flowers Total:$399.90 Boutonni ere 1 flower: $7.79

Alforal flowers Total: $77.90 PHOTOGRAPHS Katies Photograph y Wedding Plus Package Engagement session or rehearsal coverage Full coverage of wedding day Online viewing gallery for 12 months

Digital download gallery for 30 days Blog post $3500.00 INVITATIONS Fine Filigree invitations $2.00 Total:$200.00 Thank you cards $1.29 Total:$129.00 Response cards $1.09 Total:$101.09

WEDDING PARTY GIFTS All Bridesm aids&Maidof Honor All Bridesm aids&Maidof Honor GillianSatanRobe $17.48 Target Total:$52.44 SterlingSilver Pennant $26.25 Macy's

Total:$78.75 Maidof Honor CoachMadison $328.00 Macy's WEDDING PARTY GIFTS Groom sm en&Bestm an GorhamBarewear 2pieceflask $39.99

Macy's Total:$119.97 Bestm an CitizensMensWatch $169.00 Macys MISCELLANEOUS Barbs Transportations H-2 Hummer Limousine will seat 10 -12 adults $150.00 per hour

Total:1,200.00 Marriage License Fee San Luis Obispo County $100.00 THE RECEPTION LOCATION Blacklake Golf resort The Stars Reception Outside on the

greens Tables, glassware, linen, chairs, and tables included Dance floor Canopy Venue manager $1750 FOOD Hors Doeuvres Traditional Bruschetta $55.00 Total:$220.00

Assorted grillled sausage $75.00 Total:$300.00 Gourmet Macaroni & Cheese Bar $145.00 Total:$290.00 Main Course Cesar Salad Grilled Filet

Mignon Sauteed veggies Garlic mashed potatoes $42.00 Total:$4200.00 BEVERAGES Water, Lemonade and Ice tea will be served with dinner Service Fee Bartender Glassware Mixers $150.00

CAKE Madonna Inn Strawberry Cakes (In Season) Full sheet/single layer Serves 80-100 people $179.00 MUSIC Luke Bryan will be performing at my wedding and playing during the reception $750,000.00

MISCELLANEOUS Monogram Napkins will be at the reception. $69.00 HONEYMOON Cancun, Mexico HONEYMOON Air Flight Hotel

Planned Depart Thu., Nov 20 Activites Viva Wyndham 7:00AM from Los Angeles, CA (LAX)Maya Mexico | Playa del Destination Carmen American Airlines 2424 Services Total flight time: 6hr 10mn Check In: Thu, Nov 20, 2014 Representative (2

1 stop ( DFW ) Check Out: Tue, Nov 25, 2014 Adults ) 3:10PM arrive Cancun (CUN) Full Details Personal Promo Code (2 Adults ) SPF 100 Sunshine Protection Plan (2 Adults )

Total flight time: 10hr 35mn ATV Single (1 1 stop ( MIA ) 4:30PM arrive Los Angeles, CA (LAX) Person Per ATV) (2 Adults ) Chichen Itza w/ lunch (2 Adults ) Coba Maya Encounter (2 Total: Return Tue., Nov 25 USD 7:55AM from Cancun (CUN) American Airlines 1394

$2,671.02 FINANCING After talking to my parents I will have them paying for half of my wedding. I would like to have my husbands parents put a quarter of the wedding. And myself and my husband will be BRIDAL REGISTRY SILVERWARE Gorham Tulip Frosted

Flatware Salad fork, dinner fork, dinner knife, soup spoon and tea spoon $29.99 Macys Total:$239.92 DISHES Signature Living Barcelona 4 dinner plates, 4 salad plates, 4 bowls, 4 mugs $49.99 Macys Total:$99.98

GLASSWARE The cellar silhouettes 8 highball glasses, 8 double old fashioned glasses $19.99 Macys

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