Mythology A Review - PC\|MAC

Mythology A Review - PC\|MAC

Mythology A Review First quarter-2014 Prometheus and Io What happens to Io? Who loved her?

How was she guarded? In the story of Narcissus Who loved Narcissus? Which two characters were cursed?

Which goddesses did the cursing? From the story of Atalanta Who raised her and why? With whom did she become friends?

What happened to her friend? From the story of Theseus What do you know about his lineage? What happens during his young adult-hood? How does he make the Athenians believe he is a hero?

What is going on in his fathers kingdom? Who is his enemy? Why and how was the Minotaur created?

How does he complete his task? From the story of the Golden Fleece What happens when Jason decides to go on his quest for the Golden Fleece? Why does he go?

Where does he go?

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