Napoleon In this lesson, students will be able to define the following terms: Napoleon Bonaparte Invasion of Russia Waterloo Napoleons Impact

Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) came from a family of lower nobility but was sympathetic to the ideals of the French Revolution. Power Napoleon came to power at the end of the Revolution, when France was still at war.

Napoleon was a gifted general. Under his command, French armies defeated many enemies. In 1799, Napoleon became a dictator of France and eventually crowned himself emperor. Napoleon had defeated all of the other

European powers except England, and had created a French empire covering much of Europe. Napoleon Bonaparte tried to combine the social reforms of the French Revolution with his own absolute power.

United Against Napoleon Napoleons ambition united Europe against him. In 1812, Napoleon invaded Russia with an army of half a million men. The Russians burned their own crops and buildings as they retreated, depriving the invaders of food and shelter.

By the time Napoleon reached Moscow, he found the city in ruins, set on fire by the Russians. In bitter winter weather, Napoleons army retreated. Less than one in ten men survived the homeward march.

The Downfall of Napoleon After Napoleons defeat in Russia, the other European powers combined to overthrow him. After invading France, the foreign powers brought the old French royal family back to power in 1814.

Napoleon tried to recapture the French throne in 1815. However,

he was defeated at the Battle of Waterloo. Although Napoleon had ruled France for only fifteen years, he had an enormous impact on France and the rest of the world.

Napoleons Impact The Code of Napoleon, a law code, favored social equality, religious tolerance, and trial by jury. Napoleon introduced the ideas of the French Revolution to the lands he seized. French rule encouraged nationalism.

Spain lost its Latin American empire. Napoleon sold the Louisiana Territory to the United

States in 1803. He also weakened Spain. Questions for Reflection: Who was Napoleon Bonaparte and how

did he rise to power? What were the achievements of Napoleon Bonaparte? Why did his invasion of Russia fail? What was the Battle of Waterloo and what was its significance? How did Napoleons political career alter world history?

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