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Compare and Contrast First- and Third Person Point of View Reading Literature Standard: 4.RL.6 Compare and contrast the point of view from which different stories are narrated, including the difference between first- and thirdperson narrations.

Learning objective: 6.0 Compare and contrast first- and thirdperson point of view. What are we doing today? Partner share Today we will ________ and___________ first- and third-person ____________. Today we will compare and contrast firstand third-person point of view.

Vocabulary Vocabulary Narrator The one who tells the story Characters Everyone else in the story Whats the narrators position in the story?

Or, what is the narrators POINT OF VIEW. Concept Development Concept Development First-Person Narration The Story Characters

I or We the Narrator The narrator is involved in the story. First-Person tells me, or my story. Example

I went to the store with my friend. The clerk said, Hi. We bought candy and left. Who is telling the story? In First-Person the narrator is and I know this because I and we is used in the story. Third-Person Narration The Story

Narrator Characters He She They The narrator is outside of the story.

Third-Person tells his, her or their story. Also will refer to characters by name Example Chris loved basketball. Everyday he played after school. When it got dark, he watched it on TV. From whose perspective is the story told? In Third-Person the narrator is outside the

story and telling Chris story. Dialogue & Narration Dialogue = When characters speak. Narration = When the narrator speaks. I went home. My mom said, Did you get out early? I said, No. ONLY LOOK AT THE NARRATION, Or youll get confused.

Review 1st Person = Narrator tells the story of I or we 3rd Person = Tells the story of he, she or them Remember! The Story

I we First-Person He She & Them 3rd-Person I and we am the first-person in the story.

He and she are the third and are outside of the story looking in. Compare and Contrast Firstand Third-Person Point of Views Compare how two things are the same Contrast how two things are different Make a double bubble map to show the similarities and the differences in these point of views.

Compare and Contrast First Person Third Person

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