Native Americans of New York State

Native Americans of New York State

Native Americans of New York State Mrs. Martin Grade 4 Vocabulary Iroquois Haudenosaunee League

of Nations gatherers Sachems Wampum Clan Longhouse Algonquians

wigwam hunternomads artifacts archaeologist natural resource artifacts Objects used by people long ago.

archeologists A scientist who learns about the past by studying artifacts Natural resource Something

nature. NOT we use that comes from MAN MADE stones

Wood (trees) water nomads People who move with their food

source. THEY DO NOT LIVE PERMNATELY IN ONE PLACE. hunters-gatherers People who hunt for animals or gather

plants for food Iroquois One of New Yorks Native American groups. Made

up of five nations: Iroquois League of Nations A group of five native american nations who joined together in order

to bring peace to their people. sachems Fifty leaders chosen from the five nations to form the Grand Council

The Grand Council met near the center of the Iroquois lands. They discussed important issues such as peace, trade, and how to use the land. wampum Beads Belts

made by seashells of wampum were used as gifts and to send messages clan Lived together in a longhouse they

were family they had a common ancestor Longhouse Home that Iroquois lived in with their entire clan

Algonquians Native American group of New York. wigwam Small dome shaped home of the

Algonquian people

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