Natural Gas - Part of a Balanced Energy Approach that Can ...

Natural Gas - Part of a Balanced Energy Approach that Can ...

Natural Gas Part of a Balanced Energy Approach that Can Work for Everyone Ventura County Transportation Commission April 5, 2019 Ken Chawkins, SoCalGas Business Policy Manager California leads the nation in setting climate goals and policy Governing Law SB100 By 2030, obtain 60% of electricity from renewable sources Governing Law SB1383

Executive Order B-55-18 By 2030, reduce methane emissions By 2045, economywide, become 40% Carbon Neutral below 1990 levels 2 2 But First Good Old Fashioned SMOG

Two (2) Air Basins in Extreme Nonattainment for Ozone Pollution Extreme: 8 hour Ozone >0.175 ppm South Coast & San Joaquin Valley Pollution NOx => O3 (Ozone) = Smog Particulate Matter (PM) get trapped deep in lungs and potentially blood Causing

Asthma Heart/lung disease Sources? We have a CLEAR FOCUS: Transportation 80% of the regions SMOG Major Ozone (NOx) Emissions Sources Nearly 40% of its GHG emissions

4 NGV Game Changer: NEW NEAR-ZERO TRUCK ENGINE IS READY FOR PRIME TIME Heavy Duty truck engine with 90% lower NOx emissions TODAY Tailpipe emissions are the same as emissions from generating electricity to run a similar electric truck For Goods Movement, this truck will meet Californias ambitious 2050 targets decades before any other technology RNG already delivering greatest GHG reductions from diesel TODAY Near-Zero Emissions Natural Gas Engine

<0.02 g NOx 90% NOx reduction Renewable Natural Gas as Transportation Fuel > 80% GHG reduction Switching Away from Diesel Source: Now Lets talk about GHG reductionand Renewable Gas Cap & Trade 37.9% Stated Objective: Short Lived Climate

Pollutant Plan 34.9% Energy Efficiency Methane 62% 10.3% Biofuels (LCFS) 4% Reduce the use of heating fuels while concurrently making what is used cleaner by minimizing fugitive methane leaks, prioritizing natural gas efficiency and

demand reduction, and enabling cost-effective access to renewable gas. Mobile Sources 10.3% 50% RPS 2.6% Source: Percentages reflect reductions proposed in California Air Resources Board, AB 32 Updated Scoping Plan (2017) And RNG gives us a clear path to address CAs biggest methane emitters 5.00%

3.00% 4.00% 9.00% 55.00% Dairies & Livestock Landfills & Waste Water Pipelines Oil & Gas Extraction Agriculture Industrial & Misc. 24.00% Source: CARB 2015 Greenhouse Gases Emissions Inventory, 2013 Methane Emissions 8

Biogas to Renewable Gas Pathways: De-carbonizing the Pipeline Renewable Natural Gas: a Game Changer Fuel Technology available now to reduce NOx and CO2 RNG has the lowest carbon intensity rating of key transportation fuels and can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40 to 125% or more. RNG is over 60% of the supply of CNG used in transportation 1:, CARB, February 2017. Adjusted for heavy-duty truck applications, Adapted from 10 CNG Fueling Infrastructure 378 stations in CA 165 are open to the public Grant financing available for CNG station building

CNG does not have time dependent premium pricing Map source: Power-to-gas converts excess renewable electricity into renewable natural gas excess renewable energy goes through electrolysis which splits the molecule

hydrogen & carbon combine through methanization methane can be stored in the pipeline for future use carbon captured from factories and plants 12 Power-to-gas provides green hydrogen pathway and grid storage 70 Projects Now Launched In Europe

40 Projects Launched in Germany, with more in development 30 MW of Operational Planned Project Finished Hydrogen Methane Hydrogen/Methane installed capacity 13 Recap Natural Gas in Transportation

Environmental advantages over diesel / NOx and GHG Next-generation Low-NOx CNG engines Available NOW CNG range and performance equivalent to diesel RNG from zero to negative carbon Power To Gas Uses NG pipelines as grid scale storage and enables renewable energy

What can you do? Ask hard questions about environmental directives. Whats the goal? What are the impacts? Whats BEST way to get there? Challenge assumptions Is electrifying everything the best use of public $? Pursue All of the Above approach as most effective way to achieve goals. Ask your constituents what they want in terms of policy/energy use.

Ask what else is happening in the rest of the world. You dont have to choose between good solution and affordability! Thank You

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