Lm Sao Ghp m Thanh Vo PPS Trch email ca mt bng hu : .Theo cach chi dan tung steps cua Power Point toi cung da lam duoc mot hai Files. Nhung toi khong hieu sao toi khong the ghep Sound de bai hat (.wav) co the nghe lien tuc tu slide so 1 den slide cuoi cung. Cac bai hat toi dua vao bi ngat o cuoi slide va sang slide ke tiep lai choi lai tu dau bai hat, thanh thu bai hat bi ngat ra tung cau ngan. Sau y l cu tr li, thay v vit bng Microsoft Word, ti vit bng PPS cho thun tin hn v hnh nh th d. Tt c hnh nh u ly t PowerPoint 2007 (c trong Microsoft Office 2007). Hunh Chiu ng (update 17-Jan-08)

Mun cho m thanh vo th click cc ni ny: Click 1 Click 2 Khi click 2 xong th mt Windows hin ra cho thy cc audiofile trong hard disk chn file m thanh mun b vo PPS Khi chn file m thanh xong, s thy hnh ny: Click ni y Click ni y

Click Click Click xong thy nh sau: Click 2 Click 1 Click ch ny chn option: Click 1

Click 1 xong s thy hnh ny: Click 2 m thanh s chy sut cc slide show. Click 2 Click ch ny du hnh ci loa vng khi chy: Click 3 Xong click ni y

Mun chn nhc hay li ni qu bn click Other Sound Xong click ni y chn m thanh Cch th hai ghp m thanh vo

PPS nh sau: Click Animation. Cc bn lu rng PPS ch chp nhn embeded m thanh dui dng WAV m thi. Nu cc bn b MP3 hay WMA vo th n s khng ht trn my computer no khc ngoi ci computer to ra n. L do l m thanh khng c nhp vo chung vi ci PPS Mong rng ci slide show ngn ny gip c qi bn phn no. Trong thi gian va qua, ti nhn c kh nhiu email nh ch dn lm slide show. Tha qu bn ti khng rnh lm u, hn na nu ti u c th vit ni nguyn cun sch hng dn. Xin cc bn thng cm gim. Trong Internet c rt nhiu sch v ni v chuyn ny cc bn c ly xung c, khng bit ch th hi ti ch cho. Th tht ti lm PPS kh nhiu nhng cha c cun no c. Khi no cn ci option no ti nhn key F1 v nh vo cu mun hi. Cc bn lm nh vy

th coi. Ti li lm ci g d d th test chi cn phi c sch dy cm th nhng cho qu bn cn tr tr, ngn lm. Theo kinh nghim th my chuyn ny nn trnh: 1. Khng b hnh nh l m (ang lan trn qua email). 2. Khng b m thanh l m, ngun m thanh nguyn thy phi trong sng, khng compressed audio file qu nhiu. 3. Khng lm bay bm (th d ch 3D, chy chm chm quay quay). Khng biu din, ch chy chm qu ngi xem nng rut. Software lm t ng u c chi kho lo u. 5. Ni dung mi quan trng, hnh thc hoa ho lm cho ngi mt yu chng mt lm. 6. Tn trng khn gi, khng nn bt khn gi xem nhng PPS m chnh mnh khng dm xem li ln th hai. Vit my hng ny ti rt ngi ngng v lm tng qu. Chnh v a s b con khng

lm PPS m ti buc lng ln ting gim. Ti thng cm vi nhiu bng hu nhn hng ngy rt nhiu PPS cht mail box mt nhiu th gi (nht l cc bn trong nc khi Internet cn qu chm) ri m ra xem chng th v g. Ti lm PPS kh nhiu c trm ci t my thng tr li y. Trc kia v ngay by gi ti vn khng thch Microsoft PowerPoint, n gii hn chn tay nhiu lm. Ti thch cc software lm DVD hay movie hn. Chng khng gii hn tay chn v c kh nng gip sng tc ca chng ta bay bng theo tng. PPS ch c mt li duy nht l ci file n nh s byte chuyn qua email d dng v n l ci m hin gi c nhiu ngi chung. HC (khng phi H Cm o u nghe) 05-Oct-07.

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