Negotiations in China - University of Hawaii

Negotiations in China - University of Hawaii

36 Chinese Strategies Applied to Negotiations The Art of War Sun Tzu All warfare is based on deception.

The marketplace is a battlefield Business is like war therefore: Expect deception in business negotiations

Strategic misdirection Same as deception? Are strategic non-verbals moves on a par with lying? OK in sports. How about negotiation? Some are lies

Some are non-verbal misdirection Background of 36 strategies Methods of deception (or strategy) Used in many daily encounters Common Chinese expressions even

Chinese children are aware of its meaning Describes someones actions as deceitful Chinese claim to study these strategies not to deceive, but to prevent these strategies from being used against them Focus on deception is controversial especially for Chinese people

History of 36 strategies A collection of 36 stories of strategy from ancient Chinese history Stories are derived from military tactics applied during the Warring States Period (403-221 BC) or during the Three Kingdom Period

(220-300 AD) - Wei, Shu and Wu Strategy 1: Cross the Sea by Deceiving the Sky Act in the open, but hide your true intentions.

Hide secrets in the open to avoid detection Qin Chu Baili Xi Strategy 1: Cross the Sea by

Deceiving the Sky The king of Qin, wanted Baili Xi, a brilliant strategist as an advisor, but Baili Xi lived in the State of Chu. So, how to get him out of Chu without the king of Chu realizing that Qun was gaining an advantage. The trick - to accuse Baili Xi of being a fugitive from Qin. Naturally, King of Chu did not want fugitives from Qin in his kingdom, so he agreed that Qin soldiers could come and get

their fugitive. Qin soldiers then entered Chu, shackled Baili Xi and dragged him out of Chu to Qin. The king of Chu was relieved to remove a fugitive from his kingdom. When Baili Xi reached the kingdom of Qin, the king received him, put him in fine silken robes, and made him a top advisor Strategy 2: Besiege Wei to

Rescue Zhao Attack their Achilles heel (weakest point) Strategy 2: Besiege Wei to

Rescue Zhao When the kingdom of Zhao was attacked by the kingdom of Wei, Wei was left undefended. The king of Qi then attacked undefended Wei, which meant that Weis troops had to leave Zhao and return home to protect their own territory.

Strategy 3: Kill with a Borrowed Knife Attack using the strength of another person.

Strategy 4: Relax and Wait for the Adversary to Tire Himself Out Exercise patience and wear them down Strategy 5: Loot a Burning

House Hit them when they are down Strategy 6: Make a Feint to the East While Attacking the West

Fake to the right; attack to the left (Confuse and mislead) Strategy 7: Create Something

Out of Nothing Make the empty full Create diamonds from sand Strategy 8: Pretend to Advance Down

One Path While Taking Another Hidden Path Pretend to care about an issue and later give it up to get what you really want

Strategy 9: Watch the Fire Burning from Across the River Allow them to fight your other enemy while you rest and observe. Later, defeat the exhausted survivor

Strategy 10: Conceal a Dagger in a Smile Befriend them to get their guard down, then attack their weakest point (hide hostility under friendliness )

Strategy 11: Sacrifice the Plum for the Peach Trade up!

Take a small loss for a large gain. Strategy 12: Take Away a Goat in Passing Take advantage

of every small opportunity The nibble Strategy 13: Beat the Grass to Startle the Snake Stir things up before beginning to

negotiate for your true interests Strategy 14: Raise a Corpse from the Dead Revive a dead proposal by presenting it again

or in a new way Strategy 15: Lure the Tiger out of the Mountain Seek a neutral location Negotiate after leading them away from a position of strength

Strategy 16: Let the Adversary off in order to Snare Him Pretend to give up then make your move when they are not defending against you

Strategy 17Toss out a Brick to Attract a piece of Jade Trade something of minor value for something of major value.

Strategy 18: To Catch Bandits, Nab Their Ringleader First Convince the leader and the rest will follow.

Strategy 19: Remove the Fire from under the Cauldron Eliminate the source of their strength

Strategy 20: Catching Fishes from Troubled Waters Do something surprising or unexpected to unnerve them, and then take advantage of that situation (chaos panic)

Strategy 21: The Cicada Sheds Its Shells When you are in trouble, secretly escape

Strategy 22: Fasten the Door to Catch a Thief Completely destroy them by leaving no way for escape

Strategy 23: Befriend a Distant State While Attacking a Neighboring State Distant adversaries can be a temporary allies. Do not attempt to take on too many challenges at once.

The immediate danger needs to be taken care of first. Build strategic alliances with others that will give you the upper hand Strategy 24: Borrow a Safe Passage to Conquer the Kingdom of Guo

When the weak are not threatening, help them and win over support Temporarily join forces with a friend against a common enemy. Strategy 25: Steal the Beams and Pillars and Replace Them with

Rotten Timber Remove their key support Strategy 26: Point at the Mulberry but Curse the Locust

Convey your intentions and opinions indirectly Strategy 27: Play Dumb

Columbo strategy. Catch them off-guard. Make them underestimate you. Strategy 28: Remove the Ladder after Your Ascent

Lead them into a trap, then cut off their escape. Strategy 29: Decorate the Tree with Fake Blossoms

Reframe deceitfully. Exaggerate to mislead Expand the pie with objects of little value. Make you forces look bigger than they really are Strategy 30: Turn Yourself into a

Host from Being a Guest Reverse the situation Switch from defense to offense Take the initiative Strategy 31: Use a Beauty to

Ensnare a Man Provide alluring distractions Beauty & Sex Strategy 32: Open the Gate of an

Undefended City The Empty Fort Present something that is really simple; let the adversary overestimate your capabilities Display your weakness to conceal your vulnerability

Strategy 34: Inflict Pain on Oneself in order to Infiltrate Adversarys Camp and Win the Confidence of the Enemy Appear to take some hits to build their confidence Inflict an injury on yourself

Feign weakness while arming yourself Strategy 35: Lead Your Adversary to Chain Together Their Warships Strategy of Coordinating Tactics

To turn your adversarys strength into weakness Use interlocking stratagems to defeat them Strategy 36: Retreat is the Best Option

Use your BATNA He who runs away today, lives to do business another day. Find

great stories and cartoons here articles/list/chinese-literature/5/

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