New Arrangements in International Personal Data Work

FOI in Central Government where we have come from and where we are going Jane Sigley Head of FOI Policy & Strategy Information Directorate Building our knowledge and information capability A brief history of FOI -- 1974 Longstanding Labour manifesto commitment.

-- 1978 A major attempt to introduce FoI legislation in the form of a members bill. The bill had considerable Parliamentary support but did not proceed when the 1979 general election was called. -- 1984 The Data Protection Act was passed, giving individuals the right to see information held about themselves. -- 1996 A parliamentary report on Open Government was published and recommended the introduction of a Freedom of Information Act. -- 2000 The Freedom of Information Act 2000 received Royal Assent. -- 2005 The Freedom of Information Act came into force. Some statistics Central Government 20000

100 16000 80 12000 60 8000 40

4000 20 0 0 2005 2006 2007 Year

2008 Percentage in time Resolvable Requests FoI Volumes and Performance Number requests PIT extensions Percentage in time Role of DCA/MoJ Clearing House

-Established Sept 04 - First 2 months FOI received over 1200 referrals from departments (7% of all requests) - Developed something of Machiavellian reputation Concern is growing that the unit is bent on blocking as many requests for information as it can The Times September 05 - Summer 2007 Transformation Programme - March 2009 new Toolkit published - In casework terms, emphasis now on limited range of high profile, complex cases and providing expertise for departments involved in litigation - Better FOI ICO, Tribunal and beyond

2005 first ICO and Tribunal decisions 2008 first High Court decision (OGC Gateway reviews) first Court of Appeal decision (BUAV) 2009 - use of section 53 veto Updating and Amending legislation 2008 - Section 4 Order keeping the Act up to date 2006/07 Review of FOI fees regulations 2007-2009 Section 5 consultation and response 2009 Section 10(4) Order for NI schools

Dacre Review --October 2007 PM delivered Liberty speech more to do to develop more open government - Announced no change on fees, section 5 consultation and review of 30 year Rule - Dacre Review published findings Jan 09, recommending reduction to 15 years - June 09 PM announces reduction to 20 years, but enhanced protection for some information. Publication of full Gvt response late summer Publication Schemes

- Publication Schemes always been promoted across departments but not widely updated post orginal implementation. - Jan 09 Change to Publication Scheme requirements model publication scheme - ICO has conducted review of Central Gvt and will publish results shortly Future Challenges

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