New Hire Orientation - School District of Philadelphia

New Hire Orientation - School District of Philadelphia

New Hire Orientation Office of Teaching & Learning Please sign in with the true time in blue or black ink. Remember to sign out at the end of the session with true time, too! Love & Logic 1

T: Raise your hand and then Ill take your question. S: Yo, thats not fair. You just answered his question and his hand wasnt even up. T: Dont talk to me in that tone. S: What, if I raised my hand then could I talk in that tone? Whatever, you always let him do whatever he wants and then I get in trouble for the same

thing. T: Who do you think you are, talking to an adult in that tone of voice? S: Whatever its the same thing every day. Why dont treat me like you do everyone else? T: If you keep talking in that tone of voice, Im not going to answer any of your questions. You need to learn how to speak to others with respect.

Script Objectives We will work to: Develop an authentic one-liner in order to neutralize an argument with a student Create enforceable statements in order to set

boundaries within a teachers locus of control Neutralizing Arguments Activity things that

students try to argue with you about during the day Share Out

Video Neutralizing Arguments Avoid getting hooked into an argument by going numb and using a oneliner.

Steps for neutralizing Go Numb Repeat a one-liner Do not think about what the child is saying.

Thinking about it too much will make you want to reason with themand youll lose. I respect you too much to argue. I know. Probably so.

Nice try. That may be true. I bet it feels that way. Thats an option. Choose your one-liner An effective one-liner is

Concise Free of emotion Delivered without sarcasm Authentic to your personality Typically delivered in a 1:1 interaction

What it sounds like in action S: This is stupid. Why do I have to do this? T: I respect you too much to argue. S: But why? T: I respect you too much to argue. S: If you respected me, you wouldnt make me do this stupid stuff. T: I respect you too much to argue.

S: Well, Im telling my dad and hes gonna come up here. T: (walking away) I respect you too much to argue. S: Is that all you can say? T: (still walking away) Yes, and I respect you too much to argue. Some students are persistent. Become a broken record. Keep

your voice soft. I argue at _____ and _____ daily. When would be best for you? I argue after _______. Peanut Butter Analogy

Role play practice Student Think of a student from the past who loved to argue with you. Channel him or her. Using the scenario you have been provided, play the role of

the student. Dont overreact If the person If the person is making you too tired to argue, its okay to back off. Teacher Your student is going to try to

bait you into an argument. Use your one-liner and practice going numb to neutralize it. Observations What did you notice about Your tone

Your body language How you were viewing the child How easily you were or werent baited Enforceable Statements

Thats it! Were waiting for as long as it takes for you to be quiet and if it means we never

go to art again, FINE! Threats & Boundaries Every time we tell a tough kid what to do, we risk losing our power.

Enforceable Statements Using our words to set limits that we have control over enforcing.

Turning our words to gold. Unenforceable Quit arguing Hand your papers in on time. Treat each other with respect. Behave in the hall. Quiet down

Enforceable Ill be happy to listen when your voice sounds calm like mine. Practice + Application Think of 5 statements you will make to students frequently during the

school year that could be strengthened by making the language enforceable. Use your interactive notes to rewrite these statements so they reflect whats in your locus of control to enforce. Sometimes, you do everything right, and a kid will still try to

argue. Enforcing the limit Restate the expectation by posing a question to the student(s) I listen to one person at a time. (3 students respond with Miss! Miss! Miss!) So, how do you get me to listen?

Enforceable statement Enforcing the limit

Some more practice Ill be grading all papers that are turned in on time. A student responds with, but I couldnt find mine! I really did do it. Ill be sending kids who have a coat in hand to recess. A student responds with, but its not cold out there today. Putting it all together

Pair up with a partner Determine who will start as the teacher or the student Teacher: Say your enforceable statement Student: Push back by trying to argue Teacher: Respond to the student by using either your oneliner or by enforcing the limit with a question

What are the two steps to neutralizing arguments? What are some sample oneliners? Give an example of an enforceable statement.

Ill be sending kids who have a coat in hand to recess. A student responds with, but its not cold out there today. What would you say next?

Closing out

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