New Join/ Initial Join Audit Process

New Join/ Initial Join Audit Process

UNCLASSIFIED NEW JOIN/ INITIAL JOIN AUDIT PROCESS UNCLASSIFIED Presenter: GySgt DuBuclet [email protected] UNCLASSIFIED AGENDA References Basic Information Electronic Service Record (ESR) Audits - Occasions - New Join - First Stage - Second Stage

- Mobilization/Deployment Readiness - Post-deployment/De-mobilization/Post TAD Excess/From FAP Audit - Member married to member - New Join Audit Process - Trends Questions UNCLASSIFIED 2 UNCLASSIFIED REFERENCES DODFMR, Vol 7A Joint Federal Travel Regulation (JTR) MCTFSPRIUM MCTFSAPSM TFDW Online Codes (External Link on MISSA/MISSO site) MCO 1000.6 ACTS Manual MCO P1070.12K IRAM MCO 1741.8 Government Insurance Manual (SGLI)

MCO 7220.21F Advance Pay Incident to a PCS MCO 7220.56 Entitlement to BAH other than the PDS W/Change 1 (MARADMIN 213/09) MCO 10110.47A BAS and Meal Card Program MARADMINs (Various) PAAs (Various) PAANs (Various) TANs (Various) UNCLASSIFIED 3 UNCLASSIFIED BASIC INFORMATION Audits will be accomplished to ensure accuracy, completeness, currency, and consistency of the Marines Electronic Service Record (ESR) match that of the Marine Corps Total Force System and are in compliance with the Marine Corps Total Force System Personnel Reporting Instruction User Manual

UNCLASSIFIED 4 UNCLASSIFIED BASIC INFORMATION Required Programs: (Below programs require various forms DD Form 577, SAAR (DD Form 2875) and/or required training certificates) Unit Diary Management Integrated Personnel System (UDMIPS) Permissions given by CO/I-I/ECO Marine Corps Total Force System (MCTFS) Permissions given by SAAR Form and MISSO Document Tracking Management System (DTMS) Permissions given by CO/I-I Electronic Document Access (EDA)

Permissions given by MISSO Marine On-Line (MOL) Permissions given by CO/I-I and MOL Manager Optical Digital Imaging (ODI) and Imaging Professional (Windows) (ESR Process) Requires Account Registration Dual Service Leave and Earnings (LES) Statements UNCLASSIFIED Permissions given by DFAS 5 UNCLASSIFIED ELECTRONIC SERVICE RECORDS UNCLASSIFIED

6 UNCLASSIFIED ELECTRONIC SERVICE RECORDS Install Optical Digital Imaging Professional (All computers excluding Windows XP) or NMCI FRS# 10626 (For Windows XP Computers) Command must have two types of profile accounts (User and Releaser). One person cannot have both of these profiles. SAAR (DD Form 2875) is required when requesting access to ODI With the exception of blocks 21 through 25 and Part IV, ALL blocks must be completed to include the User Initials on the last 2 pages. The supervisor signing the form (block 18) must be a SNCO or above. Indicate in block 17 the grade/rank of the supervisor signing the form. Completed forms can be emailed to: [email protected] MMSB will send an email with USER ID and PASSWORD and the web link with instructions to download the ODI Program. The computer with ODI is required to have a printer and scanner directly attached to the computer.

UNCLASSIFIED 7 UNCLASSIFIED ELECTRONIC SERVICE RECORDS Temporary process until units have an ODI account and compatible scanner: Units will need to send their files via AMRDEC SAFE website ( and send it to the [email protected] To ensure their files are processed in a timely manner, they will need to Zip all their files into one Zip file and attach the Zip to AMRDEC UNCLASSIFIED 8 UNCLASSIFIED

ELECTRONIC SERVICE RECORDS Requires UMSR and OMPF permissions for all Command RUCS (Active and Reserve) New Join Scan Process (Marine checks-in with their record previously scanned): Join the member to the UMSR (Morning Report) Allows 5 days to view the members record in order to conduct the audit Scan the audit into ODI (must be reviewed and approved) Validate the scanned audit has been placed into the members OMPF under the Field Tab Return the audit documentation back to the member for their records Initial Scan Process: Prepare the SRB/OQR for initial scan (Remove SSNs and add EDIPIs EXCLUDING UPBs) Scan SRB/OQR into the ODI program (must be reviewed and approved) Validate the record was loaded into the members OMPF under the Field Tab Report the Training Event code ER via unit diary Return the SRB/OQR or updated forms back to the member for their records Updated information process (Previously scanned ESR): Prepare updated documentation for scan (Remove SSNs and add EDIPIs EXCLUDING UPBs) Scan documentation into the ODI program (Must be reviewed and approved) Validate scan has been placed in the members OMPF under the Field Tab Return documentation back to the member UNCLASSIFIED



**MEMBERS W/TATTOOS; INFORM MBR TO HOLD ON TO SRB/OQR FOR CONFIRMATION AND VALIDATION OF PROPER DOCUMENTATION 10 UNCLASSIFIED AUDITS UNCLASSIFIED 11 UNCLASSIFIED AUDIT OCCASIONS New Join Audit. Consists of two stages and must be completed within 60 days of the Marine's present unit joined date. New Join Audit (Stage one). Upon arrival at the new permanent duty station, an interview with the Marine will be conducted. All members, to include those that are single will certify

their entitlement to BAH. Not required for a Permanent Change of Assignment (PCA) if the Admin RUC does not change. New Join Audit (Stage two). Once the join posts the auditor is responsible to ensure the accuracy of MCTFS data, pay and allowances, validate that all required documents are in the ESR; there should be no disagreement between MCTFS and the ESR. Triennial Audit. At least once every three years from the date of the last join process audit or triennial audit. To reduce the number of times a Marine is required to physically visit the administrative section, Marines or Administrative personnel are able to declare any visit for routine service as their triennial audit. This audit will be conducted similar to the join audit with the addition of perstempo (S112). The option 23 is not required. UNCLASSIFIED 12 UNCLASSIFIED AUDIT OCCASIONS Mobilization/Deployment Readiness Audit. For a deployment, mobilization and Annual Training (AT) which is anticipated to be 31 days or more in duration, active component and AR Marines will be audited no earlier than 60 days prior to deployment and reserve component Marines will be audited no earlier than 60 days prior to commencement of a AT.

Audit tools include: RED, SGLI CRCR/BIR (reserve only). Post-deployment/De-mobilization/Post TAD Excess/From FAP Audit. Whenever a Marine returns from a deployment/FAP to include return from a period of TAD 31 or more days. Within 30 days of the Marine's return to the PDS/FROM FAP an audit will be conducted on all pay and allowances. This audit does not require the physical presence of the Marine. NOTE: Although the RED is not a requirement for audit under this occasion, Marines should be advised to validate RED information via MOL. UNCLASSIFIED 13 UNCLASSIFIED AUDIT OCCASIONS Member married to member: Auditors must review the entitlements of the members spouse to avoid unauthorized or duplicate payments of entitlements and allowances. Particular emphasis must be placed on BAH, Family Separation Allowance (FSA), Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA), Government quarters and Cost of Living Allowance (COLA).

Upon reporting to a new PDS, gaining a member spouse or a member spouse status change, a member to member data sheet (PRIUM Table 12-4) must be completed. Once completed ensure it is scanned and uploaded in the members ESR. An annual administrative review is required to be conducted. At a minimum the audit must cover pay and entitlements for the proceeding 12 months for both members or from the last join audit, whichever is more recent. All documentation will be maintained in the unit files for the current year plus 2 years. UNCLASSIFIED 14 UNCLASSIFIED AUDIT OCCASIONS Member married to member (Continued): Marines married to Marines. Audit of Marines married to other Marines will include a review and comparison of entitlements using TRS Remarks Summary screens or LES. Both the service member and service spouse TRS Remarks Summary or LES should be extracted and reviewed for potential unauthorized and/or dual payment of entitlements and allowances. In lieu of the TRS Summary or LES, units may utilize Cognos Business Intelligence which contains all potential entitlements and allowances for both members.

Marines married to other members of the Armed Forces. Other service personnel pay records are not accessible via MCTFS, but are accessible via the Defense Joint Military Pay System (DJMS). In the absence of DJMS access, members married to members of other services are responsible for providing the information of their service spouse's entitlements and allowances. Members must provide the reporting unit copies of their spouse's LES's covering the required audit period to conduct the review and comparison of entitlements. UNCLASSIFIED 15 UNCLASSIFIED NEW JOIN AUDIT PROCESS First Stage Audit (Checking In): 1. (Active Duty/AR Only) - Acquire from member Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders, detaching endorsement, and Web Orders a. Accession Marines to the Active Reserve Program will begin their orders effective the date of the orders. The reserve unit will report the transfer entry via Unit Diary. The report date will allow for their authorized travel from their Place Entered Active Duty (PLEAD)

to their duty station. Entitlements will be based on their PLEAD until the report date and change to the Duty Station 2. (Reserve) Acquire Initial Entry Pipeline, inter-unit transfer, Inter-Service Transfer, Join from IRR documentation 3. Complete reporting endorsement 4. Check DTMS and EDA for Dislocation Living Allowance (DLA), Advanced Travel, Temporary Lodging Expense (TLE), Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA), Advance Pay, Advanced Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) (If requested at departing command, print and audit vouchers on allowances received) 16 UNCLASSIFIED UNCLASSIFIED NEW JOIN AUDIT PROCESS First Stage Audit (Continued): 5. Print audit (Option N) from MCTFS and complete the audit with the member: (CHRO, BIR, BTR, ROS, RED, EDU, CRCR, ARCR, DRS OPT 23, CARSEA), SGLI, FSGLI, NAVMC 10522, VA Benefits Form (as Required), Remarks Summary and Table 12-3 MCTFSPRIUM (Join/Triennial Checklist)

a. DRS OPT 23 must be extracted and audited AFTER Transfer or Drop entry posts and BEFORE the Join entry is reported. The DRS Opt 23 must be ANNOTATED with resolution corrective actions, unit diary number and date b. Report audit in UDMIPS (at a minimum, Type Transaction Code (TTC) 815/816 000) 6. OMPF/UMSR access via MOL from all command RUCs (Active/Reserve) a. Join the member to the commands UMSR upon checking into the unit. This will allow the admin office to view and conduct the first stage audit of the members ESR in their OMPF 7. Audit the ESR against MCTFS and all associated forms from the audit with the member to ensure accuracy and administrative correctness UNCLASSIFIED 17 UNCLASSIFIED NEW JOIN AUDIT PROCESS CONTRACT Current contract/extension Contract date reflects in MCTFS (TBIR) If in receipt of a bonus, SOU is on file for current contract If selected Lump Sum Leave (LSL), include LSL computation sheet

PG 11 Entries signed, dated and numbered Ensure choose (to) (not to) is circled If to is circled, ensure rebuttal is in the ESR Ensure Page 11 is closed out (Only on initial scanning. Do not reprint to close out.) Ensure continued on supplemental page is annotated if multiple pages Ensure pages are numbered correctly (11, 11(a), 11(b)etc) PAGE 12 If there are no PG 12 entries remove PG 12 If there are entries move to the document side and make sure its been run on UD UNCLASSIFIED 18 UNCLASSIFIED NEW JOIN AUDIT PROCESS UPB Make sure UPB is filled out correctly and reported on UD

RED (Witness must have Grade, responsible LCpl/GS-3 or above) Current RED SGLI dates match RED Make sure all RED entries are dated and signed If NOK RED info has a PO Box make sure there is driving direction for the next of kin If a Guardian is listed on the NAVMC 10922 it MUST be annotated on the RED SGLI (Required to complete upon check-in) Make sure its the current form ($400,000) Make sure its been signed by Auditor and Member Check if unusual beneficiary is annotated (counseling) FSGLI (Required to be reviewed upon check-in) Completed only if declined or elects less than $100,000 UNCLASSIFIED 19 UNCLASSIFIED NEW JOIN AUDIT PROCESS

BIR Only Initial scan of BIR into ESR is required. Subsequent BIRs are now filed in Cmd Files for 2 yrs Make sure all reported entries posted in MCTFS Check marital status/dependents with NAVMC 10922 All Reserve and Active Reserve Marines must initial Mobilization Statement Make sure its been signed by Marine Ensure auditor is authorized and signs BIR CRCR Annual certification required (member can certify CRCR through MOL) ***Effective Oct 2013 CRCRs will be viewed and audited by the member via MOL and filed in the commands files W-4 W4 indicates STATE/FEDERAL or S/F If state/fed exemptions are different two W-4s are required Attached to the DD Form 2058 (State of Legal Residence) DD Form 2058-1 must be completed for required 13 states (PRIUM 8-80608) UNCLASSIFIED 20

UNCLASSIFIED NEW JOIN AUDIT PROCESS NAVMC 10922 Make sure all pertinent dependents have been added or removed via unit diary If Guardian is annotated, it must be annotated on the RED Make sure Marine, PersO and CO/I-I (by dir authorized) signs PG 3 Number PG 3s and Continued on Supplemental Page for multiple pages Ensure PG 3s are closed out (Only on initial scanning. Do not reprint to close out.) MISC DD Form 1966 Previous DD Form 4s/NAVMC 321as (SOUs and LSL Computation) DD Form 214/215s CSB (counseled by CO/XO/SgtMaj if elected to receive) VA Waiver (only if entitled to receive/waive VA benefits) ROS NOBE DD Forms 2366/2366-1 VEAP Annex, A, B, and C

Record of Disclosure Privacy Act UNCLASSIFIED 21 UNCLASSIFIED NEW JOIN AUDIT PROCESS First Stage Audit (Continued): 8. Verify all entitlements currently receiving from previous Command, and if required, stop any entitlements not currently authorized to receive at the new duty station 9. Complete and submit travel claim along with any additional and/or required entitlements or advances requested by the member that were not requested and paid in full from detaching Command. Once travel claim is settled (to include any additionally submitted entitlements or advances) audit the Electronic Document Access (EDA) travel voucher and DTMS History for accuracy of all entitlements and reimbursements

10. Validate that the members ESR and/or audit documentation has been successfully uploaded into the members OMPF. UNCLASSIFIED 22 UNCLASSIFIED NEW JOIN AUDIT PROCESS Second Stage Audit: 1. The second stage audit MUST be initiated WITHIN 60 days from the Date Joined Present Unit. There is NO FURTHER REQUIREMENT for waiting on the Elapsed Time 520/521 entry to post to initiate the second stage audit. This is now a finance office requirement 2. Audit the MCTFS Remarks Summary for entitlements with annotations. 3. Audit tools include: LES MCAAT printouts TRS remarks summary from MCTFS Travel Voucher

Disbursing Office Voucher (DOV) Join Audit IMR from Report Studio/Net 4. Ensure all entitlements, as required, have stopped or started on the correct effective dates (BAH, BAS, COLA, SDA, FSA, SGLI and FSGLIetc.) UNCLASSIFIED 23 UNCLASSIFIED NEW JOIN AUDIT PROCESS Files: 3 Year Retention (New join package recommendation): 1. Check-in sheet (Completed)(Recommended) 2. Figure 12-3 MCTFSPRUIM New Join Audit Sheet 3. MCTFS Remarks Summary (Audited) 4. Leave and Earnings Statement (Audited) 5. ***Elapsed Time entry printout (Recommended) (Audited) 6. New Cmd travel claim with settled voucher (Audited) 7. New Cmd NAVMC 11116 with history Advances (Audited)

8. Option 23 (Audited) 9. Completed BIR (mob statement, BAH Certification and signatures) (Reserve and AR Marines) 10. Completed CRCR (Reserve and AR Marines) 11. MCTFS Remarks Summary (Recommended) (Audited) 12. Reporting endorsement 13. Detaching endorsement 14. PCS Orders 15. Web Orders 16. Travel claim Prev Cmd with settled vouchers (Audited) 17. NAVMC 11116 with history Prev Cmd Advances (Audited) UNCLASSIFIED 24 UNCLASSIFIED TRENDS 1. New join audits are not being completed on all required new joins. 2. Not ensuring proper entitlements or effective dates are reported. 3. Option 23 is not being printed, audited and annotated correctly. Failure to properly work the option

23 could cause the Marine to be underpaid, overpaid, or have information missing from the MCTFS. 4. Travel claim with settled voucher is not being audited. 5. Second stage audits are not being completed. 6. Not having access to ODI to scan required documents into the members ESR. UNCLASSIFIED 25 UNCLASSIFIED CONCLUSION The following topics were discussed during the course of this presentation: ESR, audit occasions which included New Join, First Stage, Second Stage, Mobilization/Deployment, Post-deployment/ De-mobilization/Post TAD excess/From FAP and Member married to Member. Additional attention was paid to the New Join First/Second Stage process and common trends associated with audits. UNCLASSIFIED


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