New Starts Process - Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

New Starts Process - Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

New Starts Process Evangelical Outreach and Congregational Mission Evangelical Lutheran Church in America New Ministry Profile Mission field is identified locally in conjuction with the synod outreach committee and the Mission Director in keeping with synod outreach goals

New Ministry Profile is prepared NMP is presented at the EOCM Review Table Review Table Review Table takes place in March Other mini-reviews take place at other times during the year Those present at the review table include Bishops from the nine regions, EOCM Executive Director, Director for New Starts, Assistant Director for New Starts, Mission Directors and Ethnic

specific coordinators. Search for Developer If a developer has not already been identified, the Mission director begins the search for a Mission Developer in coordination with the Leadership Office. Often developers are raised up out of the forming faith community

Screening and Interview Once a potential developer has been identified, he or she must be approved as a Mission Developer. Steps in the leadership process include Pre-screening Structured interview Report

Background Check Once the interview process is complete, the interviewers submit their report Approved candidates must have a background check Background check can be done by EOCM or the fiscal agent for the new start Salary and Funding

Upon completion of an approved background check, Mission Director consults with Director of New Starts to finalize: Salary and benefits for Mission Developer Salary or grant funding Salary affirm what is in the NMP or be adjusted as is appropriate Ethnic Specific Starts

In the case of ethnic specific starts, Mission Director should be in consultation with the appropriate ethnic consultants and networks. Consultants may include directors of the ethic communities in Multicultural Ministries or EOCM ethnic staff. Currently

we have the following ethic specific networks: African American African Descent Asian/Pacific Islander American Indian/Alaska Native

Arab Middle Eastern Latino Call is Extended EOCM appoints the developer. A letter of appointment is sent. Since the congregation is under development, the synod council extends the call to the Mission Developer In some circumstances, the fiscal agent

(founding congregation) may extend the call Details, details Following appointment, the Mission Director works with the developer and the Coordinator of New Starts regarding moving issues The developer will receive a packet of information from Human Resources regarding

payroll (if salary), housing (if rostered) benefits, pension and I-9 form. All appropriate forms are expected to be completed before the developer begins ministry. Continuing Education Mission Director attends Mission Developer training with the developer. Mission Director finds a trained coach

for each Mission Developer Mission Director connects developers with stewardship staff and Mission Investment Fund building consultants Contact Information Rev. Ruben Duran [email protected] Office 773-380-2664 cell 630-440-8591 Rev.

Mary Frances [email protected] Office 773-380-2930 cell 630-710-9104 Pat Schmitt [email protected] Office 773-380-2677 Laura Beedle [email protected]

Office 773-380-6471 Pre-Screening Process Once a potential developer has been identified, he or she must be approved as a Mission Developer. The pre-screening process consists of: Completion of background information by candidate Permission by Bishop/reference by Bishop

Interview by phone, face to face or online via Gallup website Structured Interview Once pre-screening is completed and candidate is recommended into process, the Leadership Office (EOCM) schedules the structured interview Structured interview is approx 4 hours long performed by two trained interviewers Key is joint discernment more than approval

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