New to Barbershop - Far Western District

New to Barbershop - Far Western District

New to Barbershop New to Barbershop Barbershop Vocabulary & Acronyms Handout New to Barbershop What Is Barbershop Harmony? Four-part, unaccompanied, close-harmony singing, with

melody in the second voice, called the "lead." Tenor (counter-tenor voice) harmonizes above the lead singer; bass sings the lowest harmonizing notes, and the baritone provides in-between notes, to form consonant, pleasing chords. First meeting New to Barbershop What Is Barbershop Harmony? Barbershop is a "melting pot" product of AfricanAmerican musical devices, European hymn-singing culture, and an American tradition of recreational

music. Melodies in the vocal and skill range of the average singer, with lyrical emphasis on simple, heartfelt emotions: love, friendship, mother, moon & June & the girl next door. First meeting New to Barbershop Barbershop Harmony Society History Founded in Tulsa, OK 1938 by O.C. Cash &

Rupert Hall and has grown to over 24,000 members in more than 820 chapters in the United States and Canada. It is the world's largest all-male singing society. v=x7FenBwxG_U First meeting O.C. Cash New to Barbershop

Society Vision The Society, in alliance with other a cappella organizations worldwide, is committed to enriching lives in every generation and community through the lifelong benefits of a cappella harmony singing. New to Barbershop Core Values Singing - We love to sing. Through singing in

four-part harmony, we provide opportunities for personal expression, spread joy in performance, and enrich our lives and the lives of others. New to Barbershop Core Values Fellowship - We are committed to inclusive and respectful relationships based on integrity, trust and reputation. This results in lasting friendships and a sense of belonging. Our collaboration on common interests bonds people of diverse interests

and backgrounds. New to Barbershop Core Values Fun - We have fun. We sing barbershop harmony for the sheer enjoyment of it. Singing is accompanied by laughter, playful camaraderie, and the happiness of sharing through a performance. New to Barbershop

Core Values Creativity - We create sound from silence and strive to bring forth beauty, hope, joy and artistic expression. As performers we experience exhilaration in soul and voice and share the results with our audiences. New to Barbershop Core Values Enrichment - We seek lifelong personal growth

and enrichment through singing. We teach and learn about four-part harmony and develop skills in composition, performance, evaluation, collaboration and leadership. New to Barbershop Society Activities Education of members and the general public in music appreciation, particularly barbershop singing. Advocacy at all levels of society to keep recreational and social singing an important part of our culture.

Charitable projects on a local and national basis, including many funded through Harmony Foundation, the Society's official charity. New to Barbershop Society Activities Public performances enhance community cultural life, preserve the art form, and bring cheer to all. Quartets and choruses contribute more than 100,000 man-hours per year singing for more than half a million people at churches, schools, hospitals, senior centers,

etc. New to Barbershop Society Activities Music publishing and distribution of cassettes, compact discs, DVDs videotapes for entertainment and education. Contests in quartet and chorus singing at local, regional, and international levels. International champions named in chorus, quartet, and collegequartet divisions at international convention each July; international seniors champions named at midwinter convention each January

New to Barbershop Society Awards & Recognition Man of Note Awards for recruiting a new member Golden Oldie for 35-year members Free Society Dues to 50-year members Hall of Fame members normally inducted annually Honorary Life Membership awarded to non-members who have made outstanding contributions New to Barbershop Subsidiary Organizations

Public Relations Officers and Bulletin Editors (PROBE) Harmonious Society of Woodshedders (AHSOW) New to Barbershop Subsidiary Organizations Association of International Champions (AIC) Association of International Seniors Quartet Champions (AISQC) Collegiate Barbershop Quartet Champions (CBQC)

New to Barbershop International Affiliates British Association of Barbershop Singers (BABS) Society of Nordic Barbershop Singers (SNOBS) Dutch Association of Barbershop Singers (DABS) New to Barbershop International Affiliates New Zealand Association of Barbershop Singers (NZABS)

Barbershop Harmony Australia (BHA) Southern Part of Africa Tonsorial Singers (SPATS) New to Barbershop International Affiliates Barbershop in Germany (BinG!) Irish Association of Barbershop Singers (IABS) New to Barbershop

International Affiliates Sweet Adelines International (female) Harmony Inc. (female, USA & Canada) Ladies Association of British Barbershop Singers (LABBS) Holland Harmony (female) New to Barbershop Society Board of Directors The Society is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors responsible for setting the strategic of the organization.

Society Board of Directors Contact information is printed in every issue The Harmonizer. View Board of Directors contacts in the secure online roster at (Members Only log-in required) New to Barbershop Society Headquarters Staff The Barbershop Harmony Society is administered by a professional staff of 30 people in Nashville, Tennessee. For more information, call 800-876SING (7464) or visit their website at

New to Barbershop Benefits of Membership Publications Online Resources, including the Members-Only Website Conferences New to Barbershop Benefits of Membership

Professional Development and Educational Offerings Assistance from Headquarters Staff Use of the Name and Logo New to Barbershop Other Benefits: Chapter insurance and bonding at a fraction of normal cost Performance license clearance Non-profit classification under section 501[c][3] of US tax code

Membership development assistance Access to patron lists and former singers New to Barbershop Harmony Foundation The Harmony Foundation, a not-for-profit organization, was incorporated in 1959 as a charitable subsidiary of the Barbershop Harmony Society . New to Barbershop

Harmony Foundation Through generous gifts from members and others, the Foundation supports philanthropic efforts of the Society: music camps and workshops for youth and teachers youth chorus and quartet sponsorship adult leadership training, choral director and performance programs for our members donations of barbershop sheet music to schools nationwide New to Barbershop

Harmony Foundation Harmony Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization. Your contributions are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. New to Barbershop Society Communication Channels The Harmonizer Magazine LiveWire

New to Barbershop 10 minute break * Slide 44 New to Barbershop 2014 International Chorus Champion

Dallas, Texas New to Barbershop 2014 International Quartet Champion Musical Island Boys Wellington, New Zealand New to Barbershop 2014 MBNA America Collegiate Quartet

Champion The Academy Miami, Fl San Antonio, TX New to Barbershop 2014 Seniors Quartet Champion Faces 4 Radio Pennsylvania & New Jersey

New to Barbershop Westminster Chorus, Chorus CA 2009 Llangollen Eisteddfod Pavarotti Choir of the World. 2007 & 2010 International Champions. 2013 Silver Medal Chorus New to Barbershop 2015 Calendar of Special Events Jan 6th 11th

Midwinter Convention New Orleans Jan 23rd 25th Las Vegas Harmony College & Leadership Academy Feb 14th Singing Valentines

Mar 19th 22rd Prelims FWD Spring Convention and Intl Quartet Sacramento Apr 24th Arizona Division Contest - Mesa May 9th Monica

Jun 28th Jul 5th SoCal East/West Div contest Santa International Convention Pittsburg Jul 26th Aug 2nd Harmony University Nashville Oct 15th 18th FWD Fall Convention Mesa

* Slide 50 http:// * Slide 51 New to Barbershop

FWD Board of Directors 2015 President Allan Webb Executive Vice President Gordon Bergthold Immediate Past President Russ Young Secretary Bob Gray Treasurer Max Bates Division 1 Vice President

Brent Anderson Division 2 Vice President Craig Hughes Division 3 Vice President Charles Feltman Division 4 Vice President Richard Lund Division 5 Vice President John Bloomquist VP Contest & Judging Ron Black VP Music & Performance Nick Papageorge

New to Barbershop About the Far Western District The five best Divisions in the Society New to Barbershop Division 1 Southwest Vice President: Brent Anderson

D001 D005 D012 D013 D014 D018 Lompoc Bakersfield South Bay Long Beach Conejo Valley

Pasadena D028 Santa Maria D054 Santa Barbara D030 Whittier D058 Santa Monica D031 Aloha (HI)

D066 San Fernando Valley D036 Ventura D085 San Luis Obispo D043 Santa Clarita D093 Los Angeles D046 Santa Fe Springs D103 Rincon Beach D050 Crescenta Valley

New to Barbershop Division 2 Southeast Vice President: Craig Hughes D015 D019 D023 D037 D041 D055 Hemet

Inland Empire San Diego South Orange Cty Palomar Pacific Orange (Qtet) D056 Fullerton D111 St George (UT) D074 Westminster

D114 Riverside D075 Las Vegas (NV) D116 Brea D086 El Cajon D117 La Jolla D087 Coachella Valley D120 Laguna Hills D095 Apple Valley

D122 Temecula New to Barbershop Division 3 Northwest Vice President: Charles Feltman D006 D008 D022 D024 D026

D039 Walnut Creek Santa Rosa Palo Alto-Mountain View San Francisco Bay Area Marin D049 Monterey Peninsula D076 Napa Valley D081 Eureka

D092 San Mateo County D099 Santa Cruz D102 Fremont-Hayward D106 San Francisco Bay (Quartet) New to Barbershop Division 4 Northeast Vice President: Richard Lund D009 D020

D021 D029 D033 D040 D042 Placerville Davis-Vacaville Sacramento Visalia Carson City Nevada-Placer

Stockton D051 Reno (NV) D052 Chico D057 Central California D059 Fresno D064 Redding D098 Folsom D123 California Delta New to Barbershop Division 5 Arizona

Vice President: John Bloomquist D002 D003 D044 D063 D069 Greater Phoenix Tucson Prescott Yuma

Mesa D072 D101 D107 D110 Central Arizona Sun Cities Canada Del Oro White Mountains

D113 Sedona D119 Casa Grande New to Barbershop Ron Black - VP Contest & Judging Liaison to the Society Contest and Judging Committee. Communicates/coordinates Society Contest and Judging policy. Organizes/administers all contest judging activities. Communicates with all potential contestants in district contests. Promotes and handles all applications of judging candidates. Ensures all contest venues have suitable sound and lighting systems.

New to Barbershop Nick Papageorge - VP Music & Performance Establishes coaching and training of quartets, choruses, and music coaches Coordinates performance evaluation programs for quartets and chapters Promotes district music education schools. Coordinates Society music representative visitations to the district. Promotes student participation in college and high school quartet contests. Coordinates Harmony College West school. Provides guidance to chapter vice presidents of music and

performance. New to Barbershop District Management Team Steve Salmon - Chapter Support & Leadership Training Chairman

Develops/administers chapter coaching program Recruits and develops a district faculty for chapter counselors Recommends the certification of chapter counselors and trainers Coordinates/administers Chapter Operations Training Seminars Liaison with the Society Chapter Support Committee New to Barbershop District Management Team (Continued) Open- Membership Chairman

Promotes membership recruitment/retention and new chapter formation. Implements programs to attract candidate members to the Society. Seeks out attractive extension sites for new chapters. Responsible for effective communications through district bulletins. Encourages development of informative chapter bulletins. Liaison between the District and the Society Member Services Committee. New to Barbershop

District Management Team (Continued) Jerry McElfresh - Marketing & Public Relations Chairman Ensures the district, chapters and quartets have the marketing tools to promote their unique assets Provides chapters with guidelines for improving public awareness and appreciation the Society. Promotes barbershopping and the value of music education. Promotes the sale and distribution of Society promotional merchandise. Liaison to the Society Marketing and Public Relations Committee.

New to Barbershop District Management Team (Continued) Dr. Greg Lyne & Royce Ferguson Chorus Director Development Chairmen Promotes/administers all Chorus Directors programs. Recruits district faculty for chorus director training. Coordinates all functions of chorus director recruitment and development. Liaison with the Society Chorus Director Development Committee.

Develops an effective chorus directors guild. New to Barbershop District Management Team (Continued) Jim Halvorson - Youth in Harmony Chairman Responsible for all youth activities within the district. Fosters the establishment of groups of harmony singers at local schools. Provides outlets for performance. Provides for high school and college quartet coaching, contests and

evaluations. Provides for communications with local music educators. Develops the FWD "Youth Camp" and is camp leader. New to Barbershop District Management Team (Continued) Bryan Forbes - Events Chairman Responsible for planning, budgeting, site selection, and operation of all events Maintains a comprehensive convention history file on past and

potential convention sites. Interprets all Society regulations as they apply to district conventions Assures that district convention manuals are up-to-date and used. Liaison with the Society Events Committee and chair of the District Events Committee. New to Barbershop 10 minute break *

Slide 67 New to Barbershop The Barbershop Harmony Society Its what you want to make of it! Pastime Sing at rehearsal and on performances. Learn and practice rep between Chorus meetings. Hobby Volunteer to support the Chapter and Chorus. Join a Quartet. Life Style Travel to Barbershop events. Volunteer to help with activities outside the Chapter.

New to Barbershop FWD HARMONY PLATOON In 2012 the FWD began a new quartet activity called Harmony Platoon. The event is held in conjunction with Division, District, and International conventions. It typically begins 24 hours prior to start of the general convention activity. Participants who pay the small registration fee for Platoon received high quality learning tracks for four songs about two months prior to the convention. At the event they are assigned randomly to different quartets and compete in several contests, in addition to informal

singing with a variety of combinations. New to Barbershop Society Mission - We enrich lives through singing. We perpetuate and celebrate the barbershop harmony style. We serve each new generation of singers through support of vocal music education. New to Barbershop

Society Mission We serve audiences through an uplifting, wholesome variety of a cappella musical entertainment. We serve our members by sharing fellowship, performance skills, and leadership development. New to Barbershop Society Mission We help build better communities and a better world, bonding diverse people through the pure

fun of a cappella harmony as we Keep the Whole World Singing! New to Barbershop Society Code of Ethics The Society aspires to preserve for its members and for all future generations of prospective members the sacred right of men to seek haven from the burden of their daily cares through indulgence in old fashioned vocal quartet harmony, and to that end we do hereby pledge ourselves to abide by the precepts of this Code of Ethics:

New to Barbershop Society Code of Ethics We shall do everything in our power to perpetuate the Society. We shall deport ourselves and conduct the Society's functions in such a manner as to reflect credit upon the Society and its membership. We shall conform in all respects to the bylaws of the Society and the rules from time to time promulgated by its international board of directors.

New to Barbershop Society Code of Ethics We shall accept for membership only congenial men of good character who love harmony in music or have a desire to harmonize. We shall exhibit a spirit of good fellowship toward all members. We shall refrain from forcing our songs upon unsympathetic ears. New to Barbershop Society Code of Ethics

We shall not use our membership in the Society for personal gain. We shall not permit the introduction of political, religious or other similar controversial issues into the affairs of the Society. New to Barbershop Society Code of Ethics We shall, by our stimulus to good music and vocal harmony, endeavor to spread the spirit of harmony throughout the world. We shall render all possible altruistic service

through the medium of barbershop harmony. New to Barbershop Discussion / Q & A New to Barbershop CLOSING Other Questions New to Barbershop

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