Newton Fund - Newcastle University

Newton Fund - Newcastle University

The Newton Fund Research and Innovation for Growth and Prosperity January 2016 The Vision The UK will use its strength in research and innovation to promote the economic development and social welfare of partner countries. By working together on bi-lateral and multi-lateral programmes with a research and innovation focus, the UK will build strong, sustainable, systemic relationships with partner countries. This will support the continued excellence of the UK research base and innovation ecosystem and will unlock opportunities for wider collaboration and trade. Our partner countries Egypt Turkey Kazakhstan Mexico China

Philippines Colombia Vietnam Brazil Thailand Chile Malaysia South Africa India (and sub-Saharan Africa) Indonesia UK Delivery Partners Our aim is to build strong, sustainable and systemic links between every part of our research base and innovation ecosystem and every part of yours The Pillars PEOPLE

RESEARCH 5 TRANSLATION People School Student PhD Postdoc Young Prof Academician STEM Pipeline PhD Newton International Newton Advanced Partnerships Fellowships Fellowships Technical Training & Employability Developing Peoples

Leadership in Innovation Science & Innovation Capabilit Researcher Mobility Schemes 6 Research Collaborative research programmes Joint research calls Food Security Joint centres Access to research and innovation infrastructure Big Data Living With Environmenta l Change Global Uncertainties Health 7

Energy Translation Research and Innovation Bridges Global Innovation Capacity Building Developing entrepreneurial skills in S&I small and medium sized enterprises 8 Newton UK Thailand Research and Innovation Partnership Fund ...up to 4 million per year could be 2 million per year could be available available for Newton UK Thailand for matching

by Thailand UNCLASSIFIED Thailand Delivery Partners Our aim is to build strong, sustainable and systemic links between every part of our research base and innovation ecosystem and every part of yours Mechanism for in-country co-ordination While our individual Delivery Partners will be forging links with their opposite numbers in-country, our Embassy, Consulate or High Commission will be making sure the whole programme really does represent a whole system partnership between the UK and our partner country. BIS + FCO + SIN RCUK o MRC o BBSRC o STFC o EPSRC

Pijarana Samukkan Research and Innovation Programme Manager Prosperity Section Academies o Royal Society British Embassy in Bangkok o British Academy o Royal Academy of Engineering Email: [email protected]

British Council Innovate UK Tel. +662 305 8280 Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Office (STI) National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) Thailand Research Fund (TRF) Agricultural Research Development Agency (ARDA) Office of the Higher Education Commission

(OHEC) Institute for Promotion of teaching Science and Technology (IPST) Office of the Vocational Education Commission (OVEC) Office of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC) Overall Plan @ November 2015 Tran Institutional slati Links Industry-Academia on Partnerships Rice Infectious Diseases Cancers

Research Rice Agriculture Agriculture Health Health Leaderships in Innovation Fellowship ? BigData ? Future City People STEM Education PhD Scholars & Supervisor Travel Grants Mobility &

Fellowships 12 Professional Development Researcher Links Overall Plan @ November 2015 (cont.) 2014/15 1. STEM Education and STEMM 2. PhD Placement 3. Mobility 4. Advanced Fellowships 5. Professional Development 6. Researcher Links 7. Joint Research: Health, Rice, Future City & Big Data 8. Industry Academia Partnerships 9. Leader in Innovation Fellowships 10. Institutional Links 11. SEA Capacity Building in Innovation 13

2015/16 2016/17 2017/18 2018/9 Newton UK-Thailand Research and Innovation Partnership Fund Opportunities 1414 Calls Open No. Call Status 1. STEM Education: STEM Ambassadors

STEM Personnel: teachers / principals Expert for curriculum revision / development 2. PhD Placement Scholars & PhD Travel Grants for Supervisors 3. Mobility Open (6 Jan 4 Mar) 4. Advance Fellowships Open (6 Jan 4 Mar) 5. Professional Development May 6.

Researcher Links: Workshop grants Travel grants April July 7. Joint Research Health & Rice Digital 8. Industry-Academia Partnership Open 18 Jan 9. Leader in Innovation Fellowship Sep / Oct 10.

Institutional Links Open 18 Jan Feb Feb / Mar Close 2nd half of Year 2016 July 15 Mobility Programmes Support early career and established researchers in embarking on research collaborations with their UK counterparts Cover Natural Sciences, Engineering, Social Sciences and Humanities (Human Sciences) Based around a new joint high quality research project Awards for 1 year (Science & Engineering 12,000 from RS + THB 500,000 from OHEC) (Social Sciences&Humanities 10,000 from BA+THB 500,000 from OHEC) Includes visits, travel, subsistence, research expenses Part of flexible mobility support seeding long-term collaborative partnerships that may go on to attract larger-scale funding

Newton Advanced Fellowships Fellowships to support early to mid career researchers (up to 15 years post PhD). Researchers who have already established (or are well advanced in the process of establishing) a research group or research network Aim To support the development of their research strengths through collaboration and for more formalised training and development. Up to two years, with multiple short periods in the UK Fellowship will provide a salary top up, research support, training costs, exchange of staff and travel and subsistence (37k per year from the Academies + THB 1.5 million from TRF ) Cover Natural Sciences, Engineering, Social Sciences and Humanities (Human Sciences). Industry-Academia Partnership Programme

Lead applicant must be Thai University partnering with an industry organisation and a UK institution. The industry partner may also be considered as the UK institution if it is headquartered in the UK. Total funding of 10,000 50,000 over two years to support salary, travel and accommodation costs for activities and workshops o Industry-Academia cooperation - IAPP will fund collaboration projects between industry and academia organisations which will aim to enhance education or research outcomes in universities. o Disseminating learning - funds workshops to help spread good practices and escalate impact of the exchanges to a broader level. o Building UK Linkages - Projects must also include a UK partner institute academic or industry - to build innovation and engineering links between both countries. Number of Applications 2014/15 Programme Number of Applications Number of Awardees

39 29 25 11 supervisors (22 PhD students) 16 5 workshops (400 researchers) 22 19 134 20 3.2 PD for project officers 32 15

3.3 PD for Food Industry 11 7 4. Researcher Connect 194 194 5. Leaders in Innovation Fellowships 22 15 1. PhD Programme 1.1 PhD Placement 1.2 Travel Grants for supervisors 2. Researcher Links 2.1 Workshop Grants 2.2 Travel Grants 3. Professional Development 3.1 PD for mid-career researchers

TOTAL 732 All About Newton About Newton Fund Partnering Countries How to fine UK partners Partnering Organisations Funding Opportunity Key Facts & Figures What is ODA Update News : Tweets Finding Partners

Richard Syms is Professor of Microsystems Technology and Head of the Optical and Semiconductor Devices Group in the EEE Dept, Imperial College London. He has published widely on holography, guided wave optics, electromagnetics and microengineering, and has developed a wide range of microdevices, including miniature quadrupole mass spectrometers and RF probes for magnetic resonance imaging. In 2001, he co-founded the spin-out company Microsaic Systems, which manufactures the worlds only desktop electrospray mass spectrometer. He is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, the Institute of Physics and the Institute of Electrical Engineers. Magneto-Inductive Waves and Magnetic Resonance Imaging Periodic structures have long been of interest in electrical engineering, and many different arrangements of reactive elements have been devised for signal transmission and filtering. Renewed interest in periodic electrical structures was sparked by the realisation they can act as artificial media with novel properties, such as negative permittivity, permeability or refractive index. Such has been the explosion of activity that metamaterials is now an entire field. Although many applications concentrate on exploitation of negative parameters (for example, perfect imaging and cloaking), other important engineering applications exist. In this talk, applications of a particular kind of metamaterial are described. This material supports magneto-inductive waves, which may easily be excited by precessing nuclear spins in magnetic resonance imaging. Theoretical background and experimental results are presented for passive and amplified MI waveguides. Applications in MRI are described, especially for patient protection in internal imaging. The long-term goal is early detection of cholangiocarcinoma (cancer of the biliary ductal system, which is epidemic in the Far East). 21

THANK YOU Pijarana Samukkan Research and Innovation Programme Manager British Embassy, Bangkok Tel. +662 305 8280 e-mail: [email protected]

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