Night by Elie Wiesel

Night by Elie Wiesel

Do Now (3 min) Please create this heading in your notebook: Name Date February Vocabulary Words Agenda Do Now (3) February Vocabulary (20)

Survey (10 min) The Holocaust: What do you already know? HW (2) Quick Write (15 min) Elicit Definition: to provoke someone to draw forth a response

Part of Speech: Verb (v) Synonyms: Prompt, evoke Antonyms: Stop, ignore Example: The growling of Napoleons dogs was meant to elicit a fearful response from the other animals. Esoteric Definition: Knowledge only understood by members of a small group

Part of speech: Adjective (adj) Synonyms: Deep, profound Antonyms: Shallow, superficial Example: The teachings of the Jewish Kabbalah are very esoteric, and only understood by people who have studied the Torah for many years. Euphemism Definition: a pleasant word or phrase used in place of one that is offensive

Part of speech: Noun (n) Synonyms: Understatement, substitute Antonyms: None Examples: the final solution OR I got laid off today at work The final solution was a euphemism for Hitlers horrifying master plan of exterminating all Jewish people. Fastidious

Definition: Particular about how you do something Part of speech: Adjective (adj) Synonyms: Exacting, demanding Antonyms: Relaxed, careless Example: As a teenager, Elie Wiesel was fastidious about his religious studies, and studied the details of the Talmud every night. Facetious Definition: An inappropriate or insensitive joke

Part of speech: Adjective (adj) Synonyms: Humorous, foolish Antonyms: Sincere, earnest Example: People who deny the occurrence of the Holocaust often make facetious remarks about the suffering prisoners must have endured. Illicit Definition: forbidden or banned by law Part of Speech: Adjective (adj)

Synonyms: Prohibited, outlawed Antonyms: Lawful, legal Example: Montag would have been thrown in prison for possessing illicit materials, such as books. Hiatus Definition: A period of time in which something is stopped or suspended Part of speech: Noun (n) Synonyms: Gap, Break

Antonyms: Continuation, extension Example: Elie Wiesel took a ten year hiatus from speaking about the Holocaust before he wrote his memoir, Night. Incessant Definition: Continuing without interruption Part of speech: Adjective (adj) Synonyms: Perpetual, nonstop Antonyms: Discontinuous, periodical Example: The Nazi Partys discrimination against Jews

was incessant during the 1930s and 1940s. Indigenous Definition: produced, growing, living, or occurring naturally in a particular region or environment Part of speech: Adjective (adj) Synonyms: Natural, original Antonyms: Foreign, imported Example: Since avocados are indigenous to the state of

California, they are easier to buy and sell here. Infinitesimal Definition: Tiny; extremely small Part of speech: Adjective (adj) Synonyms: Microscopic, miniscule Antonyms: Enormous, large Example: At the end of Boxers life, he only had an infinitesimal amount of strength left to continue working on Animal Farm.

The Holocaust: What do you already know? Type in this link on your phone: Answer the questions on the survey as HONESTLY as possible! No one will see your answers but me Homework

Bring your copy of Night to class on Tuesday/Wednesd ay - 10 point extra credit grade! Exit Ticket: Quick Write (15 min) 10 points

Directions: Respond to the two questions below, explaining in detail your reasoning for your beliefs. You may use first person in your response. Write at least 35 complete sentences for each question. 1. How does silence encourage violence? 2. Why are eye witness accounts, told from a first person perspective, important when telling a story?

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