Nixon, Ford and Carter

Nixon, Ford and Carter

I am a Ford, not a Lincoln. Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter Unless both sides win, no agreement can be permanent. Gerald Ford

Became president when Nixon resigned after the Watergate Scandal 25th Amendment outlines who becomes president if the president cant do his job Pardoned Nixon for any crimes he may have committed during his time in officenobody liked this

Tried to improve the economy but was relatively unsuccessful Ford and Foreign Policy Promised to carry on with Nixons foreign policy plandtente US and USSR endorsed the Helsinki Accords put Europe on record in

favor of human rights tried to improve relations between Communists countries and the rest of Europe South Vietnam fell to Communist North Vietnam with the Fall of Saigon America removes all troops from Vietnam Jimmy Carter in Office

unknown Georgia peanut farmer able to get elected just because he had no connections to Washington D.C., Nixon or Watergate Pardoned draft dodgers of the Vietnam War unpopular Carter and the Economy Foreign Competition: Japanese made cars were outperforming American made

automobiles Energy Crisis: gas prices rise and made worse with a harsh winterasked citizens to conserve Carter and Foreign Policy Focused on human rights USSR and US sign SALT II in which they pledged to limit nuclear arms production but the Soviets made things worse by invading Afghanistan to set up a communists government there Camp David Accords:

Helped negotiate a peace agreement between Egypts Anwar el-Sadat and Israels Menachem Begin who had been fighting for 3 decades Provided a framework for peace in which Egypt would recognize Israel and Israel would withdrawal its troops from the Sinai Peninsula Iranian Hostage Crisis Ayatollah Khomeini took control of Iran when America let the Shah

come into the country, Iranian radicals invaded the US Embassy took 66 Americans hostage held hostage for 14 months He was not able to get all the hostages released before he left office two hours into Ronald Reagan's inauguration speech the hostages were released but Carter was no longer president

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