Happy THEME Monday! UNIT THEME Have out a

Happy THEME Monday! UNIT THEME Have out a

Happy THEME Monday! UNIT THEME Have out a pen and your poem.

THEME Theme 3 Hope you had a great

weekend! QUALITY VS. QUANTITY Which is more important?

QUALITY VS. QUANTITY Which do we have more of manufactured products or homemade products? QUALITY VS.

QUANTITY Why do we have more of the one? QUALITY VS. QUANTITY Is the quality of

manufactured goods generally inferior to that of handmade goods? QUALITY VS. QUANTITY

If the quality of manufactured goods is usually inferior, why do societies rely more on manufactured MANUFACTURING IN

AMERICA In 2010, Chinese manufacturing surpassed the United States by $600 billion, raking in $1.92 trillion in domestically manufactured product sales compared to Americas $1.86 trillion. China is responsible for 19.8% of

the worlds manufacturing output, while the US trails close behind with 19.4%. But just because Americas manufacturing crown has slipped to the Peoples Republic, and American manufacturing jobs declined roughly 33% between 2000 and 2010, do not second guess Americas competitive edge.

http://www.minyanville.com/business-news/editors-pick/articles/m MANUFACTURING IN AMERICA What does America do well?


Motorcycles: Harley Hogs

Entertainment: Blockbuster, Walt Disney Weapons: Lockheed Martin, Boeing Lighters: Zippo Kitchen: Viking Range Software: Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe, (Apple, Hewlett Packard, Dell, Intel) Beer Guitars and Pianos (Gibson, Steinways)

Chairs Billionaires QUALITY VS. QUANTITY What are some of the top quality

companies in the world? Quality There is more power in a sigh than a scream. Author: John

Galsworthy (1867-1933) English author addresses conflicts between social classes and focuses on excellence of character and work ethic

Author West End of town Gessler Brothers Setting Modern West End, London

Mr. Gessler (major character) o German boot maker o younger brother Mr. Gessler (older brother) Narrator (customer) o Has known the Gesslers since he was young

Characters man vs. power greater (Gessler brothers vs. industrial society) man vs. man (brothers vs. new shop owner)

man vs. himself (narrator vs. his desire and inability to help the Gessler brothers) Conflicts attention to the individual-he

made only what was ordered attention to excellence-He never would have tolerated in his house leather on which he had not worked himself. ability- Those pairs could have been made only by one who saw before him the Soul of the Boot

Admirable Qualities When a person refuses to compromise his standards, he produces quality.

Theme Dont compromise quality for quantity. Take Away

Edgar Its Monday! Allan Poe Video and oral notes

Listen well! HTTP://YOUTU.BE/W70CINVFKKO Macabre Alliteration & Repetition


If you have to poll your classmates, you must RING the bell to answer the ?

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