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YCJA CCC Application

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Ages the YCJA applies to 12-17 Age when you can be charged under either the YCJA or the

CCC? 14 This is the year we switched from the YOA to the YCJA

2003 What was the main difference between the YOA and YCJA

YOA was much more focused on retributive justice. They thought they could scare kids straight. The YCJA asks what made the offender commit the crime and how can they help that.

List 4 reasons Canada moved from the Young Offenders Act (YOA) to the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA)

Too many youth were being put in jail, too many repeat offenders, punish based, didnt focus on the why, did not rehab the offenders, over looked the impact on the victims, treated youth like adults

CCC stands for? Criminal Code of Canada Two types of Criminal offences

you can get under the CCC Summary and Indictable DAILY DOUBLE

DAILY DOUBLE 3 truths about a indictable offence. Given for serious offences, can

affect getting a job, generally tried by a jury, jail time more likely. We have looked at and discussed a number of serious offenders

under the CCC. Name 3 of them Trevor Ball, Nick Rasberry, Mom, Paul Bernardo, Mark Twitchell, Renee Acoby

In detail, explain why youth are often not tried under the YCJA. It is thought that the human brain is not fully developed until one reaches 25 years of age. Because of this, youth are expected to not only make

mistakes, but also still posses the ability to learn from those mistakes. The CCC also fails to look at external (outside factors) like negligent parents, so the YCJA allows for recognition of this. The 11 year old boy, from

Saskatchewan, who killed a 4 year old girl is likely going to receive how many years in jail? None. He is too young to be tried under the CCC or the YCJA.

Big dumb Jared and the stolen tanning lotion is an example of what kind of justice? Restorative Justice

Extra-Judicial Sanctions, like the John Howard Society, can include Rehab, community service,

victim-offender meetings, work placements, youth justice committees. I once overheard a case of a man who got intoxicated, drove to bar and ended up hitting two

women (one of which was an on-duty officer). What preventive measures do you suppose were put in place for him in court? License was suspended for 2 years, he was ban from any bar, he was not allowed to drink anywhere in public. Other

possible choices could be rehab, anger management, or even a curfew. What are some preventive measures put in place for Trevor Ball

Has to live in a half-way house, not allowed to drive, has to take regular drug tests, must hold job. What is the most common

offence for youth in Canada? Theft Country with the highest % of youth in prison before 2003?

Canada One of the most notorious criminals in Canada. Known for being charged for the most

murders in Canada. Robert Pickton (The Pig Farmer) Despite youths identities being protected, this led to the name of

the Medicine Hat youth killers name being known world wide. They issued an Amber Alert when she was not found at the house.

This famous John Dillinger quote is the reason why our system attempts to keep youth out of prison.

I went to jail a petty theft, and left as a masterful criminal What does it mean to sequester someone

Removing the Jury from the outside world. What are the 4 Rs of Justice Restorative, Retributive,

Rehabilitative, and Reintegration First decision an officer must make when dealing with an offending youth.

To charge the youth or to use extra-judicial sanctions. Alberta has different laws for age of consent, what are they?

2 years of separation for 12-13 year olds 5 years of separation for 14-15 year olds and 16 is legal age of consent However, all are voided if the

older partner is in a positon of authority. Crime rate has dropped drastically since the implantation of the YCJA. People who really

understand the YCJA know that these statistics are somewhat off, explain how this is so It is believed that non-court consequences are a better choice

for youth, thus, less youth are being charged for their crimes. So they are still happening, but just are not being reported. To what extent is the YCJA

effectively dealing with our youth? Give evidence Final Jeopardy Question

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